Kiriko Entry: It’s too tiring to tsukkomi in RL

Nyahahahahaha! I am BACK! Did you all miss me? I bet you did! :3

Well, leaving that all aside, please enjoy my brand new summoning for MoS 2.0!!!!

P.S. My personality may or may not have changed since MoS 1.0. You can blame the chaos for all of that!

*EDIT: Changed it so that my post was directly on WordPress~

Kiriko Entry: It’s too tiring to tsukkomi in RL


“The mit–is the—-of the——ell. It u——en as an—”


The professor’s voice faded to a faint drone as my head began to droop and I fell into a state of semi-consciousness. Shaking my head, I attempted to fend off the drowsiness that was currently assaulting me as I raised eyes to face the elderly educator once more. Seeing that the slide had changed during my brief moment of inattention, I immediately began to rapidly type out the notes that had appeared on the projector screen.


“Now, the Go———-ein———er—”


Dammit…we know already! Just tell us something new!! I’ll fall asleep on you! I swear I will!!


Internally tsukkomiing the repetitive nature of the professor’s teaching style, I felt yet another wave of sleepiness hit my mind. Feeling my eyelids become irresistibly heavy, I allowed them to close shut as I continued to listen to the lecture, making sure to pick up on the important bits of new information that unfortunately, seemed to be quite lacking in the lecture. Before I knew it, however, my mind began to slowly drift away as the professor’s words became jumbled beyond recognition.


….ah, screw it. I’ll just take a short nap….at least then I’ll be able to listen properly when I wake up….probably.


Succumbing to the intense desire to sleep, I allowed my head to tilt to the side as I rested my eyes. As I dozed, time seemed to slow to a crawl when suddenly–




Feeling a gentle tap on my shoulder, I slowly opened my eyes, finding a familiar classmate of mine next to me. Her dark brown eyes gazed at me as she spoke.


“Class just finished. We can go home now.”




Jumping up, I felt a sudden surge of wakefulness run through me upon hearing her announcement. A smile spread across my face as I began to pack my bags as fast as I could, skipping out of the classroom happily while giving a cheerful ‘meow’.


Hearing my cat-like cry, her face contorted into a helpless smile, clearly used to my random antics. Considering how she had put up with it for several months since the beginning of the semester, I wasn’t all that surprised. The animal calls had already begun to spread throughout the entire class after all~


“Let’s go~”


Saying such in a singsong voice, I led the way, dashing out of the building and taking a deep breath of the crisp air outside. Looking up at the sky, I noticed its light blue tone, streaked with a slight pink colour.


“Hmm~ it’s a nice day today, isn’t i—-huh?”


Turning around to speak with my friend, I was astonished to find that she hadn’t followed me outside. Sticking my head in through the doorway of the building, I glanced around the lobby, searching for her, when—


“Kuku, looking for someone~?”


–a clear voice, not unlike the jingling of bells, called out to me. Whirling around, I faced the owner of the voice, finding a young, grey—no, silver-haired girl looking up at me with innocent eyes.



The sudden appearance of a cosplayer!

A cosplayer? In this part of town? At this time of year? Rather, isn’t she cold wearing such a short skirt during the winter? Crazy woma—


“If you continue, I might just have to…punish you.”


“…..wait, how can you hear what I—”


“Because I’m a god!”


The young girl puffed out her chest proudly as she interrupted me with such an absurd statement. Hearing it, I felt my facial muscles spasm as I stared blankly at the self-proclaimed god.


Chuunibyou, huh….well, that explains the hair…


“Chuuni—what is that?!”


Grinning wryly at the silver-haired girl’s indignantly spoken question, I shrugged while simply stating.


“It’s a word to describe people like you who haven’t given up on their dreams yet.”


Well, their delusional dreams….but I guess I’ll—ah.


Remembering the girl’s strange ability to hear my thoughts, I paused while glancing at the currently trembling female. She began to let out a small voice, which soon rose to a shrill shriek as she shouted,


“I’m not delusional!!! I AM a GOD!!!”


“Okay okay, I’m sorry, miss. I’ve gotta head home now, so I can’t stay here with yo—”


And I’m not interested in joining any cults. If it was Yatogami, I might consider, but with a ‘god’ like this….


Politely excusing myself, I began to walk away from the tiny ‘god’, ignoring her shouts which began to ensue. Suddenly, however, I found my path obstructed once more by none other than the silver-headed ‘god’.


Actually, now that I think of it, a ‘god’ would be male, huh. So unless she’s actually a crossdresser, she should be a ‘goddess’, right?


“I’m not a crossdresser! I’m female!!”


“That so? Well, that’s fine and all, but….did you still need something?”


Furrowing my eyebrows slightly, I felt a faint irritation begin to rise within me at the young girl’s antics. Having just finished a full day of class, I wanted nothing more than to get home and relax. However, with her in the way, that seemed to be impossible.


“Yes, I do! Tch, all of you are far too troublesome! Why can’t you all just listen to me and–”


“Alright then, bye.”


Finding the young girl’s speech to be too long-winded for me, I impatiently stepped around her and continued walking down the darkening street. Just as I managed to walk several steps past the girl, a strange sensation assaulted my body as it froze.


What the—


“If you’re going to be like that, then I’ll just take you by force!”




Letting out a surprised sound, a wave of sleepiness flowed over my mind. As my vision began to fade, a faint thought travelled through my mind.


Damn, and I was looking forward to watching this week’s episode of One-Pun…..


Falling, I was enveloped by a gentle warmth as darkness overtook me. And then…..nothing.

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7 thoughts on “Kiriko Entry: It’s too tiring to tsukkomi in RL

  1. Dark Incursio

    ….is that one-pun refer to one punch man?


  2. CindyReads

    That was a reference to One Punch man.. but still, what a funny way of being summoned (you should’be went along with it XD)
    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. zekkendo

    Nooo! And it’s the season finale . . .


  4. crazuhcatlady89

    who WOULDN’T want to join the yatogami cult lol missed you kiriko!!


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