Ghost Entry: Luck

Yo, Ghost here. Here’s a little New Year’s gift for you readers. This here is my entry into the world of Myriad of Shades. For those of you who don’t know me, I took up the position of editor in KnW a while ago. Other info about me: I’m kinda dead. Well, with that half-assed introduction out of the way, here’s the entry.

Ghost out.


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12 thoughts on “Ghost Entry: Luck

  1. Jake1456

    oh not a truck?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. CindyReads

    So you’re considering hitting on Kiriko… hm. (Would she get as mad as the time Cross-San made that poll.. hmmm)
    Thanks for the chapter!


    • Ghost

      Don’t expect any kind of romantic development from that angle. I may be into redheads but I’m not into family members.


      • wait what? u and kiriko are brother and sister?!? i just thought u were close friends…or is it that u are close enough friends that u consider each other to be brother and sister????


      • Ghost

        I’ll leave that one up to your imagination for the time being


  3. harsh what a cruel way to die


  4. 1 Kiriko-chan is the imouto character of this particular group of translators. So whether they are related or not in real life, all of them will write like she is their sister because that’s her character setting.

    2. It feels like this is going to go like the previous iteration of paletia… Because (for whatever reason) you guys could not even keep up the translations you were doing before. (I haven’t even attempted Google translate so you guys are much more motivated than I am despite the statement.) And other than Mister J. The most you guys have posted for this story is three or four chapters, so writing an entire story is not motivating enough. (Mister J, or J-Sama, whichever he prefers, excluded because between the time this prologue has been released and this comment was made he has posted two (I think) self written chapters and a lot of translated chapters.)

    So what it boils down to, is if you guys want to write the story, you probably need to find motivation for it. Because writing is not like riding a bike, you don’t just start writing again and remember or even care about a lot of things from your previous work. Same thing with translations from what I can tell. It would certainly explain why so many translations are dropped at weird times.

    The best thing about this comment? If I start putting my writing out in public because I don’t feel as shy anymore and I start slowing down at an incredible pace, people can throw it back in my face. And I will decide (instead of procrastinating) whether I am still interested enough in the story to continue writing it. Even if I have to think it over for a couple of days.

    Worst thing about online writing, you may not have deadlines, but you lose followers the longer you delay. (Not that I am stopping reading, Mister J’s story is interesting enough on its own. Although if he is going to pull off an amazing mind game on the opponent not thinking ‘this might have been dangerous if I wasn’t already prepared for it’ before he does it might make people more amazed and astounded by him as a character.) Man I am feeling like a horrible critic. What makes it even worse is that I did not edit it before posting it or even have this entire message planned out. So a lot of this is just on the spot thoughts.


    • Ghost

      Well, here goes. The issue with us being ridiculously slow in having any kind of updates is not an issue of motivation. It’s an issue of time. We don’t have it. The people in this group have commitments IRL, and these commitments have been taking up most of our attention. At least in my case that’s how it is. We are still working on this project. It’s just that we’ve been doing it at a slow pace, and that we haven’t released what we already have written yet. I can’t tell you much about why the others left the KnW translation (you can ask them if you want to know), but the reason why I haven’t been working on it is the same reason why I’m progressing so slowly on this. RL is just that busy. We know that making readers wait will only make them lose interest, but there’s not much we can do if we have our hands full. So, there it is. Regarding your comment. I’ve only recently seen it. Someone else on the team approved it, but then disapproved it, thinking it was a better idea to let me deal with this since this is my entry.


  5. Mwahaha moderation of horrible comments FTW


  6. Whale

    fell like it is dead allready


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