XCrossJ Entry: Monochrome Melancholy


So, hey. It’s been a while since there’s been a post here, huh?

Let’s just say that a combination of RL and a lot of other things caused the delay.

Anyway, this time, it looks like I’m the one who gets to post my entry (surprise, surprise).

Entry thoughts? To be blunt, let’s just say that I don’t like group projects very much……

With that said, enjoy.

(Note: After much deliberation, I think I have things sorted out with wordpress….maybe…)

 XCrossJ Entry: Monochrome Melancholy


「Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!」


As my heart threatened to beat out of my chest, I swore through clenched teeth as my fingers rapidly began to dance across the keyboard of my laptop. As every tick of the second hand pounded its ever advancing presence into my thick skull, I frantically continued to type as the time gravitated towards nothingness.


(This is why I fucking hate group projects!)


Cursing at the concept of group projects, my face flushed as a mixture of angst, frustration, and desperation swirled around in my gut. Although it was probably obvious by now, the reason for my current state was brought about due to a group assignment that was due within 2 hours.

Of course, I didn’t really have anything against group assignments…well, so long as the group members themselves were decent. However, seeing as said group members had only just submitted essential diagrams that was required for me to even start the write up for the report that I had asked them to give me about a day ago, my irritation towards this assignment format wasn’t exactly unjustified.


「C’mon! C’mon! C’mon!」


As I no longer had the liberty to wallow in grief, I focused my full attention towards the report on my screen as I struggled to fight against the impending deadline.






Smashing the enter key with full force, I breathed a sigh of relief as a dialogue box appeared on my screen, clearly displaying the fact that I had sent the 60 page report 10 minutes before the deadline.


「Thank fuck……」


Leaning backwards in my chair, I raised my right hand in front of my face, said hand visibly quivering as the adrenaline rush I was currently experiencing had yet to subside.


(God damn it……why the hell did they have to send the diagrams so late?!)


I cursed as I directed my well-founded frustrations towards the other members of my group. Of course, I didn’t actually hate the other members as individuals, despite all of the fury that I was currently feeling. Yet, even I, a relatively tolerant human being, would become overcome with negative emotions after having just experienced such unnecessary stress and tension.


(Man, the worst thing is that I couldn’t even choose my team mates…)


Lamenting my lack of control over the constraints that I had to work with, I began to ruffle my hair in frustration before realizing that sinking any deeper into thought over my misfortune would simply make me even more fatigued.

Thus, deciding that it would probably be best for me to cool down, I began to surf the web, viewing several videos before noticing that my throat felt quite dry.


(Come to think of it, there should be a vending machine right outside, huh?)


In search of a remedy for my parched throat, I placed my laptop in my knapsack before walking out of the college’s library.


「Man……I know that this place is usually quiet at night, but it’s practically deserted at midnight, huh?」


Thinking the following to myself, I took my tablet out of my knapsack and began to check through some of the notifications I had missed during my 2 hours of seclusion. Incidentally, while I was doing so, I noticed the numbers 23:56 etched in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Growing depressed upon realizing that I was still at the university at such an ungodly hour, I heaved a deep sigh as I returned my tablet to my knapsack before placing my earphones and walking towards the vending machine that I had spotted earlier that day.




After placing a couple of coins into the vendor, I took out the bottle of coke zero with fluid motions, popping off the cap before closing my eyes and taking a sip.


(Ah~, that hits the spot.)


As the cold, sparkling soda ran it’s course through my body, I felt myself tremble in delight as shots of joy blistered through my tastebuds and into my mind. Although I was fully aware that I probably had some sort of an unusual addiction towards the beverage currently in my hand, I didn’t really care much for attempting to remedy it as I allowed myself to indulge in a pleasant bath of dopamine.

And yet, for some reason, I was under the impression that something was preventing me from fully relishing in the afterglow of this beverage’s delights.




The Monochrome Girl

A mysterious girl that walked up to me (XCrossJ) after I had just finished my assignment.



Upon opening my eyes, I noticed another presence had managed to also intrude upon this serenity.

A girl with long, silver-tinged blonde hair appeared before me, her eyes, a piercing crimson, glaring at me.

She wore a set of metallic grey headphones that covered her ears, as if she were exclaiming that she was blocking out the world.

Although she seemed to be sporting a monochrome themed attire, it seemed to arouse suspicion as such cool clothing would leave one shivering in this winter environment.




Removing the bottle from my mouth, I returned the cap back to its rightful place as my eyes shifted towards the girl that had approached me. Although she seemed to be trying to talk to me (evident by her mouth opening and closing on its own), I couldn’t actually hear what she was saying due to the funk music blasting in my ears.

Nevertheless, as she appeared to be growing increasingly irritated with me, I took my earphones out of my ears and asked her the following.


「Sorry, but do I know you?」


I ask as my mind began to initiate conversation processes.


Finally! What’s with you!?


How long do you think I’ve been trying to get your attention?

「……no idea. More importantly, do you need something?」


Although I normally wouldn’t have given such an aloof answer, seeing as it was currently quite late, I wanted to go home as soon as possible. Furthermore, seeing as the girl in monochrome was showing such blatant disrespect towards me, I decided that I didn’t need to bother minding my manners with regards to this lady.


Ha!? What kind of attitude is that?

「-tch! This is a pain in the ass」

Did you say something!?

「Look, if it’s nothing important, then I’m leaving.」


In the face of this girl’s rather aggressive attitude, I couldn’t help but feel slightly annoyed, resulting in me attempting to bail from the conversation.

Yet, upon seeing my premature departure, the silver-haired(?) girl grabbed my sleeve, flustered as her loud voice reverberated throughout the dark night, devoid of people.


H-Hey!? W-wait up!?

「-tch. Like I said, if you have something you want to talk to me about, hurry up and say it!」


I expressed open displeasure while glaring at the silver-haired girl. In the face of my displeasure, however, the girl simply heaved a sigh as her spirit visibly plummeted.


Geez, why is this one so hard to deal with? Rather, all of them are such pains in the ass!

「I’m leaving.」

P-Please wait! I’ll talk so just hear me out!

「…let me go.」


I spoke softly in an attempt to calm the monochrome girl down. Although I had no idea why she was so desperate, I decided that it would probably be easier on me if I simply listened to her and get this whole ordeal over and done with.

Yet, seemingly unaware of my intentions-


P-Please! Just listen to what I have to say!


The girl of silver continued to dig her fingers even deeper into my sleeve, causing her snowy skin to turn into an even clearer shade of white.


「Look, I’ll listen to you. However, you do realize how this looks, yes?」



As I tilted my head downwards, the silver-haired girl did the same, prompted by my own body language. Of course, upon seeing how close her body had come to mine, it didn’t take her long before she managed to understand the message that I was trying to convey to her.




As the girl had realized her mistake, she grew increasingly flustered as she began to flail about. Of course, due to the fact that we were already in close proximity to each other as she did this-




Her arm had smashed into my face, causing both my vision and conscience to darken.




I cursed, lamenting the fact that I was unable to control my descent into a cold and unwarranted sleep.

Author Notes:

And with that, the descent begins. Have fun, “me”.

*A dark laugh echoes down the corridors*

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7 thoughts on “XCrossJ Entry: Monochrome Melancholy

  1. Uwahh~ 3 chapters in one day.. So is this a restart?
    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. there is small differences between this and your other one, why did it take so long? you could have copy and paste than edit in the differences


    • ?
      First things first, I actually completed my new entry back in December. The total time it took me to finish the insertion of new material was 20 mins. The posting (eg. uploading content onto wordpress) took about 5-10 min.

      Second, the reason why it took me so long to post is because I’m occupied in RL. Basically, I ended up having to complete half a year’s work of schooling in the span of a month.

      Third, I realize that I probably could have done this earlier. That said, when you’re working on RL, CG, and the original MoS, you begin to realize that you have less time to do things.

      Anyway, I’ll stop here. Ghost has written something similar in his post but….yeah.


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