Anri Entry – Avocation Mishap


“I stand out like a sore thumb. Maybe I shouldn’t have come…”

Anri arrived at the private pond she had reserved for her weekends.

She was supposed to be just an ordinary girl on an ordinary holiday, and yet, Anri didn’t anticipate that she’d receive so much attention. All eyes were focused on her as if it was shocking for an 19 year old woman to be in this place, at this moment and time, considering that majority of its visitors were aging.

Still, Anri had a hunch why.

It was probably because of her current appearance.

Anri’s outfit consisted of a blue jumper covered over a plain white shirt. She had a pail in her right hand and a fishing set in her left, which gave off vibes of a little girl set out to go “fishing”.

The locals in the area were probably wondering what a girl like her was doing in this kind of place.

“I’m already regretting coming to this place. I should have stayed in bed.” Anri said, followed with a heavy sigh.

Her memories traced back to when Anri heard about this place.

Her friend recommended this place when she witnessed Anri slumped over the table at the time.

『Kaichou, you should take a vacation for a bit. You’ve done enough for this month. I’ll handle the rest. 』

『Don’t worry. This kind of stuff doesn’t bother me that much. I’m just lost on what to do right now.』

『Eh?! You’re done with the documents? I was so sure it would take a week to finish tha-.』

『What’s done is done. Ah, now I understand why boredom is mankind’s greatest enemy. 』

『Ahaha, (but for you, I think it would your own self.). Actually, if you’re free this weekend, I know a place that will uplift yourself from all the boredom you have right now. 』

『REALLY?! Let me hear the details of it.』

Her friend introduced Anri to the world of fishing and eventually got into it. In fact, Anri was quite excited during the nights leading up to this day.

“Thinking about it, why do I even bother liking this kind of stuff? What an awful mistake.”

She sighed, hoping the day would be an eventful one.


Silvia arrived earlier at the location. She knew the last one was supposed to be around at this time, assuming that the date she saw on that person’s schedule was true.

She admired how convenient this sumartpone they had in this world was. With her magic, she could access the person’s information as long as she knew who she had to deal with.

And right now, this person was the last one.

I mustn’t fail this time. Unfortunate incidents flashed through her mind. Every time she had to deal with these people, Silvia would always end up in an accident and even got mistreated by them.


Silvia clenched her teeth as she remembered their rude attitudes towards her. To even call her delusional. And what’s worse, she even had to deal with a pervert. She was infuriated about how their ignorance made them act.

“But this time, I won’t fail. This time, I’m ready.”

This was why she had thoroughly prepared for this last one. Whether it was their words or their expression, it was now useless against her. She had made a great deal of effort in finding ways to handle these kind of people. This time, it was their turn to feel their misfortune bite back at them.

Silvia arrived at the spot that person would likely go. She smiled. Everything was going according to plan.


She couldn’t wait to give this person a piece of her mind.


Anri sat on a place on the far corner where it was less populated. She proceeded on setting up her equipment, prepared the bait, and double-checked if the reel was working properly. After her preparations, she threw the line towards the pond and waited… for quite a while.


––this place will uplift yourself from all the boredom you have right now』

Anri remembered her friend’s words as she stared at the line extending towards the pond floating along the water.


Anri made a voiceless shout in her mind, unable to contain herself anymore. Even her impatience was drawn to her face.

“Pffft…” It was then that Anri heard a giggle.

Anri glanced at her right side. There, she found a young girl giggling at her. She wore a straw hat covering her braided white hair. Charming if she dare say it except that her outfit fell out of place in comparison to her current outlook.

Oh great. Another weirdo.

Silvia 5


“What’s so funny brat?” Anri asked in an irritated tone.

As expected, she’s similar to that arrogant man. But I won’t get fooled by your expressions!

Using these convenient devices called sumartphone, Silvia was able to access a various information with the help of Google engine. One of these helpful Info’s is about Dealing with Crazy People for Dummies (Digital Redistributed). It said that the very important rule is to not get sucked at their own pace while beating them at their own game.

Silvia spoke with that in mind.

“Oh, sorry about that. It’s just that your face looks so surprisingly funny right now. I suppose you haven’t gotten a single catch, huh? How about I tell you something worthwhile?”

Anri glared at her. “And who in the world are you to talk to me like that? Don’t you see I’m quite busy with what I’m doing? “

F.. Feisty.. I think I made a mistake, she’s probably similar to that impatient child.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she realized that Anri was almost touching her shoulders. Her previous incident with that child returned to her again. She backed away with a flustered face, causing the latter to become bewildered.

“Do… don’t be mistaken, I’m not after your body! I’m a God–– Goddess after all. “

“HAH? Hey brat. To be perfectly honest, I think you’re out of your mind, so please don’t bother me. I’m not in the mood to deal with a chuunibyou like you. You’re wasting my precious time. “


Another memory resurfaced in her mind again. She was being mistreated again!

Damn it, she’s treating me the same way as that stupid woman did!

“I’m not a chuunibyou! And don’t you dare call me delusional. I’m a Goddess for goodness sake. Don’t you understand the significance of it?”

“… not really. Well, I do think your being delusio–– “

“UGYAAAA! I’m not delusional! I told you I’m a Goddess! A GODDESS!!! “

“Fine, fine, just please stop yapping! Geez, cool down for a bit. “

Silvia’s shoulders fell in a slump. Once again, she was having a hard time whenever she tried to talk to them. So she decided to wrap up this talk before she got sucked into their pace again.

“Hah…hah…s-so you do believe me now?“ Silvia said with ragged breath.

“I don’t know what you’re playing here but I’m sorry, it’s hard to believe the words of some delusional brat. It’s more credible to believe the words of an honest brat than someone like you. “

GRAAAA! I hate this girl! She’s too complicated! 

Silvia felt frustrated. None of the preparation she had done was effective. Was she treating her the wrong way? She didn’t know, only the fact that she needs to bring this person to fulfill her objective.

And here I was hoping she was as easy as that pervert!

Suddenly, another specific memory came to her again. Although she wouldn’t say it was a burden on her part, if she dare say, it was by far the easiest person she had to deal with.

Wait… she’s calling me ‘brat’ all the time. Is it possible that…

Silvia pondered for a bit and soon smirked.

I should have done that in the first place. I’m an idiot.

Silvia prepared herself as a smirk escaped from her lips. This was the last straw.


What the hell is that brat smiling for?

Anri was puzzled by this mysterious braided girl. She couldn’t enjoy her recreational activity because this girl kept on pestering her.

Like I’m interested in listening to someone who was mocking me first thing in the morning.

However, Anri found the girl’s appearance somehow nostalgic. She couldn’t place her finger on it, but for some reason Anri couldn’t help but remember those people.
Even for a short time, those crazy people capable of bringing chaos in less than a minute, Anri’s recollection of them resurfaced back as if it was such an important memory in her life.

Then, all of a sudden her thoughts were interrupted as Anri heard giggles coming from the braided girl again.

Oh great, the girl broke, huh?

“Ufufufufu, you’re so funny.”

The girl looked at Anri with allure in her eyes – or supposed to be ‘cuz in Anri’s eyes, she was not doing it well even it was just an act. It felt really creepy as she was reminded of a certain lolicon she knew.

Anri wanted this girl to stop interrupting her well-earned peaceful rest. She was about to snap at the girl but was caught off-guard by her next words.

“Don’t you want to hear something interesting that could relieve your boredom, O~N~E~E~C~H~A~N?

Time stopped the moment the girl spoke. Normally, Anri would have snapped at girl for or even ignored the girl. However, Anri didn’t – or rather, she couldn’t. Having been caught off-guard by the girl’s statement, Anri decided to speak out the only thought that came to her mind.




“Oh? Why the silence? I thought you’re going to tell me something interesting, self proclaiming delusional Goddess who denies being a dyke?


Seeing the reaction of the braided girl, Anri made a satisfied smile.

Finally, with this I can enjoy peace and quiet.

However, Anri’s satisfaction was short lived by a sudden crackle from her side.


The girl’s eyes suddenly glowed and suddenly Anri felt the air around them becoming colder than usual.

“Seriously?! This only happens in a manga.. wait a minute.. the old guys, where are-“

Anri didn’t finished her words as she found it odd that the old people present had mysteriously disappeared, making it seems like they were the only people in this area.


Then, Anri felt a heavy weight clutched at the end of her fishing line as she also noticed a small turbulence on the pond until it turned to a small whirlpool. She tried to resist but unfortunately ended up being pulled by the current.


As soon as her shout was released, Anri fell into the pond so deep she could barely hold her breath and soon lost her consciousness within the deep darkness and coldness of the water.



Silvia chuckled to herself, satisfied as she saw the person fall into the depths of the pond. With this, she had brought their own misfortune over them. However, her satisfaction was interrupted when she noticed the weight on her fishing pole.

“I won’t let you!”

Silvia tried to withdraw her hands from the pole, but try as she may, she was too late and also ended up being dragged to the whirlpool.


And Silvia fell magnificently towards the pond ending up in the same way as Anri had.

Before she lost her consciousness, one thought etched on her traumatized mind.

I’m never going to deal with these kinds of people ever again!

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