LoliQ Entry: Married for Dream

I had a dream. A dream where I felt like I was completely awake the entire time. A dream where… it felt real.

I remembered that I was inside a library reading a book. The book that I was reading at the time was one called 【Lolis of the World – Volume VII】. A gallery of pictures that I’ve painstakingly worked hard to collect throughout my entire life.

I heaved a relieved sigh as a wide grin was drawn on my face. I was joyfully reminiscing over the moments from where my collection had started from. The pains, the suffering, all of the heartbreak and agony. It was such a pleasant thing to remember them once again.

Everything was fine the way it was, save for my neighbour giggling beside me.

“You seem to be having fun. May I ask what you are reading?”



In front of me was a red haired woman who was smiling at me. With mysterious emerald eyes and shoulder length red hair, my neighbor was neatly dressed, giving off the impression of a young maiden. I didn’t want to answer her but before I even had a chance to reply, she began to follow up after her question.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to disturb you. I was just curious as to what was making you smile so brightly. But you don’t have to force yourself. To begin with, it was my fault for intruding.” she said.

I felt bad after the woman politely apologized, so I decided to converse with her.

“This book. It’s interesting. You see this young girl is a part of my proudest collecti- Ah” I restrained myself and hid my agitation by smiling at her. “…it’s filled with wonderful memories.”

“Ara, is that so? I’m quite happy for you.” Then, the woman stood up.

Surprised by her sudden action, I asked her, bewildered.

“Eh? Why are you standing? Toilet?”

The woman didn’t answer, her eyes widened as if I said something out of place. “Pfft. You’re really interesting. But that’s not it. My time is up. I’ve got to go.”

” I see. Be careful then.” I said, gladly- enjoying the prospect of being able to indulge with my collections in peace once more. However, it was interrupted by the woman’s next word.

“Ah, before I forget, I think you should talk to the librarian over at the counter. I’ve noticed that she’s been gazing at you for a long time.”

The woman pointed her right finger towards the librarian booth, alerting said person into resuming her work. I also looked towards the counter, witnessing the same scene.

“Really? Why would anyone have- Oh!

“Fufu. What a wonderful expression. See you again, Cue~chan.”

I couldn’t give a reply. Not because the woman called me by a strange nickname – I wasn’t even bothered how she knew my name- but because of the heavenly figure standing behind the counter.


I placed the book down as I fixed my eyes on her. She was adorably looking at me with a cute, heart-throbbing expression. Until now, I have yet to notice that this young girl was a beauty in her own terms. The fascination that I was feeling overflowed, causing me to be unable to prevent an audible voice of amazement escape my lips as I unwittingly approached her.

“Ooooh! MARVELOUS! Long, silver, silky hair tied in ponytails as those pink ribbons brings out more of it’s charm. What a splendid combination! Yabeee, I’m getting a nosebleed.”

I spoke, treating the incredibly beautiful young girl as if she were goddess manifested.

“Her white kimono is also astounding! Those clothes tracing the ideal curves of  a true beauty. And the way she uses those hands seem to convey something with the addition of those alluring eyes! Oooh! Nani kore? (TL: What the heck is this?) Is she a secret weapon of this library?!  I can’t get enough of her, especially when that fantastic smile of hers is shown on her face! How can my day get any better that this? What a splendid Silver Loli!

Before I knew it, I was already standing in front of the counter. She continued to stare at me with upturned eyes. Those eyes that yearned for something from me.

“You’re so slow. I was waiting for quite a long time, you know?” she said, pouting.


I did not know how to answer her. She’d been waiting for me this whole time?

“I invited you to this library because you were bored. You seek adventure. You seek more. That’s why you came here, right?”

“Why I came here?” I repeated the silver loli’s words. It was true that I’ve been yearning for something, but I couldn’t quite put it into words. That’s why I had left it unconsciously untouched for a long time.

The young girl then extended her hand to me.

“Come, I know a place that will answer your problems, and I assure you. I assure you, it’ll be fun.”

I couldn’t answer back. There were a lot of confusing things rummaging inside my mind. So I decided to speak the first thing that came to my head.

I got down on my knees as I gently took her hands. “Will you please marry me?”

“Eh? Eeeeeeeeeeeh?!” The silver loli was flabbergasted, so much so that she grew speechless. Of course she would. Being proposed to by someone is by far one of the most memorable moments one would cherish if it happened to them. “B-but we’re both women, you know? That’s impossible.”

“Listen well, Silver-chan. Love is filled with endless possibilities. I’m a Loli, and you’re a girl. There is no rule stating that a Loli and a girl is forbidden of marriage.”

“Huh? Loli? What are you talkin-“

I extended my arms without waiting for her words to finish, grasping for her with my loving hands. “Saa, let’s get married, my Silver-chan!”

“Wait! How did the situation become like this!”

“Oiiiiideeee! Ufufufufufu!” (TL: Come here)

“Wha-! Stop! Don’t come close to me! I would really scream if I had to you know?”

“Ara ara, what a cute Loli.” I patted her head without asking for her permission.

“Hyaa! D…don’t pat. If you do that….uuuuuu.”

Before I knew it, Silver-chan was making a joyous expression, as if her mood had been repaired by the patting.

“At times like these, you say ‘Thank You’, but I don’t mind. You’re so cute after all.” I instinctively hugged Silver-chan, and patted her again.

“Cho! You’re crushing me!” She loosened my grip as I saw her pleased expression again. “Ah! Shimatta. I got sucked into her pace. You! Don’t ever think I’ll be glad just because of this! Because I’m not, alright?!”

“Hai hai.” I continued the patting.

“Ah, I give up. I’ll just bring you along with me.”

With a flick of her finger, a small white portal appeared before us.

“Hm? Where are you taking me Silver-chan?”

“To a world where you will have fun. Shall we begin your adventure, O~ne~e~chan?”

“Hai!” While clinging to Silver-chan, we went inside the portal and disappeared in a flash, not realizing that Silver-chan may have made the worst mistake in her life.

LoliQ Status: Married.


Note: XCrossJ has invaded this post.

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11 thoughts on “LoliQ Entry: Married for Dream

  1. Ahahahaha~~ Silvia did indeed~~ Conquer all the Lolis in the world LoliQ~~
    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. LoliQ lives! That’s a great start for my day!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. XCrossJ has invaded this post.


  4. silver when u realize that u need to run, run to yama(god of death)his face alone will scare lq


  5. ASimpleDragon

    OK 2 things.
    First of all, glad to see my favorite LoliQ back in action.
    Second of all, so glad to see something good happen to Silvia for once between all the rest of the members of this team


  6. RandomGuy2308

    While same sex marriage is possible in some places, there is often laws against child marriage in those places so usually a Loli and a girl cannot marry.
    Aren’t you glad you’re going to a place without that kind of rules?

    Glad to see you again.


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