Chapter 0 – The Summoning

Nyahahahaha!! Now the real party can get started! This marks the true beginning of Myriad of Shades 2.0! Probably! NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *evil laughter*

*Note: This is pretty much how it began for 1.0, but the following chapters will be….quite different. They’ll likely come out within the next week or so, but we shall see~

Chapter 0: The Summoning


“Yes. You five have all been summoned here by me.”


A girl’s voice resounds throughout the surroundings of void.


There was nothing but black. One could not call it darkness as one was still capable of vision. Thus, it was not darkness, but blackness.


And within the blackness, the figures of 5 individuals could be seen looking towards the girl.


A silver-haired girl appears from within the Void.

“I am Silvia. You must all be wondering why I called you here, right? Well, that’s cause I need you to do something for me.”


The girl with silver hair spoke with a rather condescending tone as she casually walked on nothing.


“I need you to help me conquer this world.”


After unleashing this sentence, the little girl’s lips gently closed as her mouth contorted into a simple, refreshing smile. However, one of the individuals, a youth with blue hair, suddenly raised his voice.


“You know…you should probably start running away now.”


“-? From what?”


As the girl tilted her head to the side, the youth once again spoke.


“If this is going where I think it’s going…you’re going to fall prey to them.”


The moment that the youth finished speaking, a violet blur rushed past the other individuals.




“I FOUND A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


And so….it begins.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 0 – The Summoning

  1. have fun loliq >.>


  2. Pala

    !ahahah guys. Funny shit xD! Gobna wait for updates.


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