Chapter 2 – There is no one ‘Normal’ in the Chaos

Time to properly introduce the main members of Myriad of Shades~

Chapter 2: There is no one ‘Normal’ in the Chaos


“Cross-nii! Is that you?”




One of the ‘individuals’, a girl with red hair, approached the youth with navy-blue hair. Her crimson hair, tied up into a ponytail, matched her similarly red eyes. She was wearing a dull green cardigan and a pair of short jeans.


The red-haired girl whose curious eyes fell upon a certain, blue-haired individual.

Her appearance seemed to convey a bright and cheerful attitude, her teeth baring cute fangs that would make one think she resembled a cat. Overall, the girl was quite cute, if slightly short in stature.


“Ah, Kiri-baba!”




The ‘baka aniki’ that the girl was referring to was the youth with navy-blue hair, the very same individual that raised his voice towards Silvia.


The youth was dressed in winter attire. His turquoise jacket complimented his black shirt and trousers. His obsidian eyes melded with his navy-blue hair. The youth also wore a knapsack on his shoulder, as well as glasses on his face.


The blue-haired individual referred to as ‘Cross-nii’.

Although he appeared to be quite a humble individual, there was some sort of dangerous aspect to him that would make one suspect that he was not simply as he appeared. Still, as the youth appeared to wear his facade quite well, most would hardly notice the discrepancy.


“Yep. That’s Kiriko, alright. Nice tsukkomi.”


The youth returned a thumbs up towards the girl who had been addressed as ‘Kiriko’.


“Nice tsukkomi, jyanai! Also, what’s with that way of confirming it’s me!? Isn’t there some better way of finding out who I am besides calling me Baba!?”


“Now, now. Just calm down a bit.”


“You really are a pitiful cat, aren’t you?”


Suddenly, someone spoke these words, surprising the red haired girl from behind.




“Yo Anri.”


The blue haired individual called out towards the new individual — a woman — who appeared before them.


The young lady wore a teal cardigan over her faded white one piece dress which, along with her blemished scarf, highlighted her alluring beauty. It was as if every part of her being was an exquisite blessing which descended from the heavens above.


The orange-haired ‘beauty’ who suddenly approached the two during their conversation.

She was a beautiful woman. Anyone who had laid eyes on her could acknowledge this fact without question. However, hidden behind that beauty was–




“GYAH!? What are you doing?!”


Kiriko whipped around, shouting at the graceful, young, orange haired beauty as she held the ponytail that had been vigorously pulled by the orange haired beauty. In response, however, the young beauty simply tilted her head obliviously while asking,


“Hm? I wonder what you are talking about?”


“You just pulled my tail (hair) for the billionth time already!”


“Ara, I think it was your imagination, Neko.”


“Nya?! NEKO?! Anri, you–!”






“You forgot to add –sama


Hidden beneath that mask was something devious.


“Iyada-nya, An~chan






“NYA?! Why did you pull my tail (hair) again?! Uuu…”


“Hm? Did you just say something, Kiriko-kun?”


Pissed off by their exchange, Kiriko took out a harisen from somewhere and hit Anri’s head and *Smack*


However, this resulted to,


“Hidoi… U–Uwaaaa!”


Anri’s tearful appearance after being whacked by Kiriko.

“Ehhh?!……wakatta yo, mou….nakanaide…” (TL: …..I got it, geez…..don’t cry….)


Feeling a shred of a guilt, Kiriko tried to comfort Anri by patting her head. Nonetheless,


“Don’t touch me! You will stain my outfit, you trash!”


“…….maji de seikaku warui yo…koitsu…” (TL: ……this girl….her personality seriously is bad…..)


“Baka ka? It’s your own fault, kuso-Neko.” (TL: Are you an idiot? It’s your own fault, damn cat.”)


Sparks flew in between the two. It seemed to be a serious banter between the two of them, but in the eyes of the witnesses, it was just another common affair within the group.


All of a sudden, a shadowy figure approached the blue haired youth who was watching over these the two female’s childish banter.


The man looked like the most sinister person one could imagine meeting. Black pants, a black shirt and mantle. Yet the most fearsome part of his appearance were his crimson eyes which almost seemed to glow.


A sinister, black-haired man who approaches XJ.

His killer eyes were only further accentuated by the dark aura which surrounded him. Certainly, any lesser being would soon be scared off by his fear-inducing demeanor. However, despite the man’s intimidating aura, the blue haired youth simply sighed as he opened his mouth to speak once more.


“Is that you, ST? Didn’t expect to see you here.”


The boy called Cross spoke lethargically as he turned towards the youth who had been addressed as “ST”.


“Same here. I assume the two bickering over there are Kiriko and Anri?”




As the two youths looked towards the girls, they were filled with a sense of security invoked by the familiarity of the scene unfolding before them.


“Hmph! Mou shiranai yo, kono kawaikunai kouhai me!” (TL: Hmph! I don’t care anymore, you uncute kouhai!)


The red haired girl shouted out those parting words as she walked away from the orange haired beauty. She stuck out her tongue childishly as she did so, and began to walk towards the blue haired youth. When the short, red haired girl turned her petite head towards him, however, she noticed the tall, looming dark figure next to him. Kiriko’s eyes widened in alarm, and her mouth opened to shout out a warning as she dashed towards the two youths.


“Cross-nii, abunai!” (TL: Cross-nii, watch out!)




Seeing the blue haired youth’s complete lack of reaction, Kiriko gave a frustrated expression as she accelerated rapidly and-




-barreled straight into the black clothed man next to him. The two of them went flying a short distance before landing, with the young, red haired girl lying on top of the man in a rather compromising position.


“Kiriko, I know you’re happy to see ST, but you should keep in mind the time and place for these things…”


“WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, YOU BAKA-A—-eh? Sha-chan?!!!”


Kiriko sat up, hurling her tsukkomi at “Cross-nii’s” words before a stroke of realization hit her. As she turned towards the young man she was currently sitting on, her face twitched awkwardly.


“…hey there, Kiri.”


The black haired youth gave a small, exasperated smile as he grunted a short greeting to his small, red-headed assailant.


“G-Gomen Sha-chan!! I-It’s just, with your red eyes and everything, it looked like Cross-nii was about to be atta–!!”


The red haired girl stood up rapidly, immediately bowing remorsefully while giving a quick apology. As she hastily gave an explanation for her actions, however-




-she tripped on one of the black haired youth’s long legs underneath her, sending her tumbling towards the unfortunate youth once more. As though he had expected her fall, the black haired youth extended his arms out, easily catching the petite girl.


“Sheesh… you’re as clumsy as always.”


“A-Arigatou, Sha-chan.”


The young girl’s cheeks flushed a slight pink as she stammered her thanks to the youth. The two of them stood up, with the black haired youth’s hands still on the girl’s shoulders to prevent another untimely fall. As he released her shoulders, he turned back towards the blue haired youth, continuing their conversation that had been so rudely interrupted.


“That aside… Cross?”




“Are we the only ones here?”


“No, there’s still her.


Catching Schatten’s question towards Cross, the orange haired beauty made her way to the two youths as she interrupted.


“Yeah…we’ve got that abomination to worry about, huh?”


Seemingly understanding Anri’s point, Cross listlessly groaned in resignation. It appeared as though all of his energy had been sapped from him the moment he uttered the word ‘abomination’.


“Abomination? You don’t mean-”


As Schatten expressed acknowledgement of this term, his face darkened slightly. After all, in the 【Realm of Chaos】, the term “abomination” could only refer to one being.


“Ah, if you’re wondering about her, she’s over there……”


Cross spoke in an exasperated manner as he pointed towards the little, silver haired girl.


The rather questionable scene between the purple-haired ‘onee-san’ and the silver loli.



“Ufufufu! Gothic Lolita GET~TO!”


The silver girl was being devoured restrained by the final figure.


A violet haired onee-san was laughing maniacally as she gazed at Silvia.


She wore a gothic themed dress which accentuated her long, flowing violet hair. Although the girl seemed rather small in terms of stature and frame, her demeanor appeared to suggest that the lady had an ‘onee-san’ character.


The perverted, purple-haired beauty.

Although most would regard this woman as an undeniably slender beauty (especially with her well endowed cleavage), the girl in question was currently performing a ‘questionable’ deed, and the sight seemed quite…..suggestive.


“This scent! The rich, divine smell of the sacred jewel of the world! Indeed! This is undeniably the scent of a pure and untainted loli! Aaaah~~~~!!! Never in my life would I have thought that I’d get to experience the beauty that is this silver haired masterpiece! Such splendid, pearly skin like scrumptious whipped cream! Those lips, as sweet as strawberries! And the cherry on the top, those clothes! A Goth Loli! AAAAAAAHHHH~~NNN❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣ THIS IS PURE BLISS❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣”


“T-Tasukeeeteeeeeeeeee!” (TL: SAAAAAAVE MEEEE!)




With every second that passed, LoliQ convulsed even more in pleasure. No matter how one were to view the situation, things were undeniably taking a precarious turn.


“………nee, Sha-chan….”


Kiriko gazed at the scene between LoliQ and the young, silver haired girl with eyes of worry as she tugged at Schatten’s sleeve.


“Hm? What is it, Kiri?”


“I feel like things are gonna be bad if we don’t stop Loli-nee…..could you stop her?”


As she asked him, Kiriko gave Schatten upturned eyes, glimmering with her silent plea. Seeing this, Schatten’s eyes widened with surprise, having been hit by the full brunt of the young neko’s pleading gaze.


“…..I’ll do what I can.”


Schatten nodded in a reassuring manner as he gave Kiriko’s head a quick pat.


“Wait, I have an idea. Hear me out guys.”


All of the members, with the exception of LoliQ (who was currently preoccupied with her little endeavor), looked at Anri.


“Lolis are cute beings right?”


“Yeah. I believe that’s how she defined them.”


“Tsumari (TL: In other words), we just have to give her something cute, don’t you agree?”




“I see…you do have a point there…”


“So I was thinking, why don’t we give her something similar!”




“………I have a bad feeling about this……”




Everyone who was listening appeared to have unanimously understood what Anri was suggesting to them, with the exception of Kiriko, who innocently tilted her head to the side. On the other hand, the black haired youth, Schatten, was furrowing his eyebrows in disapproval, having understood Anri’s true intentions.


Incidentally, the youth known as Cross simply sighed, scratching his head in an exasperated manner. While he had a rough idea of what was about to transpire between the other members of the group, he appeared to view the entire ordeal as bothersome, deciding to escape as he walked away from the scene.


“Kiri, I think I know how to stop LoliQ.”


“Nya?! Sou nano?” (TL: Really?)


“Wait Kiri, don’t listen to her.”


“Eh? Nyande?” (TL: Why-nya?)


“Tch, don’t get in my way, ST.”


The orange haired bishoujo’s expression darkened as she gazed menacingly at Schatten, angry at his interference with her sinister plans. Kiriko simply gave a confused expression as she looked between the two individuals.


“What’s wrong, you two?”


The young neko-imouto continued to gaze back and forth between the two as she asked ignorantly.


“Anri’s planning on sacrificing you to LoliQ!”




“Neko. I’ll help you save the loli. Listen to me.”


“N-Nya? R-Really?”


Kiriko turned her hopeful eyes towards her scheming, orange kouhai. However, just as she was about to give an affirmative answer-




“Nya! Itai!”


A relentless blow came mercilessly from above, smacking her straight on the head, or so it seemed. In reality, however, the impact was rather gentle, barely scratching the surface of Kiriko’s delicate head. It appeared that the only reason the blow seemed to be relentless was due to the severity of ST’s concern for Kiriko, as well as his frustration with her ignorance.


“What was that for, Sha-chan?!”


“Didn’t I just tell you, Baka-neko? She wants to keep LoliQ away from that loli by making her target you instead!”


“Nya-?! Baka jyanai da mon!” (TL: I’m not an idiot!)


The young neko puffed up her cheeks with indignation as she turned away from the dark haired youth. Seeing their exchange, the orange haired girl clicked her tongue as she muttered,


“Damn riajuus.”




“What? Aren’t you having fun flirting with that baka neko?”


“Wha-?! F-Flirting?!”


“Yeah, so? Do you mind?”




Kiriko’s face turned bright red, matching both her flaming red hair and eyes. In all, she began to resemble a giant, walking, talking tomato. In exchange, Schatten grinned playfully as he turned back towards the newly produced tomato-cat.




“Kiri….I’m just worried about you. You understand, right?”


As Schatten spoke, he brought his face closer to the blushing cat. Of course, Schatten was simply playing around with Kiriko in their usual, deranged style that perfectly reflected the randomness of the chaotic realm.




Naturally, due to her innocent nature, Kiriko was utterly unaware of Schatten’s teasing, despite having been subjected to it countless times. Thus, in the face of the black haired youth’s genuine(?) concern, Kiriko could only respond with soft affirmation.


“…………kimo.” (TL: ……..disgusting.)


However, upon seeing such a cliched and poorly performed scene that seemed to be ripped straight out of a love comedy, Anri physically hacked as she expressed distaste towards the two members that had left her on the side lines.


Thus, in order to destroy the picture perfect scene that appeared to be physically assaulting her eyes, Anri-






-once again, pulled Kiriko’s precious tail (hair), causing an overwhelming amount of pain to shoot through Kiriko’s body. It appeared that, in response to the physically assaulting scene, she countered by physically assaulting the scene.


“Oi Anri!? What’re you doing to Kiriko!?”


The black haired youth roared as he approached Anri. Seemingly past his breaking point, undisguised rage colored his rather well defined face.


“Che. The kuso neko got what she deserved.”


Anri scoffed as her prim and proper mask had all but crumbled. Despite her breath-takingly beautiful appearance, the members knew that the girl behind that pretty face was a devious, conniving monster (to a certain extent).


“That’s why I said we should get rid of her! I mean, she even said that she wanted to do so!”


“When the hell did she say that!?”


As the two members of the 【Realm of Chaos】 began to bicker, Kiriko, after massaging her injured scalp, began to grow concerned as she approached Schatten and Anri with anxious eyes.


“Sha-chan! Anri! Stop fighting!”


Kiriko wailed as her eyes grew teary. In her distress at seeing her black haired friend and orange haired, un-cute kouhai bickering over her, Kiriko’s face couldn’t help but reflect the unrest that was currently stirring in her heart.


It was because of such unrest that Kiriko tried to plead for her two friends to stop their turmoil. However, upon seeing the two indomitable, yet fierce presences clashing against each other with unbound hostility, Kiriko realized that her strength alone would not stop the conflict between these two members.


“……what do I do?”


Kiriko’s faint voice murmured at a loss as she stared at the two bickering members of the 【Realm of Chaos】. However, just as she was about to lose all hope, Kiriko suddenly had a revelation.


“……wait a minute!? Cross-nii! Surely he can do something about this!”


Indeed. Realizing that the boy that had silently disappeared may be able to remedy the situation, Kiriko began to search desperately for her rather deceptive older brother.


“Cross-nii! Please help!”


In a last ditch effort, Kiriko called for her final resort. The sadistic senpai. However-




The youth with blue hair was nowhere in sight. Kiriko could not see any sign of her last salvation. That is, until she turned around-




The reason the blue haired youth was not in sight was due to him currently talking to the ‘violet’ individual, LoliQ.


Incidentally, as Kiriko’s confusion had begun to draw the attention of the other members, they also followed her line of sight, their eyes falling upon the bizarre conversation between the sadistic senpai and the lolicon.


“Oi, LoliQ. You should lay off her for now.”


“But sempai! I haven’t had any sweets since forever! What’s more, this silver loli is so cute! I wanna marry her! ”


“I know how you feel. However, if you were to simply dig in now, then you would be wasting such a perfect specimen.”


“Na-?! W-what do you mean, sempai?”


“You see, you have to take it nice and slowly in order to truly savor the experience. First, you draw your prey close. After that, you earn their trust, make them affectionate towards you, and then you mold them into whatever your heart desires.”


“I like that interesting proposition.. Ufufufufufu~”


“So you see, it would be such a waste if you were to prematurely partake in your meal.”


“Alright~. Then I guess I’ll reserve you as my dessert in the future. I still have to find Silver-chan. So at that time, wait for me, Goth-chan. Ufufufufufu.”




Watching the exchange between Cross and LoliQ, as well as the wanted silver haired Loli, the onlookers could only think this-


These two were definitely the most abnormal members of the team.

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    • rilly? i thought that ghost was the normal one (although he wasn’t in this intro) but the rest are either insane, baka-neko, or are pedophile’s


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