Chapter 3 – The New Journey

And here begins each of our individual journeys~

Chapter 3: The New Journey


“Anyway, you wanna tell us what this is all about?”


Cross, the individual with deep blue hair, spoke on behalf of the rest of the individuals.


Incidentally, Silvia, the gothic lolita, was currently sitting on LoliQ’s lap. LoliQ had her arms wrapped around her small waist, thus, she had no choice but to remain in that position.


Silvia’s disgruntled expression as she remains captured restrained by LoliQ’s embrace.

“Sure, but…what’s with this pedophile?”


Excuse me. I’m not a pedophile. I’m a Lolicon.”


LoliQ answered Silvia’s complaint with a straight face.


“What’s the dif-!?”


“Oi, Silvia. It’s best if you don’t finish that sentence.”


Cross glared at Silvia as he cut off her retort.


“Hah!? What do you-!?”


The dark aura surrounding an equally dark person…

Enough about that. Just answer the question.


Cross spoke as he exuded a dark atmosphere behind him.


“Uuu. I’m sorry.”


As if she were a child that had just been scolded, Silvia replied apologetically.


“*sigh*. So? Where the hell are we?”


Cross once again posed his question as distaste vividly flashed across his face.


“At the moment, we are in the void. It is also known as the 【Silver Lining】.”


“The void, huh? Sounds pretty interesting.”


The black haired individual, Schatten, spoke with an amused tone as he narrowed his eyes. Although he wasn’t aware of it, a slight smirk had begun to form on his face.


Seeing Schatten’s rather sinister-looking smile, the shorter, red-haired girl gave a small smile as she giggled.


“Sha-chan’s got quite the case of chuunibyou after all, so you must really love words like ‘void’ and ‘shadows’!”


“…I have a feeling someone needs another whack on the head.”




The youthful, red haired girl gave a cute tilt of her head as she meowed innocently like a cat. Upon seeing her child-like expression, Schatten’s face darkened somewhat, and he began to raise his right hand. However, as the petite teenager noticed that, she turned a set of somewhat damp eyes towards the black haired individual.




Unable to resist the young neko-imouto’s pleading gaze, Schatten gave an exasperated sigh as he lowered his hand gently upon her head. Patting it lightly, he began to stroke her long, red hair calmly, until-


“Would you mind doing it somewhere else? I’m not interested in your copulation.”


-a surprisingly blunt phrase passed the orange haired beauty’s lips as her visage grew clouded with (feigned) annoyance.


“Copul-! Anri! You shouldn’t be saying things like that! Have some shame as a woman!”


Hearing Anri’s venomous statement, Kiriko turned towards the orange haired beauty, scolding Anri for her rather callous comment.



“What, it’s the truth you know? I believe last month, Kiriko had se-”




Kiriko frantically shouted with the intent of interrupting the orange haired individual’s slander. Turning her gaze towards Anri, who appeared to be smiling in mockery despite being the cause of the whole mishap, Kiriko narrowed her eyes in undisguised displeasure.


“Nya, what’s so funny?”


“A woman should have some shame, right?”




Having her own words thrown back at her in ridicule, Kiriko held her breath. However, in the face of this scenario, a certain, blue haired individual flashed a stern gaze towards the girl that had reduced Kiriko to this state.




As the young boy’s hair fell over his eyes, shadows began to form across his face, blurring one’s view of the boy’s facial expression. Nevertheless, despite the strange atmosphere coming from the boy, Anri simply tilted her head as she looked towards the blue haired boy in confusion.


“What’s wrong, J?”


In the face of this question, however, the boy that had been addressed as J (but was otherwise more commonly known as Cross) suddenly twitched as his right arm extended forward. At the end of his extended arm, his thumb had pointed firmly towards the sky as it expressed a “thumbs-up” gesture towards the orange haired girl.


However, the boy’s actions did not end here as he spoke the following phrase in an enthusiastic tone, completely shattering the sombre atmosphere that his previous behavior had created.


“Nice job!”


“‘Nice job!’, jyanee yo, koraaa!” (TL: It’s NOT a ‘Nice job!’, dammit!)


Although she was slightly taken aback by Cross’ unpredictable actions, upon seeing that he had begun to engage in the stupidity that this circle of friends was most commonly known for, she snapped back as a tsukkomi instinctively flew out of her mouth. Meanwhile, however, a certain individual who had been preoccupied up until now intruded upon the scandalous banter.


“Nee Riko~”


Looking towards the origin of the voice that had just called her (nick)name, Kiriko’s eyes laid upon a girl with brilliant, lavender hair.


“? What’s wrong, Loli-nee?”


Answering her older sister’s(?) beckoning, Kiriko tottered over towards the woman that persistently continued to cling to a certain, silver haired little girl. Although it was clearly obvious that her tone indicated the depth of her anger towards Anri, Kiriko nevertheless decided to patiently wait and see what this violet haired “onee-san” had to say.


“Here! It’s a present~”


The violet individual, better known to the rest of the chaotic group as Loliquent, spoke in a bubbly tone as she presented a handful of small squares to her little sister.


“Thanks, Loli-nee! Although I’m not so sure what brought this on all of a…sudden……”


Caught off guard by the abrupt presents that she received, Kiriko took a closer look at the flimsy squares that rested in her palms. In the middle of each of the squares was a circle-shaped protrusion. The word “Troj*n” was imprinted across each small square.


Although the word printed on these small squares would usually make people think of a computer virus or a horse, the feeling of indignation began to expand throughout Kiriko’s petite body in response to it.




“Don’t worry! I got magnums so they should fit!”




Having been presented with LoliQ’s earnest concern, Kiriko let loose a rather forceful tsukkomi, her anger surfacing once again, as she angrily threw the packets of rubber into LoliQ’s face. Annoyed, Kiriko stomped away from her ‘older sister’ as she attempted to wipe all memory of the incident from her mind. Incidentally, the blue haired youth, who was next to said lolicon as she received her imouto’s barrage of contraceptives, decided to casually pick up one of the small squares, shoving it in his bag as a conflicted expression formed across his face.


“…………che. Riajuus should go die in a hole!”




As the other members chimed in towards LoliQ’s blatant “encouragement”, Kiriko and ST could only remain silent, stunned by the absolute stupidity of their friends.


“………anyway, what’s up with our bodies? I’m definitely not this tall and Kiri-baba is definitely not that small.”


Yet, already having been jaded by the group’s absolutely anarchic antics, Cross ignored the commotion occurring in the background as he mercilessly continued his interrogation. That said, seemingly showing concern for the poor girl that had been thrust into such a depressing situation, Cross made casual jabs at her in an attempt to shift the atmosphere back to its usual light-hearted lunacy.


“Oi! What’s with that!? Tte iu ka, Kiri-baba wo iu na!” (TL: Rather, don’t call me Kiri-baba!)


“…right. Well, I needed to somehow call you guys to this world. Thus, I used your ‘avatars’? I think that’s what you call them. Basically, your bodies right now are not your real ones. They belong to your established ‘online identity.’”


“I see. That makes so much sense. It’s because of my overwhelming beauty that everyone recognised me right away.”


Anri observed in a rather narcissistic manner as she covered her mouth with a delicate hand. Although her actions appeared to be quite elegant, to everyone else present, her demeanor instantly made people feel that, deep down, she was quite a twisted individual.


“What do you mean, beauty? I see no beauties around here.”


Naturally, Anri’s opposite, Kiriko, immediately returned a reply of disapproval. Although her tone was filled with ridicule, the red haired girl’s expression was blank, her eyes hollow as she habitually raised her tsukkomi.


“Che. Just like I suspected, your body is so bratty that I could recognize you from a mile away!”


“Ufufufu~ it’s okay, Riko~ that body is good!”


Suddenly, the violet haired onee-san came walking in between the two girls as she gave a thumbs up towards the petite red-haired one. However, as she approached, her chest bounced slightly, as if indicating that her current brassiere was unable to hold them in place. Needless to say, this rather awkward scene naturally began to draw in the gazes of everyone around her.


“Say LoliQ, isn’t your avatar quite a bonyuu?”


“B-bonyuu?! No way!”


Seeing the two firm mounds on her chest area, LoliQ began to raise her hands toward them. However, before she could touch the fleshy masses, the orange haired ‘bishoujo’ angrily reached out and-




-began to aggressively grope the onee-san’s breasts.


“Dammit, why do you have to be so well-endowed when I’m the bishoujo in this group. Tsk!”


“Gyaaaah?! Dame! Stop Anri! It hurts! It seriously— AAAAAAH! These are not what you think they are!”


Unbeknownst to the two people engaging in their own activities, the tension around them was gradually becoming weirder, eventually leading to the creation of some sort of unusual, “pink filter”.


“Oh? Then tell me, what are those?


“These…hnnn….these are ohhh….these are curses that shouldn’t be brought upon this world!”




As the orange haired bishoujo continued to grope LoliQ’s breasts, the purple haired pervert began to release rather sensual groans. Strangely enough, despite the unfolding of such a lily-like (Note: Lily = Yuri = Girl’s love) scene, hardly anyone in the surroundings seemed to care at all. In contrast, the young, red-haired imouto was staring at the scene with an interested expression, seemingly examining it closely, when-


“………Kiriko? You interested in this sort of thing?”


-a rather curious comment came from a certain blue-haired individual.


“Nya?! Chigau! I was just thinking about something….but….” (TL: No!)


The red-haired girl trailed off, as though she were deep in thought. Then, seemingly coming to a final decision, she lightly hit the palm of her left hand with the base of her right fist as she exclaimed.


“….those are definitely implants, aren’t they?”




Mysteriously, although the violet haired individual had been preoccupied by the harassment of her orange haired kouhai, she somehow managed to catch the words that Kiriko spoke at that exact moment.


“Tsk. With this unnatural size, they definitely are.”


The orange haired kouhai, who had been relentlessly groping LoliQ’s chest up until then, suddenly released the innocent ‘implants’ as she clicked her tongue and nodded in agreement.


“……so I guess she’s become ImplantQ, huh?”


“…does this mean I have to start calling her Implant-nee instead?”


“Wait, maybe she’s hiding Lolis in those things.”


“You’re mistaken! These are just the avatar’s proportions! I’m still a Loli on the inside!”


“That doesn’t change the fact that you have two, ripe grapefruits attached to your chest, ImplantQ.”


“No! I’m—”


LoliQ gave a look of despair as she listened to the casual, but cruel comments of her fellow summons. That is, until—


“Hmm…maybe you’re right.”


The orange haired bishoujo spoke gently, causing LoliQ to latch onto the hope that the words instilled within her.




“Perhaps it’d be better to call you Loli-eating-Bonyuu? What do you guys think?


“Sounds good to me.”


“Nyahaha. Nice one!”






Being exposed to such a revelation, LoliQ could only fall down on her knees, feeling despair upon their affirmation.


“…. you really finished her on the spot, huh?”


The blue haired youth reluctantly commented upon seeing the the violet haired onee-san, theatrically collapsed on her knees. And yet, despite her weeping state, the people surrounding the “loli” (Kiriko and Anri in particular) made their own comments, completely neglecting to feel concern for the individual that began to drown in her despair.


“You should blame that An-chan who finished her off.”


“You speak as if you weren’t the one who started it, you vile cat.”


Yet, as if triggered by Kiriko’s scathing words, the woman with orange hair scoffed as she returned an insult to the rather short girl.


“What’d you say-!?”


“Hah!? You got a problem, kuso-neko!”


“……they really are like their online identities, huh?”


Seeing the two arguing with each other in a rather comical fashion, Schatten casually commented about the state of the two individuals that he had met online. No matter how he saw it, Schatten could not help but feel that these girls’ appearances completely fit their personalities which they had displayed during their time on the net.


……you guys done yet?


Unlike Schatten, however, the blue haired individual did not take such a passive stance as a rather dark aura began to surround his skinny body.






In the face of this overwhelming darkness, both Kiriko and Anri paused. As if they had suddenly stepped into a freezer, a disturbingly oppressive chill began to creep up their spines, causing uncontrollable sweat to form on their brow.


“……good. Now then, on to the main point.”


After finally grabbing the attention of all the individuals in the space of nothingness, the blue haired youth’s lips quivered as he unleashed the main question that was on everyone’s minds.


“Why did you summon us?”


“I already told you. To conquer the world.”


Silvia responded to Cross’s question with a slightly annoyed tone, her eyes indicating that this question was expected, if not boringly predictable.


“So? Would you be willing to help me?”


“As long as you call me Anri-sama and vow to be my servant, why not?”


“I don’t really want to conquer anything…that sounds like a pain.”


“Yeah………no. I just wanna go sleep. *Yawn*”


“Sorry, but that’s kinda…”


“As long as I have Lolis, I don’t care about things such as world domination.”


Anri, Schatten, Cross, Kiriko, and LoliQ all answered in the negative to the little girl’s request.




As she was faced with complete refusal, Silvia could only pout once more, her eyes tearing up.




LoliQ was the first to react to Silvia’s pouting.


“Uh, Loli-nee. I’m pretty sure we all did.”


“Nani!? I made a Loli cry! I must atone for my sins!”


“Chotto! You don’t need to do anything, Loli-nee! Think of all the Lolis who would be sad if you were gone! Think of Rika-chan, Bell-chan, Hima-Hima or the other Lolis waiting for you!” (TL: Wait a sec!)


“OH! That was close. Thanks, Kiriko-chan~”


“Nanka…tsukareta.” (TL: Somehow….I’m tired.)


As Kiriko sighed, Cross raised his voice towards the pouting gothic lolita.


“…anyway, would you mind explaining to us in more detail? For example, what world are you trying to conquer or why do you want to conquer it? By the way, don’t you dare say that the world we’re going to is called Ed*a.”


“…but, I can’t really explain why, though…I mean, how should I put it…”


After pondering for a bit, Silvia began to speak.


“Would you like to see the world for yourself?”


“…why do I have a bad feeling about this?”


Kiriko spoke as she hugged her arms.


“Hmm……I dunno. What do you guys think about this?”


After some silent contemplation, Cross raised the question to the rest of the team as he tried to gather input about the rest of the members’ opinions regarding the matter. Even though he was in a different body and in a different world, this rather mundane, yet calm character seemed to help urge the circle of friends towards becoming a sort of unified presence.


Or at least, unified enough so that they would return an answer to his query.


“Don’t care… she hasn’t even properly called my name yet.”


“Are there lolis? I’ll go if there is. Ufufu”




“Well, it sounds interesting.”


Although they gave a rather jumbled reply, the general consensus that was gained from this team of misfits was that they desired to go to this wondrous world that Silvia had “cordially invited” them to. Thus, arbitrarily deciding to represent his friends, the boy with blue hair spoke the following words.


“Alright then. I guess it’s settled. We’ll go.”


As everyone nodded in affirmation, they looked towards Silvia.


“So? How do we get there?”


“First things first, you lot need to be aware of the way things work here.”


As everyone stared blankly at the little girl, she began to elaborate.


“To make things easier for you, I’ve pretty much turned this into a ‘game’ system. Basically, you guys have status fields, titles, skills and everything. You’ll need them to survive in this kind of world.”




…although Schatten was the one who had voiced thus, nothing seemed to have happened.


“It doesn’t seem like anything happened. What’s going on?”


Schatten asked, seemingly befuddled by what had occurred (AKA nothing).


“Geez, listen to people when they talk to you. All of you guys should have an item of some sort that you brought from your world, yes? That will allow you to look at your status.”


As she said thus, Silvia grabbed a scrapbook from LoliQ’s dress pocket. Written on the cover were the words 【Lolis of the World – Volume VII】. Opening it, Silvia shoved the first page into LoliQ’s face-




Yet, LoliQ moved the book away from her face and read the new contents depicted in her supposedly gallery of Lolis..


The moment LoliQ saw the section ‘Affection Graph’, she was shocked to see the numerical values present there. Although LoliQ found it odd about Anri’s absurd affection value, her attention was more on an entirely different matter.


“Oi Goth-chan!”


LoliQ’s grip on Silvia’s waist tightened, causing the latter to turn around with a pained expression. It seemed that the silver haired loli was having trouble breathing.


“W-what are you doing?”


“Where are my lolis? There should be 13 of them here! How could you erase them! They were my latest waifus!”


“..guh…h-how would I know that it was that important?


Silvia replied, her face becoming even paler than before.


“Release me! ugh, I can’t breathe!”


Hearing the young loli’s response, LoliQ unfastened her crushing grip on Silvia. Upon being released, the silver haired loli dashed forward, distancing herself from the purple haired menace.


“Fine, however as a compensation—”


LoliQ turned the page of her scrapbook, and wrote something on it. Then, turning the scrapbook towards Silvia, she exposed its newly written contents to the tiny loli, causing her to shiver in fear.




There on the page was written ‘Goth-chan. My first Loli encounter in here. I plan to marry her’


LoliQ grinned as she spoke in an eerily sweet voice.


“Goth~chan oideee~” (TL: Goth-chan, come hereee~)


However, Silvia backed away from LoliQ. She glanced at the rest, and spoke with fervor haste.


“Anyway. you should have something similar to what she had. Why don’t you go check it out for yourselves?… Kyaa! Don’t come near me!”


As Silvia said thus, the rest of the team began to search their belongings, ignoring the lily event that was about to unfold.


Seeing that it was the only thing he had currently with him, Schatten pulled a notebook out of his pocket. He briefly stared at the title in irritation before opening it.


Anri rummaged through her bag to find this supposed Guide that Silvia had transformed one of her belongings into. Most of the things on her bag were just basic necessities for a woman: extra clothes, make-up kit, and a small notebook. She examined each and every item within her bag, but found none to be suspect as the Guide Silvia was talking about. That is, until she saw a grey pocket mirror in her bag that she couldn’t remember owning. Anri reached for the reflective surface, grabbing the item out of her bag before examining the mirror in detail.


( This is strange, I never had a pocket mirror like this before )


The pocket mirror was foldable, and circular in form. It was delicately crafted with intricate metal designs as the furnish brings out the full charm of its overall arrangement.


Anri decided to open it, and visual projection of light came out it.




‘What in the world is this’, or so Anri was about to say before she decided to remain silent. The moment she closed the pocket mirror, however, did she only notice the big boldedLOW-LIFE GUIDE’ letters etched on it. Because of this, Anri couldn’t help but shout out what she was about to say before.




Kiriko lifted up the sole possession she had on her – a smartphone. As she unlocked it, a new application appeared on her screen and opened up. The following was displayed:


There were various points about her status that she wanted to tsukkomi, but Kiriko wisely decided to remain silent for the time being. After skimming over it quickly, she soon stuffed her phone back into her pocket as she began to look around at her fellow friends’ reactions.


By chance, Kiriko’s red eyes were drawn towards a certain blue haired youth, her older brother who she affectionately(?) addressed as “Cross-nii”. Said individual, however, appeared oblivious to his little sister’s gaze as he wordlessly grabbed his tablet out of his knapsack.


(If it’s going to be anywhere, it’s gonna be here.)


As he thought thus, Cross looked through his tablet. After searching through the applications, he noticed that a new app had emerged.



As he had no recollection of ever downloading such an application, it was clearly suspicious.Thus, Cross decided to open the app. Upon doing so, he was met with a screen that displayed the following:


(Intriguing…so apparently, I’ve become quite the character.)


Cross, amused by the status fields presented to him, slowly began to close his tablet before storing it back into his knapsack.


“I see that you’ve all found your Guide. That will serve as a vital tool in your journey. Those ‘items’ will provide you with guidance as to where you should go. It also serves as a way to contact me.”


The 5 figures were so dumbfounded by what they had seen that they didn’t process what she had said. Thus, no one replied.


“Now then. I’ll send you to that world now, ok?”




Before anyone could even voice their surprise, the blackness of the void was immediately filled with a bright, silvery light.


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