Ghost – Eulogy

Yo, Ghost here. It’s been a while since I posted anything here. Well, news flash: I’m still alive! Wait, not really. Anyways, in case you were wondering why I wasn’t in the summoning chapters, here’s your answer. This is the start of my adventures in Paletia. I hope you all enjoy it.

Well, without much else to say.

Ghost out.



Ghost – Eulogy


I opened my eyes, only to find myself surrounded by darkness. Above me, below me, to my right, to my left, behind me, in front of me. All of it black. I couldn’t even see the ground below my feet. Strangely enough, I knew I was standing somewhere.


I snapped out of my initial state of shock and decided on my current course of action. It was simple, really. I needed to find out what this place was and why I was here.


I tried to start walking, but didn’t feel my legs moving. I looked down and found two black legs, barely visible against the background. I tried looking at my arms and discovered they were the same as my legs, black. Just as I was about to freak out over this, I heard a voice from behind me.


I see you have arrived safely….well, sort of. Hehe.


I turned around and saw a silver haired girl standing in the middle of the void. She was giggling to herself, as if she had just told the funniest joke in history and it amused her so much that she couldn’t stand it.


[Y-You! You’re that girl! From the rooftop!]



The girl that was about to kill herself on the rooftop of that building was standing in front of me and giggling like an idiot.

Yes, that was me. I brought you here so you can help me.


[So you’re telling me that you killed me…….and now you want my help with something?]


Yes. You will help me conquer the world.


[Don’t wanna.]


Eh? This one too?!


[In the first place, who would listen to their killer? Anyways, why the hell did you have to go on your own and- mmph mmphh. Mmph?]


My mouth was forcibly shut before I finished talking.


You’re being a pain, so shut up for a bit.


(Oh, I see. So it was this girl’s fault. Makes sense.)


Well, I’ll explain so you can do a proper job out there. I’ll be quick. Right now you’re in the 【Silver Lining】. I will send you out to a world called Paletia. You will help me conquer it together with the other summons.


(It would appear I don’t have a say in the matter. I wonder if those “other summons” did. Actually, there are more?)


I wanted to bring you here in a regular way like the others, but failed, so I had to kill you and bring just your soul. Well, the summoning is a bit unstable, but you’ll be fine……..maybe.


(Oi oi oi. Don’t go summoning me in such a troublesome manner.)


Well, you can see how that form would pose a problem. You’re pretty much useless in it too. A single soul out in the world will be pretty much cannon fodder.


Oh right, you can’t see yourself. Let me help you out.


As she said that, she made a hand motion and a mirror popped out of thin air.


(How did she…..No, more importantly, is that really me?)


I looked into the mirror and saw what my current self looked like.


A humanoid monster without a face. A black body covered by an equally black robe that did not have a distinguishable end. A hood-like extension of the robe covered the upper portion of my head. I had become an existence that was no longer human.


A humanoid monster without a face.

The reality of my own death sunk in once more. I could no longer go back to my ordinary life. I couldn’t see my family or friends again. I wouldn’t be able to achieve my future goals. I would be forced to quit all that……just for the ambition of this silver haired girl.


Without warning.


Without a shred of consideration for me.


She just dragged me into this world at her own convenience and told me to help her conquer it.


She wouldn’t even let me refuse.


She ended my life just like that.


A deep hatred for this silver haired girl was born inside my heart at that moment.


(Who does this bitch think she is?)


Hey, are you even listening to me? Haa, such troublesome summons………I should have picked them more carefully. Okay, once again, from the top. I am the goddess Silvia. I, in my infinite grace and mercy, shall bestow a body upon you in order to help you fulfill your mission in my name. You should be grateful and proud to have such an honor bestowed upon you.


(What is she acting all high and mighty for all of a sudden?)


I glared at the goddess, Silvia, as she finished saying those words.


Here you go, be grateful.


Something appeared out of nowhere once again. This time, it was a white haired man. He was tall, and rather well built. He had a red jacket and a huge sword hanging from his waist. His eyes and mouth were closed and he didn’t make a single movement.


This time, it was a white haired man.

As soon as he appeared, I felt myself being sucked into him. I lost my ability to see when I hit his body. I felt myself being slowly absorbed. I began to feel myself melding with the body. I could feel each and every nerve, every muscle, every inch of skin. My sense of touch was the first to return to me, followed by my sense of smell, then hearing, then taste, and finally, I opened my eyes. I felt myself being able to move once again.


This is your new body. It is a dummy so to speak. It is a high grade biological vessel made specially for you by a god. You could, theoretically, possess other vessels in case this one breaks, but I wish you good luck in finding one as good as this. It will provide you with the protection and strength you need to carry out your task in that world. Now then, go forth…..ummmm……you……what was your name again?




………She didn’t even know my name.


(Revenge……………………………..…..won’t help me at all.)


I was about to explode into a violent rampage, but instead, I did not let myself be blinded by my own rage and tried to act based on reason. If this girl was truly a goddess, I wouldn’t be able to take revenge on her because she was far too powerful for me to even touch right now. Trying to avenge my own death would only bring me more trouble than it would be worth.


However, that didn’t mean I had to suddenly become her loyal pet.


[……Ghost will do. It’s what I am now anyways. Plus, I’m used to the name.]


I could only give a dry laugh at the irony of the whole situation.


I see. So, Ghost it is. Now, go on to the world an-


[Hang on now.]




[Why in hell should I listen to you?]


Cold sweat appeared on Silvia’s forehead. It would seem that my use of such a forceful tone made her nervous.


B-Because I am your new maste-


[Hell no, you’re not.]


U-Um….that is…….I am……


[You are the woman who killed me, nothing more. I will not help you in your stupid campaign for world domination, and that’s final.]


B-But…..if I don’t have your help then…….


[I don’t care.]


The girl, Silvia, fell silent. Then, looking like she had decided on something, she said.


…………I can’t let you refuse.


Suddenly, a white light enveloped my surroundings and I felt myself being disconnected from the surroundings.


If I send you there……you will understand.


[Wait, you can’t jus-]


Without being able to finish my sentence, I lost consciousness.


Why is it that every time I try to act like a proper god, things go so wrong?
In the empty space of the 【Silver Lining】, no one was able to hear the girl’s laments.

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