Kiriko Epawsode 1 – A Whole New World….maybe.

And so, our individual adventures begin! Here starts the beginning of Kiriko’s day in the new world~

Kiriko Epawsode 1: A Whole New World….maybe.


The first thing I noticed when I woke up was the smell. The soft, grassy scent that entered my nostrils reminded me of rolling fields, like the plains I used to run around in as a child. The next scents reminded me of the days I used to go horseback riding. The musty scent of warm-blooded animals, and…..the underlying smell of manure. I scrunched my nose as my eyes opened.


The field that appeared before Kiriko’s eyes after waking up.

A wide field lay out before me, surrounded by a small, wooden fence. Within the field stood several large animals. I yawned as I looked up at the clear, sunny sky, wondering-


Where the heck am I?


I stared blankly at the field in front of me, not recognizing any of the animals, nor any of the scenery. A gentle breeze blew across the field. How peaceful…


I leaned back relaxedly, conveniently finding a pole from the fence behind me to act as a backrest. As I pondered about what had happened and where I was, the memories of everything that had happened came rushing back. The silver-haired girl. The summoning. The other members of the ‘Realm of Chaos’, all with such vastly varying hair colours that the group could only be described as “chaotic”. And then finally, the “request”.


I don’t want to conquer the world…….it sounds like such a pain…….


As I thought that, I lay down lazily upon the grass, enjoying its comforting texture. I took out my phone, having remembered that it was my “Guide”. Turning it on, I looked at the newly installed application on my home screen.


《Nyanko Guide》


……..what terrible naming sense.


I sighed at the name of the application, which was worthy of having been generated by the author of a certain web novel. Upon opening it, a familiar screen came up.





My lips slowly mouthed my supposed “class name” as I read over it once more. Though I had seen the class name while looking over my Guide in the Void, having been surrounded by the other members of the Chaos at the time, I hadn’t wanted to draw attention to myself, lest they read the class name themselves, and had thus kept quiet about the ridiculous name.


After all….if they saw it, they’d definitely….definitely make fun of me….


Thinking thus to myself sullenly, I continued to scan through the information that was presented to me in the form of my ‘stats’.


Hmm….it seems like, despite only being level 1, my 《Attack》 is pretty high while my 《Defense》is a little on the low side….but I wonder what this 《T. Attack》and 《T. Defense》are for? The values are quite a bit higher than the normal 《Attack》 and 《Defense》…


Bringing a hand to my chin, I tilted my head as I pondered the potential uses of the stats. That is, until my eyes fell upon a single stat that was situated in the corner of the screen.








Hurling out a tsukkomi internally, my eyes bulged as I stared at the incomprehensible stat with disbelief. After all, how in the world was something like “Cuteness” supposed to be measured with a single number? Or rather, more importantly, what kind of use was such a….random stat supposed to have?


Shaking my head, I habitually brought my thumb to the box labelled “Cuteness”. As I pressed the icon, it appeared to darken slightly, indicating that I had selected it. Upon releasing it, the following screen popped up.



“….’Cuteness is Justice’………….”


As I subconsciously read out the familiar line, the face of a certain perverted lolicon sister of mine surfaced within my mind.




A small rush of air escaped my mouth as my jaw dropped. Soon, an even larger mass of air came gushing out as I shouted loudly.


“NANJYA KORYAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Gripping my phone tightly, I howled my tsukkomi loudly to the heavens. As I did so, a sense of power welled up from within me, driving me to impulsively punch the ground. To my great surprise, the ground easily gave way upon impact, and the fist became buried within the dirt ground.




Drawing my fist out of the grassy dirt, I noted that a decent sized pothole had formed in the ground. While it certainly could be mistaken for a burrow created by some ground-dwelling animal, the clear, fist-shaped imprint at the base of the hole suggested otherwise. Shaking a little, I turned my gaze towards my completely unscathed fist as my eyebrow twitched.


“Ahahahahaha….well. I wonder what other mysteries this 《Nyanko Guide》 holds~”


Ignoring the newly formed hole, I turned back to my phone, unwilling to admit that I had created it. After tapping the icon in the top-right corner of the screen, the description box closed, returning me to the starting screen of the application. Revealing a slightly exasperated expression, I proceeded to click through the more questionable terms on my status screen. Though I knew that the descriptions would likely cause me more distress, it was necessary for me to understand the details of my status in order to survive in this foreign world.






“…even though my class is ‘Neko-Imouto’, why does everything else have to do with tsukkomis?!”


Noticing the discrepancy between my class and stats, I off-handedly threw out a short tsukkomi. Upon realizing that, however, I abruptly flinched while shutting my mouth, having realized the irony of my statement. Shaking my head in exasperation, I turned my eyes back to the small device in my hands. As I did so, I found my attention drawn towards the red cat icon at the corner of the screen. Judging that it likely led to another screen, based on the small, black arrow printed on its body, I clicked it.



Upon seeing the screen that appeared, my eyes widened with excitement.




This one word held a realm of possibilities. Having translated novels which involved otherworldly travellers going into a world with a game-like interface, I was well aware of what this word meant. That is, it meant that I’d likely be capable of using some special abilities.


Like magic!


Thinking so excitedly, I began to envision myself manipulating the elements like an expert mage. As I began to read the page eagerly, however, my excitement soon dwindled into a confused haze.


《Cat Skills》 《Tsukkomi Skills》《Imouto Skills》


These were the 3 main headings under my 《Skills》. That is, these were likely the main skill trees that I possessed at the moment.




Unable to suppress the burning tsukkomi within me, I let loose another holler. As I did so, however, I accidentally stumbled on my words, leading to the production of a “nya” sound instead of a “na” sound. A tingling sensation climbed up my spine, causing me to shiver slightly. When the sensation disappeared, I noticed that the scent of manure suddenly appeared to be amplified. Covering my nose, I winced at the pungent odour, before wincing again as a roar sounded out in the distance. Though I somehow instinctively knew that the roar came from afar, it’s odd clarity made me first think that the beast creating it was nearby. Bringing a hand up to my head, I was about to rub my hair in exasperation when I noticed something strange.




After the mysterious feeling went away, Kiriko noticed that something seemed to be a little different than before…

As my fingers gently touched the top of my head, they felt a velvety texture. At the same time, a ticklish sensation assaulted my scalp, causing me to let out an involuntary cry.


“Don’t tell me…”


Realization hit me as I continued to feel around the ears which had appeared on the top of my head. Looking behind me, I discovered a long, thin red tail waving about agitatedly.


“I’m…..a cat….girl…?”


Murmuring to myself softly, astonishment filled my mind as I became unsure of how to react to this newfound discovery. While it didn’t particularly bother me to become a ‘cat girl’, having been a human all my life, it was hard to accept this new body of mine. Just as I was wondering how I could transform back, however, my eyes were drawn towards my phone once more. After all, on the screen was a certain phrase which seemed to hold the answer to my question.


《Neko Transformation》


My thumb slowly moved and clicked on the thin bar, bringing up a rather wordy description.


After reading the method of activation for the skill, confusion painted my features as I pondered what exactly I had done to trigger my transformation. I clearly hadn’t cried out any sort of ‘Nyaa’ after all⎯⎯⎯




I DIDDDD!!!!!!


Remembering my accidental slip-up when I had tsukkomied my main skill trees, I ended up once again tsukkomiing myself internally as I clutched my head. Shaking it rapidly, I suppressed the raging desire to scream out loud before finally turning back to my phone and muttering the cancellatory words for the transformation. In attempt to forget the rather ridiculous exchange going on in my head, I forced myself to continue reading the descriptions of the various skills and titles that I currently possessed.







“…..this is….”


I paused, attempting to mentally digest everything I had just read. Finally unable to take it any longer, I stood up as I screamed at my phone-









Slowly, I began to raise my phone in the air, preparing to smash it on the ground. Upon realizing that I did, in fact, need my phone to survive in this world,I grudgingly shoved my phone into my pocket while clicking my tongue. Turning around, I decided to finally search for civilization. Assuming this was a pasture, there should either be a farm, or maybe even a town, nearby. As I raised my head to look forward, however….


A frozen young man with pale blonde hair and a terribly shocked expression entered my sight.




The face of a man gone speechless due to shock.

Noticing my gaze, the young man looked back with a face that seemed to scream out, “I want nothing to do with you, you crazy woman”. Seeing that, I smiled gently like a normal person as I slowly walked towards him, hopping over the wooden fence in the process. The blonde man took a few steps back, appearing as though he were about to run for his life.


“Hi there.”


I called out with a friendly voice as I neared him. Having been greeted in such a normal manner, the man seemed to become even more shocked than before as he froze once more.


Just how long was he watching me for…


Thinking back on what I had done prior to discovering the man’s presence, his reaction was to be expected. From an outsider’s point of view, I had been muttering under my breath to myself while staring at my phone, screamed loudly several times for no apparent reason, randomly sprouted cat ears and a tail, lost them, and then yelled at the top of my lungs. While being thought of as a crazy person would be unpleasant, it would be worse if he had discovered me during my transformation. After all, I was unsure of whether or not cat-people or werecats existed in this world yet. If they did and were discriminated against by humans, it was possible that I too, would end up receiving a similar treatment, making life in this world that much more difficult.




Tilting my head slightly, I called out to the man once more. My voice seemed to bring him back to his senses as he jolted suddenly. His face spasmed as he awkwardly replied.




Seeing such a strained response, I looked downwards, feeling a bit embarrassed after thinking upon my actions. Though I had simply assumed that I had been alone, with an exception for the animals grazing in the field, it was clear that that had not been the case. Deciding that it would be better if I knew how long he had been watching me for, I turned my face up at him as I spoke again in a bashful manner.


“H-How long were you watching me for…?”


He gave a slight twitch as he replied.


“S-Since the beginning…….”


“……….I…I see….”


I momentarily debated upon smashing the man’s head until he forgot about my actions, but soon decided against it, realizing that I was more likely to kill him before he forgot. Several seconds passed as I thought about what to do, when suddenly-


“It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone.”


-the man spoke in a reassuring voice.


“Tell them what?”


I asked honestly, wondering whether he was talking about my skill, or my rather nonsensical actions.


“About your mental instability.”


The man gave a gentle smile.




Taken aback by his reply, I paused while gaping at him for several seconds. After finally recovering from my shock, I was unable to hold back my tsukkomi as I screamed,




I then suddenly pivoted on my left leg while raising my right. My right foot struck his chin, knocking it to the side as my roundhouse kick was beautifully completed.

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7 thoughts on “Kiriko Epawsode 1 – A Whole New World….maybe.

  1. ASimpleDragon

    Kiriko, beautiful!


  2. RandomGuy2308

    Some transformations are locked? Oooh.
    Waiting for you to transforme into a fully armed leonin (probably won’t happen but I can dream).

    It is nice.
    Are you THAT easily influenced?


    • I don’t really think I am, but I’ve been told that I tend to pick up people’s….hmm….’characteristics’ pretty easily.



    I then suddenly pivoted on my left leg while raising my right. My right foot struck his chin, knocking it to the side as my roundhouse kick was beautifully completed.)



  4. AlbinoBlackSheep

    I like that guy. I hope he sticks around for a bit


  5. Well, congrats on finally being able to release this Kiriko.
    I’d probably make some snarky comment about the contents of your Epawsode, but….honestly, it speaks for itself.


  6. Mwhahaha >:D The most wonderful music to be listen too while reading this!


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