Diary of the Two: Day ??

??th of Torae, ?? , 8:03 P.M.

The doors of the convent opened, letting what little light from the outside creep inside the room. Hundreds of pews were illuminated in horizontal columns. Among them, a man was kneeling on the front row of pews.

“8 minutes late.” the man plainly said, his eyes closed.

With loud steps, a person donning a black robe entered the convent. The robed person walked towards the front row of pews, and rather than kneeling, sat one pew apart from the man.

“I had to make sure no one was following.” A hoarse voice soon replied.

“I see. So I can assume that no one was following anymore? ” The man spoke, still maintaining his steady posture.

“Yes. I killed them all.”

“Hush! Do not use such sinful words in this holy convent of our God.” the man sternly rebuked.

The hooded person didn’t reply to his word. The man’s words might have offended the person into silence—

“The senate?” So he decided to move on to the matter at hand.

“Most had agreed.”

“Most? Ah, I suppose you are pertaining to that man, correct?”

“Yes. He and his supporters.”

“Those traditionalist’s…” The man clicked his tongue. “How about our beloved princess?”

“Neutral as always.”

The man suddenly opened his eyes the moment he heard those words. He stood up, and clenched his two fists in rage.

“Damn that whore! She’s still playing allies with those wretched animals. Doesn’t she have any shred of loyalty to our race?!”

“Sir, please calm down. Weren’t you the one who said not to tarnish this holy place?”

That seemed to have calmed him down as the man loosened his grip and sat once again. The hooded person looked in silence and brought down her hood. Then somehow, a bright orange hue glowed within the dark room.

Anri 2

Her bright orange hair fell down on her shoulder as she took her hood off.

“Besides we have prepared something for her, haven’t we?” this time, a high pitched voice came from the unhooded… woman.

“Y-yes…yes you’re right.” the man stammered with his words as his eyes were mesmerized by the appearance of his conversing partner. He seemed to have lost his usual calm demeanor from before.

The woman stood up, and gracefully walked towards the man. With each step, her bright orange hair danced sideways. The woman kept on smiling, capturing his attention sensually. Once she arrived a feet apart from the man, she slowly leaned towards him and gave him a kiss on the lips.

“Good.” The woman gently pulled herself away. Her eyes staring closely at the man.

“5 days from now, at the same time as her inauguration, we will execute the plan. I recommend Sir to prepare for your part. ”

Putting her hood back up, she walked towards the entry of the convent, leaving the man in a daze with a small parcel in his hands.

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One thought on “Diary of the Two: Day ??

  1. Well, that was quite a start…
    Looking forward to see where this develops, Anri. ^_^


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