First Grave – Everything is out to kill me….again


Ghost here. It’s been a while, everyone. After a while of having nothing but Kiriko and Cross, you get someone else! Isn’t that great? Eh? It’s not? …….. Anyways! Here’s the start of my adventures in Paletia and stuff! Enjoy! Or not, I can’t really tell you what to do.

Ghost out.


Ghost – First Grave: Everything is out to kill me…..again


I opened my eyes to find myself in the middle of a peaceful forest. The forest was one of those pine forests you could find in the cold climates of the northern regions of the world. The warm sunlight was filtering through the leaves, sometimes blocked out by the snow that rested on top of the tree branches. A thick layer of snow covered the floor underneath my feet. Obviously, it was cold. There wasn’t a single sound. I could hear neither wind nor animals. The hustle and bustle characteristic to humans settlements was also absent. There was complete silence all over the forest. A scene of beauty and peace spread out before me. And I, towards that scene-




-shouted with all my might.


[What the hell?! Seriously! First, she freaking kills me! And then, she tells me to conquer the world for her?! The hell?! Screw that silver-haired bitch and her goddamn plan for world domination! Why the hell did she think I’d help her after she killed me?! Is she just that stupid?! Ragghhh!!!]


I was furiously mad at the moment. Silvia, the silver-haired goddess, had killed me and brought me to this world in order to help her conquer it. It seemed she had also dragged more people too, since she mentioned more “summons”. But right now, it was difficult for me to contemplate such things since….


I could not do anything but scream at the surroundings to vent my anger.




Having raged like a madman at thin air for while, I slowly began to calm down.


(It’s okay. I’ll be fine. Raging more than I already have will bring me no benefits.)


I started to calm down, bit by bit.


(Breathe in…..breathe out…..breathe in…….breathe out.)


I slowly adjusted my breathing until it was back to a normal.


(Okay…..I’m calm.)


After calming myself down, I began to take a look at my current situation.


I had been killed, transported (with only my soul) to a black space, told to conquer the world by a silver haired girl, shoved into an artificial body and sent off into the world I was supposed to conquer without having any say in the matter.

I was in a very bad position. Disregarding all the stuff about my death, I had been suddenly thrown into an unfamiliar environment with nothing to help me survive. Well, I had a sword, but I had no idea how to use it. I needed to decide on a course of action if I wanted to make it out alive of this potentially dangerous situation.


(…..funny how I think about surviving when I’m already dead.)


As I was musing such thoughts, letters appeared before my eyes.


You have a message from “Silvia”


Without giving me time to be confused, the message opened by itself and appeared before my eyes.


Dear (lol) Ghost:

There are a few things I forgot to explain to you.

First: You have a Guide.

It’s full of useful information that will help you get by in this world. It’s usually something you were carrying with you when I summoned you, but since yours is an unusual summoning, I had to improvise. Your guide is implanted in the eyes of the artificial body I gave you. It is bound to you by fate, so if you somehow manage to lose that body, or just the eyes, it will come find its way back to you within 24 hours. The info on it is written in a way only you can understand, but I doubt someone will gouge out your eyes and implant them in himself, so this is a pretty useless feature for you. If someone does manage to do that, they will only see garbled symbols.

Second: You are a shadow summon.

Shadow summons aren’t heroes. They are the ones who work behind the scenes and do the dirty work. They don’t get the girl. They don’t get their names written in history. They are merely forgotten and their presence in the world vanishes. Well, that’s how it usually goes anyways. Even with all this, your status as a shadow summon allows me to grant you some special privileges, such as the sword you’re carrying and that artificial body.

Third: Your mission.

For now, you should try and look for the other summons. However, you are not to make contact with them. I want you to fix the mess that those guys will most likely cause, but I don’t want them to know that you exist.

Other than that, enjoy conquering the world for me.

The beautiful Goddess, Silvia.




(Okay, it’s decided. The next time I see that girl, I’m hurting her.)


After deciding on that, I started to think about the contents of the message.


(What did she mean by “Guide”?)
Suddenly, as if triggered by my inner monologue, various words appeared in my sight.

Copy of Guide

Suddenly, as if triggered by my inner monologue, various words appeared in my sight.

Dead Man’s Will


Name: Ghost

Gender: Male

Class: Ghost

Level: 1

XP: 0



HP: 30

SP: 80

SA: 30

SD: 18

ATK: 17

DEF: 11

AGI: 14

INT: 13



-Perceive Soul

-Consume Soul

-Ghost Form



《Ghost》 | 《Dead Man》 | 《Unlucky》


(………What the hell? Am I a game character now?)


Puzzled by the bizarre screen that was in my view, I started to feel my curiosity getting stimulated. I had always been an avid gamer, and now that this sort of thing was in front of me, I couldn’t resist the urge to investigate.


(Most of it seems like a normal status screen, like those one sees in an RPG, but, what are those strange values?)


As I was intrigued by the out of place values, I tried focusing on them with my mind, and then-



Soul Points

  • The energy that comes from your soul and allows you to affect the world.
  • In other words, MP.



Soul Attack

  • A value representing the offensive strength of your soul.
  • In english: Special Attack.



Soul Defense.

  • A value representing the defensive strength of your soul.
  • In the words of normal people: Special Defense


(………..Why do I feel like this thing is going out of its way to mock me?)


The descriptions were short, but the last one gave me a bad feeling.


I decided to ignore that bad feeling and continue going through my status.


I focused on the <Skills> section next.



【Perceive Soul】Lv. 1

Active skill.


Allows the user to identify nearby life forms by looking at their soul.

  • Locate:

Allows you to sense the presence of any life form in a 10m radius.

  • Assess:

Allows you to identify and gain information on a soul once you focus on it.


【Consume Soul】Lv. 1

Active skill.


Allows you consume the soul of deceased life forms, adding their power to your own.

  • Grants XP or SP in accordance to the strength of the soul consumed.
  • Might give a skill after consuming a very powerful soul (rare).


【Ghost Form】Lv.1

Active Skill


Allows you to exit your artificial body and walk around in an ethereal form, giving you access to skills that you are unable to use while bound by flesh.

  • ATK, DEF and HP become NA (Not Applicable)
  • SD becomes 0
  • Can’t inflict physical damage while in this form
  • Invulnerable to physical attacks
  • If SP becomes 0 while in this form, your soul will lose integrity and disappear.


While I couldn’t exactly say that these skills were useless, they didn’t help me much in my current situation.


(You’d think I’d at least get one offensive skill. I feel like the road ahead will be pretty tough.)


Lastly, I focused my mind on the <Titles> section and-




《Dead Man》


Given to one who has experienced death.


  • Grants insight on life and death.




Given to one whose spirit has taken form and roams the world.


  • Grants the skill <Ghost Form>




Given to one who is loved by misfortune.


  • You are 10% more likely to be attacked by monsters.
  • You are 97% more likely to get caught up in troublesome matters.


I felt a vein popping on my head.


(What the hell is with these titles?! The first one is totally useless! Not only that, the last one is actually a demerit! What the heck?! Are you telling me to go and die again?! Are you?!)


I couldn’t help but become frustrated once again.


In my frustration, I sent a kick towards the nearest tree, and then continued with several more.


(Why. Is. This. Happening. To. Me?!)


With each word, the tree received a kick, until-


You have gained a new title.


These words appeared before me.


(………….I have a bad feeling about this)


I focused my mind in bringing my status up and was then, once again, met by the game-like status screen.


Dead Man’s Will


Name: Ghost

Gender: Male

Class: Ghost

Level: 1

XP: 0



HP: 30

SP: 80

SA: 30

SD: 18

ATK: 17 (+5%)

DEF: 11

AGI: 14

INT: 13 (-5%)



-Perceive Soul

-Consume Soul

-Ghost Form



《Ghost》 | 《Dead Man》 | 《Unlucky》| 《Violent》


I focused on the new title to see its description, and was met with these words.




Given to one who spreads violence onto the world.


  • ATK +5%
  • INT -5%




My mind was reaching its limits. Anymore nonsense and I would completely give up on common sense.


Then, as if to give me a final push into madness-




A huge white bear roared and raised its paws behind me, seemingly intending to begin attacking me.


(………You have got to be fucking kidding me.)

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4 thoughts on “First Grave – Everything is out to kill me….again

  1. ghost use ghost form take the bears body over than consume the soul from the inside… only advice i can give aside from RUN!!!!!!!


  2. AlbinoBlackSheep

    Tame the bear and ride it into battle! Like the Vikings wished they could!


  3. … Your first look at the status screen already had violent… so why did you get a notification later? Was the screen predicting your actions based on personality traits? (Seems plausible with XcrossJ’s noticing that the screen is heavily influenced by your way of thinking.)


    • Ghost

      Nah, I just f***ed up and put in the wrong image. It should be fixed now.


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