Kiriko Epawsode 7 – An Ikemen Arrived!

Maa maa~ things seem to be going pretty well so far~ I’m glad to see that so many people enjoyed the little….surprise from last time. Whether or not the other options from that poll ever make it into the story, well, we’ll see what happens. kukukuku~

Kiriko Epawsode 7: An Ikemen Arrived!


“Uuuu……I did it again….”


Hi everyone, Kiriko the violent imouto here~. On just my second day in the new world, I’ve gone and knocked another innocent man unconscious with my flying, roundhouse kick! Teh heh


A face cute enough to make one think that this little imouto character was completely innocent….as if.







I buried my face into my hands, sobbing loudly at the nonsense that I was currently narrating in my head. While I sorely hoped that it wouldn’t be like this everyday, with my current record, the chances of that seemed to be close to zero. Incidentally, my ‘current record’ was having knocked out 2 innocent guys in two days. Knocking out the muscle man didn’t count! He started it!


Tte, this isn’t the time to be fighting with myself! What should I do?!


Panicking, I began to look around at a loss. Deciding that it would be best to first check on the shopkeeper’s condition, I walked over to the unconscious man and checked his pulse.


“Phew….he seems to be alive, at the very least….”


Sighing with relief at the fact that I hadn’t accidentally killed the fragile man, I repositioned him, putting some nearby clothes underneath his head to support it.


“….what now….”


I stared blankly at the unconscious store owner, absentmindedly poking at his cheek.


“Oii~ you in there?”


Murmuring, I continued to prod his cheek, when….




The soft chime of a bell rang out from behind me. Whipping around, the familiar face of my vic—newfound friend, Conrad, appeared before me as he entered the store.


“Hello~? Is anybody there?”


Uuu….doushiyou, doushiyou!!! (TL: ….what should I do, what should I do!!!)


Hearing Conrad’s voice gradually approach, I rapidly analyzed my situation and considered my potential options.


Option #1: Act innocent. Pretend that you just found the shopkeeper like this.

Option #2: Confess your wrongdoings to Conrad and convince him into becoming an accomplice to hide your crimes.

Option #3: Knock Conrad unconscious and walk out of the shop while forgetting about this incident.

Option #4: Stealthily escape from the store without being seen and forget about this incident.

Option #5: Come clean with your crimes and accept any punishment they may incur.


I felt my eyes begin to water up with tears as I began to hit my myself for the options I had come up with. While some of them actually seemed to sound reasonable this time (namely, option #5), as I was unsure of how the legal system worked in Auksas, I began to fear the potential consequences that would result from my confession. As Conrad’s footsteps neared me, I finally gave up on hiding, and stood up suddenly.






Conrad jumped at my sudden appearance. As he recovered from his shock, his eyes began to widen, almost bulging out of their sockets as he stared at me with his jaw dropped.




I tilted my head in confusion, failing to understand the reason for his stupefication. Though the shopkeeper was still unconscious, as he was lying on the ground, hidden by the racks of clothing surrounding us, Conrad should still be una…ble….to…..


Kiriko exposing her school swimsuit-wearing state to the world unknowingly.



Letting out a girlish scream, I attempted to cover my body with my arms as I squatted down, having realized the true reason for his current state. Having been preoccupied with trying to figure out what to do about the storekeeper, I had completely forgotten about what exactly I was currently wearing. Indeed. The school swimsuit had struck again.





I let out a small sob, having been seen by Conrad in my rather…absurd attire. Although I normally wouldn’t feel so much shame for being seen in a swimsuit, the combination of the stress induced by my actions and Conrad’s sudden arrival seemed to have caused my emotions to go haywire. As such, in my currently broken down state, I simply continued to cry childishly while Conrad simply watched with a stunned expression.



A soft caress that can quiet any rampaging soul…

Suddenly, a soothing sensation began to caress my head, stroking it continually. Calming down slightly, I gave a curious glance towards its source. Conrad, who had simply been standing idly by as I cried, was currently stroking my head while giving a gentle gaze towards me. Noticing my gaze, he began to speak.


“I’m sorry for staring earlier, Kiriko. If there’s anything I can do to make it up to you, I’ll do it, ‘kay?”


Hearing his kind words, I raised eyes to his face, staring straight into his eyes.


What a nice guy….


My eyes teared up even more at the kindness the young man in front of me was currently exhibiting. Seeing this, Conrad had a rather flustered face, unsure of what to do. Not wanting to cause him any more trouble, I gave a small smile as I responded in kind.


“Thank you…”


“You’re welcome.”


Upon seeing my smile, Conrad gave a small sigh of relief as he relaxed. Slowly, his gaze began to shift away from me. Just as I remembered who exactly was lying unconscious behind me, Conrad’s hand suddenly stopped as he froze.






Conrad gave a wary glance towards me as I raised my voice. It appeared as if he had, once again, determined that I was a ‘dangerous’ being.


“You said earlier that you’d do anything, right?”




His golden eyes seemed to give off a helpless light, as though he were wondering why on earth he had put himself at the mercy of someone like myself. Though seeing that hurt me a little, it also gave me some insight into his personality. It seemed that, despite his current state of caution towards me, he was unwilling to go back on the promise he had already given.


He’s a nice guy after all….


Having understood that, I couldn’t help but once again, praise Conrad’s integrity as a ‘nice guy’. That being the case…


I don’t want to trample all over his goodwill….


Deciding in my heart to treat him with the same honesty he had shown me, I slowly opened my mouth to impose my ‘demand’ upon the gentle, golden-eyed man.


“Then….can you stay with me to apologize to the shopkeeper?”


I gave a hesitant pause as I lightly gripped the cuff of Conrad’s shirt, looking up at him with unsure eyes. Upon hearing my timidly asked question, Conrad’s face once again burst into a warm smile as he nodded affirmatively and spoke once more.


An ikemen smile. One of the most lethal techniques known to man.







Feeling an odd thumping in my chest, I placed a hand on it, slightly confused.


Oi oi, I’m not a shoujo manga character or anything, so this shouldn’t….


“Hm? What’s wrong, Kiriko?”


Interrupting my train of thought, Conrad suddenly called out to me once again, causing me to jump slightly as I blushed.


“I-It’s nothing!”


Averting my gaze, I exhaled slowly in attempt to calm myself. Unfortunately, the redness of my cheeks refused to go away, causing my face to heat up even further in my vain effort to quench the strange feelings that had suddenly risen within me. Coupled with his fair face, Conrad’s gentle smile was quite the lethal weapon to any girl.


He’s definitely a natural lady killer too….


Nothing is more dangerous than an ikemen who unknowingly uses his charms…

Timidly glancing towards the oblivious male, I gave a small, exasperated sigh. It seemed that I would have to be more wary of his ‘ikemen’ attacks in the future.


“So, what exactly happened here?”


Gesturing towards the fallen shopkeeper, Conrad asked the reason for his current state. Giving a guilty expression, I bit my lip as I answered hesitantly. Although I didn’t really want to tell him, as I was dragging him into my troubles, it was best to properly explain the situation.


“Well, you see….”


As I related the events that had occurred since I arrived in the clothing store to Conrad, his eyes appeared to widen slightly as he listened. Upon finishing my story, he fell deep into thought, resting his chin on a hand he had raised to it.




“….? Conrad? What’s wrong?”


Noticing his state of contemplation, I tilted my head while asking him about it. In response to my question, Conrad furrowed his brow and began to speak.


“It’s nothing, really. Just—”




A loud groan sounded out from behind me, signalling the awakening of the man behind me. Startled, I hid behind Conrad, still clutching the sleeve of his shirt. Although I had said that I would apologize to the shopkeeper, I couldn’t help but feel a little awkward about doing so. Sensing my current state of nervousness, Conrad pet my head in a reassuring manner, whispering quietly to me.


“It’ll be alright.”


Bending down, Conrad gently helped the shopkeeper to stand up. The disoriented man put a hand on his forehead, rubbing his strawberry-blonde locks as he shook his head lightly. Appearing slightly dizzy, he leaned on Conrad while closing his eyes in attempt to regain his bearings.


“So it’s you, Conrad…what…..happe—!?”


Slowly opening his eyes, the medium-sized man glanced at Conrad as he began to question him about what had occurred. That is, until he noticed me timidly standing behind the youth, gripping onto the pale blonde-haired youth’s clothes as I peeked at him. The shopkeeper’s eyes bulged with fear, his pupils dilating, as he rapidly recalled what had occurred just before he had fallen unconscious. Seeing this, I winced, unused to receiving such a blatant reaction of absolute fear without actually trying to intimidate a person.


“…I-I’m sorry for kicking you…”


Kiriko’s timid expression as she apologizes.

Coming out from behind Conrad, I approached the gaudy man, playing with my hair awkwardly as I quietly gave my honest apologies for attacking him. As if he were unable to comprehend my sudden change in demeanor, however, the man’s mouth simply flapped open uselessly as he gaped at me. Shifting about uncomfortably, I gave a small bow to the man.




Finally recovering, the man went silent for several minutes. Anxious to see his reaction, I stole a small glance at him. The shopkeeper’s face was contorted into a dark and eerie smile, as though he were a predator ready to pounce on his unsuspecting prey.


“Well, I could forgive you. But you know—”


Mr. Wes.




Just as the shopkeeper was about to say something, however, a chillingly cold tone of voice erupted from Conrad. Though he continued to support the unsteady shopkeeper, the knuckles of the hand he was using to hold the shopkeeper up were white, indicating the strength with which he was gripping the older man’s arm. The older man looked up at Conrad, wincing from the force that his arm was being crushed by, and froze suddenly. Likewise, Conrad had also met the older man’s gaze, looking down at him. As he did so, his long bangs hid his expression from me, reserving its true self for the man it was directed to.




Suddenly, the older man, “Wes”, began to shake. His knees appeared to give out, and would have likely fallen on his bottom if not for the pale blonde-haired youth’s grip on his forearm. As a cold sweat began to trickle down the older man’s brow, he slowly opened his mouth and began to speak.


“A-A-Actually, i-it’s okay! I forgive you! W-W-Why don’t you pick out some e-e-equipment yourself? I-I’ll give you a discount too!”


The shopkeeper’s teeth chattered as he spoke with a quivering voice. Slightly confused, I gave a curious glance towards Conrad, only to find that his face had returned to its usual temperature.


“You should take him up on his offer, Kiriko! It’s not everyday that Mr. Wes gives discounts!”




Though I could faintly sense what sort of exchange had occurred between the two men, I still gave out a rather bewildered expression at the sudden change that the shopkeeper had undergone. Even so, being in rather dire need for money, I decided to take the offer, despite the rather ‘shady’ way it had been obtained.


“By the way, Conrad, what is it that you needed here?”


Walking over to the nearby shelves, I began to browse through the merchandise as I shot off a question towards the ‘shady dealer’.


“Ahh…that….err….right! I wanted to check out the travel packs they have here!”


“Travel packs?”


Hearing a rather unfamiliar term, I repeated the word with an inquiring tone.


“The ones over….there!”


The golden-eyed individual scanned the room before giving a small shout as he pointed at shelves mounted on a nearby wall, upon which what appeared to be numerous leather bags of varying sizes sat.




Staring from afar at the bags, all I could see were normal leather bags. There were side bags, drawstring bags, backpacks, and many other types of bags. Though they did appear functional, they did not seem to be appropriately large enough to be used as travelling bags. If anything, they’d be just the right size for a short outing.


“Aren’t they a bit small?”


Naturally curious about Conrad’s choice of words to describe the bags, I commented on their size which did not appear to make them suitable for holding everything needed for long-distance travel.


“They’re specially-enchanted travel packs from Rosso. The magic imbued in them allows you to put objects that are larger than the bags themselves, and they also make the items within them lighter!”


“Ohh~ that’s handy.”


I widened my eyes in amazement at the capabilities of magic in this world. A bag like that would’ve been a lifesaver back on Earth, especially in times when I had to carry multiple textbooks plus a laptop to and from class….


Well, leaving that aside, it seems like getting one of those is going to be a necessity for later on…


After all, if I was to go around and find everyone else, I would likely need to travel quite a distance. In which case, I probably would need one to avoid breaking my back with all the life necessities required to survive outdoors. Judging from the looks of the town, I would most definitely be forced to camp outside some time in the future, if I were to travel in this world. It was highly unlikely that there would conveniently be a guild or inn to stay at when travelling between towns. Even if there were, it was undoubtedly more cost efficient to sleep outside, disregarding my inhibitions about doing so.


“Actually, Conrad….are you planning on travelling somewhere?”


As I asked, I tilted my head to the side slightly. If he was looking at such handy ‘travel packs’, it likely meant that he was intending on travelling somewhere…or that he just liked looking at bags. Though I highly doubted that that was the case.


“Ah, well…m-maybe? I’d like to someday, but right now is a little…”


Conrad rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, half-heartedly answering my question as he looked away. Still feeling a little intrigued at his peculiar response, I looked fixedly at the youth. However, sensing that he wished to change the topic, I returned to browsing through the shop’s merchandise, picking out a few select pieces before heading into the change room once more.


Swiftly stripping off the school swimsuit in one fell swoop, I pulled on a pair of cloth shorts with a leather lining on the outside. Then, after pulling on a top from the pile of clothes I had brought with me into the change room, I tried on various combinations, examining my appearance in the full length mirror positioned against the change room’s wall.


“Ohh~ this is good!”


Finally satisfied with my choice in armour, I gave a nod as I walked out of the change room, fully equipped, and ready for battle…or so I thought.

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  1. Thanks very much for the chapter.
    Now lets see what the problem this time is though considering the current pattern we all know how its going to end.


  2. AlbinoBlackSheep

    (Silent conversation)
    Wes- Maybe I could have her…
    Conrad- Don’t say it!
    Wes- But she said
    Conrad- Pros and cons my friend. Is it worth a concussion?
    Wes- …I hate it when you’re right


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