Kiriko Interlude 2 – The Converging Cogs

***WARNING! The second half of this interlude may contain content and/or language that some people may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.***

Kiriko Interlude 2: The Converging Cogs


“Eh?! Con, what the heck happened to you?!”


Hawera shrieked as I walked through the door, no doubt surprised at the number of bruises that had begun to swell on my face.


“A-Ahh, it’s nothing. I just had a rather…interesting encounter.”


Grinning wryly, I thought back to the mysterious flame-haired girl that I had met earlier today. While I could understand that she wasn’t a bad person, even now, her actions continued to whirl around my mind.


She really was a strange person. Seemingly gentle and cute in one moment, and then dangerously unstable in the next…


A sudden jab to my stomach drew me out of my thoughts as I jumped.


“Eh? Ah? What?”


Startled, I made incomprehensive noises as I searched for the culprit. What I found instead, however, was my grumpy little sister.


“I’ve been calling you for a while now! So? What happened?”


Hawera’s daffodil yellow eyes sparkled as she stared at me with a curious expression. It was an extremely familiar expression – one that guaranteed that she would continue bugging me about what happened until I folded and told her everything. Giving an exasperated sigh, I rubbed the back of my neck as I related the tales of my meetings with the fiery noble girl.


“Pffff—!! So that’s why your face is all swollen!! Ahahahaha!!!”


Roaring with laughter in an unrestrained manner, my cruel sibling clutched her stomach as she pounded the armrest next to her. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she did so, indicating that her laughing fit was unlikely to die down anytime soon.




Even after several minutes had passed, Hawera’s cheery attack had yet to subside. Feeling slightly fed up, I raised my hand and-






-gave her a chop on the head.


“Have you had enough yet?”


Hawera held her skull with an indignant expression as I spoke.


“Uuu….you didn’t have to do that!”




“Hiiii!! Fine, fine, I’m done, I’m done!!”


Upon seeing me raise my ‘chopper’ once more, Hawera’s previously rosy cheeks paled rapidly, producing an expression of apparent fear. Of course, having grown up with her cheeky self, her fearful mask was simple to see through. Even so, I went along with her act and lowered my hand while making a simple request.


“If you’re done, then could you cast a healing spell for me? It’s a little humiliating to walk around with such a swollen face.”




As she replied with a singsong voice, not a single trace of her earlier ‘fear’ could be detected. Instead, a happy smile spread across her face as she brought her hands to my cheeks. A warm glow illuminated the room, and soon, the horn-like lump that had emerged between my eyes disappeared. Touching my chin, I could feel that it was no longer as sore as before, and that the heated swelling on it had also subsided.




“You’re welcome~”


Hawera’s cheerful expression after healing Conrad.

Hawera’s daffodil gems glittered with mirth as she glanced at me, staring deep into my eyes. Sensing that she was about to do something mischievous, I got up, ready to escape, when-


“By the way, Con…”


-my younger sister called me out with a sweet-sounding voice. A sense of foreboding instantly struck, causing me to reflexively say,




“Eh?! But I haven’t even said anything ye—”


“No, you can’t.”




“It’s too dangerous.”


“I can take care of myself!”


“Even though you can’t even hit your target 99.9999% of the time? Don’t think that I don’t know about you almost giving Darius an ear piercing while practicing. Despite the fact that he was right next to you and the target was just 10 metres away.”


Upon hearing me mention her more than paltry archery skills, Hawera froze as her cheeks spasmed.


“How do you know about that?! He said he wouldn’t tell!!”


“He might not’ve, but it’s not like nobody else was around at the time. I won’t tell you who told me though.”




Hawera’s retaliatory words seemed to get caught in her throat as she bit her lip in a disgruntled manner.


Alright, looks like I’ve successfully diverted her attention…


Seeing that it appeared as though Hawera had completely forgotten about the matter of the Rosso noble girl, I stood up, ready to leave. Unfortunately, however—


“Ah! I still want to meet that girl you met today though! It should be fine, she doesn’t seem to be a bad person after all—”






Her cheeks puffed up cutely as Hawera cast an unhappy gaze towards my rejection.


“Even if Kiriko seems interesting, she’s still a noble. Plus, I’ve only just met her today for the first time – who knows what kind of person she really is. It’s not safe for you to meet her.”


Not to mention her mental instability…


At my words, Hawera noticeably deflated, her face returning to its normal size. Seeing that, I pet her head, smiling softly.


“Be a good girl and don’t let your curiosity get the best of you, okay?”




Reluctantly returning an affirmative response, her pink lips formed a small pout. However, at the same time, a slightly defiant glint appeared within the depths of Hawera’s daffodil eyes.




Looks like it’s gonna be a long day tomorrow….


Sighing, I looked up at the ceiling, silently praying to Maridi that nothing bad would happen.






Yelling at the top of my lungs, I swung the whip in my hands down in front of me with all my might.




A flower of blood bloomed as red liquid splattered across the stone floor. In response, the girl merely grunted, having already fallen unconscious long ago.


Red marks covered every inch of her body, as dribbles of fresh scarlet nectar oozed from her wounds. Flecks of dried blood congealed upon parts of her skin, turning into a brownish maroon colour that matched the girl’s equally maroon-coloured hair.


“Tsk….oi! Get me a fresh one!”


As I hollered out my order, the door behind me opened as a pair of burly men came shuffling in. After removing the restraints holding up the worthless pile of flesh, the men dragged her out. The chains binding her feet together screeched against the cobblestone floor, producing a familiar sound that usually ensued after a rather satisfying ‘session’.


Not long later, the sound of clanking metal grew louder as my next toy was brought into the room. Her cobalt eyes flashed with terror as she saw me, though it was soon replaced by a defiant facade.


This’ll be fun.


Heat pulsed through my body as excitement gathered within my lower regions. How I longed to peel off her prideful mask and taste the fear that she had pitifully hidden away.


After all, nothing could beat the pleasure of breaking a noblewoman’s mind and exposing the shameless slut that resided within them. Although mindless bitches weren’t nearly as fun to play with.


Well, I can just sell off the broken ones and catch new toys.


Smirking, I waved the servants out of the room. Of course, before they left, I had my new plaything strung up by her limbs in a similar position to the first. Cracking my beloved whip, I licked my lips in anticipation as I observed the pig give a startled twitch.


Her slender frame trembled slightly, as the colour drained from her face, despite her desperate efforts to suppress her terror. A rancid trickle of golden honey snaked its way down her thighs, like a cherry on top of her sweet, sweet despair.  As she attempted to hide her face, the nearby candlelight reflected upon the woman’s hair.


A bright, brilliant flame.


Though the woman’s hair was a mere coral red, its radiance reminded me of a certain girl.


A girl who had dared to defy me.


A girl who had dared to humiliate me earlier that day.


A girl who had even dared to threaten me. ME.


The sparks of fury blazed into a raging fire as I raised the whip once more.




With a quick flip of my wrist, I sent the whip hurtling towards the woman’s body. As it made contact, the leather snake easily sliced through the whore’s flimsy clothing, exposing marble white skin that was being stained a bright, bright red.




After a few more flicks, more and more red began to paint the woman’s scanty coverings. Laughter threatened to spill out of my lips as my body and mind writhed in pleasure.








And another.




Soon, the woman’s formerly plain dress was reduced to nothing more than a bunch of red-stained rags draped around her body. Her pearly skin was covered in satisfyingly scarlet marks.


My marks.




Bursting into laughter, I approached the woman with a powerful stride. Though she feebly attempted to avert her gaze, I clutched her chin, forcing the bitch to face me as I peered into the sapphires tainted with hopelessness.


So? How does it feel to be toyed with and beaten by a man that you looked down on, huh?


A triumphant smile spread across my face as I leered at the woman’s slutty body. An elegant crimson wine seeped out of the fresh crevice embedded in her cheek. The scarlet drops trickled down her face, sliding past her slender neck before finally arriving at the chasm between her breasts. Sensing where my gaze was focused, the woman attempted to struggle, causing her large mounds to swing side to side.


“Hah! With this kind of body, you’re just begging for some action, aren’t you now?”


As I said that, I looked back at the woman’s face, smirking. Her pupils dilated with terror, as her figure convulsed uncontrollably in a futile attempt to run away. Anxiety seemed to dominate her person as a cold sweat covered her skin, washing away some of the splendid vermillion sauce that I had painstakingly marinated her with.


But I could see it.


The embers of defiance that still lingered within her gaze. Embers that I would soon trample out.


“Well, as a gentleman, I mustn’t keep a lady waiting now, should I?


Raising a hand, I grabbed the final strand of cloth which barely covered the woman’s chest. And then–




—a rewarding noise sang through the isolated chamber. Together with it, was the unveiling of my victim’s figure, exposed to the world as the sound of the falling cloth continued our lustful symphony.


And so, as my new doll shrieked, composing a beautiful melody to her misery, I spoke.


“Why, my lady, the fun’s just beginning, you know~?”


The smile of the shadowy figure within the dungeon…


My fun, that is.

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4 thoughts on “Kiriko Interlude 2 – The Converging Cogs

  1. Acedian World Sentinel, Senizal Fi Chrora Zthcwy Cce Gwhwh XIII

    I wonder who is that dungeon master


  2. AlbinoBlackSheep

    I look forward to his castration


    • lol he would deserve that, but to make it more memorable cut the ball’s off 1 at a time before cutting his toy(dick) off. and for someone to make me(male)to go that far is sad/scary


  3. Mystery Lolicon



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