Prelude of Pearls: The 8th Prelude – The Power of Influence

Prelude of Pearls: The 8th Prelude – The Power of Influence



Murderous intent erupted from my mouth, threatening to crush my opponents.

However, seeing as they were suppressed by my thick desire to kill, the two nobles were unable to react properly to the true threat.


*bang* *bang*


Two air bullets zoned-in directly towards my enemies’ heads.



「≪Winds of Protection≫!!」




A dull sound echoed through the alleyway, signifying the end of the nobles.

–or so I would have said if I was still the same person from 1 week ago.


「-tch. I guess they’re not called nobles for nothing.」


I muttered, clicking my tongue as my focus returned towards the two punks.

The woman had cast a spell on her body, causing the bullet of wind to evaporate upon impact. From what I could see, it was a type of wind-control magic that shrouded the user in an aura of air.

As for the man, he had left himself completely vulnerable to my attack, receiving the brunt of it without batting an eye. Though I knew the ≪Air Bullet≫ wasn’t exactly powerful, it wasn’t exactly an attack that someone could absorb and come out unscathed.


(Are these guys monsters or what?)


My internal rhetoric fueled the flames in my soul, igniting my battle spirit as I whipped out a weapon that I had used constantly throughout the past week.

My credit card.


「Hah?! The hell’s that meant to be?!」


The brutish male spoke crudely, flexing his muscles as he prepared to face me head on.


「Oh, no you don’t!」


The woman, on the other hand, raised her arm towards the sky as she summoned several wind pellets of her own.


「≪Winds of Catastrophe≫」


She commanded as the spheres of condensed air made a dash towards my face. Though not as condensed as my own ≪Air Bullets≫, the buoyant balls seemed to possess quite an amount of destructive power.

However, I was not deterred.

Rather, if I was scared by something like this, I would have just ditched Pearl and ran a long time ago.

Therefore, my pace did not slow.

If anything, it grew faster.


(Alright. Let’s try it.)


I thought to myself as I activated my ≪Ownership Observation≫.

Although primarily used for tracking, this skill served another purpose.

Clearing the field of unnecessary information, it allows me to view the world with a filter.

A filter of ownership.

I could sense the wind being controlled by the woman before me.

I could sense the space in my surroundings.

And if I could sense it, then I could act on it.

Which is what I did.




I suddenly swung the arm that held my credit card. With large motions, I aimed to cut down the spheres before me.

Yet, unlike a dagger, credit cards don’t have much power, let alone range as a melee weapon.

Then again, I didn’t have much choice.

When I joined the guild, I wasn’t given any sort of weaponry. Therefore, I could only use what I had on me to fight.

And seeing how I blew most of my cash on this pistol, I had no melee weapons to speak of.


「Hah! What are you trying to do? You look so stupi-?!」


Growing cocky, the woman insulted me before she stopped talking.

After all, she had just realised that my movements were not so futile as she initially thought.




With a large burst, the sphere split in two, popping like a balloon as it disintegrated into the atmosphere.




I heard the woman utter in disbelief as I continued to mow down the rest of the invisible orbs.


≪Air Aura≫

A skill that allows the user to clad a target with a veil of air.

To be honest, it was quite similar to the defensive technique that the woman before me showed off not too long ago.

That said, to me, it was more than just a defensive technique.

After all, if I morphed the air to my will, I could create objects that no one could see.

Prelude 8 - Azure Blade

For example—a sword.


(Well, it’s a little light, but it still does the job.)


I muttered, maintaining a constant flow of DP into the card.

To clarify, thanks to my ≪Air Aura≫, I now had an invisible sword of air.


(Invisible to others anyway.)


Indeed. Glancing at my sword, I could see a line of royal blue stretching itself from my clenched hand, creating a beautiful azure blade.

A blade in which I commanded.




Having slashed all of the projectiles, I ordered the blade of my sword to grow longer, pointing the tip towards the woman’s torso.




Blood spewed forth from the woman’s mouth as my blade punctured her shoulder.

From the momentum of my blade’s thrust, however, the woman was thrown backwards before she could properly retaliate.


「O-Oi, Suzume?!」



I whispered in resignation, exploiting the opening in the beastly boy’s guard.






Having received an ≪Air Bullet≫ to his sack, the man sputtered as he crouched in pain.

However, this was just the beginning of the agony that I was going to inflict upon this man.


≪Sword Swing Combo≫


A skill that allows the user to chain sword swings to inflict continuous damage.

Though admittedly a roughly defined skill that lacked any trace of elegant swordsmanship, it was a useful skill nonetheless.

After all, it allowed me to continue hacking at this man as much as I liked.






Slice after slice, I continued to cleave away at the delinquent’s body.

My sword–an artist’s brush.

The delinquent’s skin–my canvas.

Needless to say, I had purposely used shallow cuts in order to ensure that that my victim didn’t die.

After all, I wasn’t willing to let these bastards experience the sweet mercy of death.

—-and yet, it was at this moment that I paused.




Slowly backing away from the delinquents who had collapsed onto the ground, I turned my head to the side.




A girl with brown hair squirmed on the ground, her eyes gazing upon me with absolute fear.

Well, seeing how flecks of blood stained my clothes, her reaction wasn’t very surprising.

That said, now wasn’t the time for me to be worrying about Pearl’s state of mind.

After all, the injured kitten was in a much dire situation.


「Pearl, whatever you do, don’t move.」


I immediately commanded the brown-haired girl as I began to focus on the kitten’s wounds.




A skill that allows the user to stimulate a target’s regeneration capabilities.

In effect, it was a healing skill.

The one and only of such in my arsenal.


(Let’s hope this works.)


Praying silently, I began to pour my DP into the kitten’s wounds.

Though I could see some of its fur had been corroded by a blue pigment, I did not pay it much mind.

After all, that simply signified that my power was working its magic.




Relieved, I wiped the sweat from my brow before retracting my hand.

Yet, as I did so, I noted something peculiar about the scene before me.

Specifically, the haziness in Pearl’s brown pupils.




Expressing shock towards the miracle before her eyes, Pearl trembled before her body fell limp.

It would seem that the excessive stimuli overloaded her brain, causing the girl to faint.


「O-Oi, you alright?」


Concerned, I quickly supported my marionette, lightly shaking her body in an attempt to rouse her from unconsciousness.



「No good, huh?」


After much time spent trying to stir the girl from her slumber to no avail, I gave up as I gently placed the girl’s body in my arms.

Though this so-called bridal carry position would likely anger Pearl, I didn’t care.

Not because she was unconscious, but because we needed to get away from here.


「*cough* *hack*」



Hearing a feminine voice choking on blood, I swerved, infusing DP into my surroundings as I took a defensive stance.

While I was unarmed and unable to move as I pleased, that did not mean I was vulnerable.

After all, my DP was originally a tool that allowed me to use magic.

And naturally, I had trained my wizardry alongside my close-combat.




Staring at the woman flailing on the ground, I narrowed my eyes.

Although I could have simply showered her with ≪Air Bullets≫, I stayed my hand.

Not because of compassion, but because of wariness.


「*cough* You………」


「*cough* Boss……knows about…you……」


Unable to stop vomiting blood, the woman named Suzume (I think?) managed to say something quite ominous.


「He knows……*hack*………about everything that happened……in the shack.」



My eyes involuntarily widened.

After all, what happened in the shack……what happened between Shell Noel and me.


–I couldn’t afford to have anyone find out about it.


………you scum.






Hurling a flash grenade along with her insult, the woman disappeared into a white haze.




I cursed as my vision was overwhelmed with white.




Understanding that staying in this location would warrant a death wish, I moved my legs, carrying Pearl and the kitten out of the alleyway.

Though my sense of sight had been impaired, I could still use my sense of ownership to manoeuvre myself through the world.

Though luckily, the woman was too injured to engage pursuit, that still did not ease the tension in my body.


(Fuck………this is the worst situation.)


Swearing through my teeth, I fled the alleyway, leaving behind the two nobles who now recognised me as an enemy.








After much effort, I managed to find a small clinic which would look after Pearl and the kitten.

Naturally, seeing how I wasn’t well versed in the medical field, I wanted a professional to look the two over, just in case there was something severely wrong with them.

Of course, I was initially surprised by exactly who the doctor was.

However, now wasn’t the time to be worrying about stuff like that.

After all, while I was resting in the patient waiting room, a certain, silver-haired girl intruded upon the scene.


「Hi, Onii-chan~」



I cringed.

The girl’s voice was laced with a surreal sweetness, sugary and suspicious in every way.

She was the girl who had summoned the Realm of Chaos to 【Paletia】. Silvia, AKA the Silver Devil.


「……what brings you here?」


Ignoring Silvia’s sarcastic sugar-trap, I inquired into the reason behind her presence.

After saying that she wouldn’t help me out, I was perplexed as to why Silvia had appeared before me once more.


「Ah, well, I’m always watching you guys, you know. Incidentally, this is but a fragment of myself that I sent to make sure that you’re doing a good job.」

「……I see. I won’t ask too much, but that’s basically like a projection of yourself?」

「Heh. You catch on quick, unlike the other troublesome ones.」


Hearing my (apparently) accurate assumption, Silvia grinned as she puffed her chest out in pride.


「Of course, only one as powerful as myself could possibly hold such an impressive ability! Go on! Sing my praises, you mere mortal!」

「……says the girl that thought a battery was the same thing as a pile of bread.」

「Hey! That’s the kind of thanks I get after sending you to this world!?」

「I don’t recall asking to get sent here, nor have you done anything worthy of my respect.」



Growing agitated after taking my jab, Silvia burst into tears as she glared at me with contempt. While I had to admit that her conduct was comical, I decided that pushing things any further than this would risk Silvia actually hating me (if she didn’t already).


「Well, in any case, you’ve been looking after me, huh? Thanks.」

「Eh? W-What’s with you all of a sudden? I thought you’d brush me off or retort with another insult.」


For some reason, Silvia was taken aback by my sudden expression of gratitude as she looked at me with wide eyes. Although her bulging eyes irked me, I ≪calmed≫ myself.


「What? You spent some time to look after me, right? Isn’t it only natural that I should thank you for it?」



In the face of my bluntness, Silvia could only stand there, silent and stunned. Looking at the girl of silver, I couldn’t help but think that she was actually quite a beauty.

In fact, I would have most definitely declared this girl as an undeniable goddess…if only she didn’t have that condescending attitude.


「I see, I see! So you’ve finally realised my greatness, haven’t you!? Ha ha ha ha ha! I see you’re finally willing to help me take over the world, huh!?」

「Yeah…no. I only said that I was grateful towards you. I never said that I wanted to conquer the world.」


Silvia’s momentum ground to a halt as my words mercilessly doused her heated excitement.


「Muu! Why is it that all of you are so disinterested in conquering the world!? I thought everyone would be ecstatic with the idea of having everyone in the palm of your hand!」

「……while I have a lot that I want to retort to there, I’m not going to bother for now.」


I sighed, fed up as I steered the conversation away from chaos.


「…XCrossJ. This is an order. Stop your plan right now.」


Silvia glared at me with stern eyes.

The nature of her slightly squeaky voice had changed completely, becoming cold and firm as her words instantly chilled the atmosphere.




Instantly recognising the skill used by the girl with platinum hair, I ruffled my hair before returning my own answer.


「I refuse.」


I had no intention of submitting myself towards this girl.


Prelude 8: Silvia - Intimidate

……do you really think you have the right to disobey me?


Silvia’s crimson eyes glowed as she flashed an innocent smile. The ominous set of eyes and elegant smile only served to create a glaring discrepancy that reinforced the eerie atmosphere surrounding her.

Yet, in response to this-


Prelude 8: XCrossJ - Intimidate

That’s my line. Do you really think you should be pissing me off?


-I issued a threat as I returned Silvia’s intimidation with my own.


You understand that I could kill you right where you stand, yes?

You should also be aware that, if I die, then your plans for world conquest would be screwed, right?

「I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.」


Silvia tried to play dumb as her words refused to acknowledge the validity of my statement.

However, after ≪reading≫ her body language, it was easy for me to understand that she had just lied.

Therefore, Silvia cannot touch me.

If she kills me, like she claims she will do, then she would have defeated the purpose of bringing me to this world.

She would be destroying her own ambitions.


Thanks, Silvia. After seeing that reaction, I’m now aware that I’m extremely valuable to you, to the point that you would come to my rescue.


I smirked as I watched the girl with «discerning≫ eyes.


「H-Hah!? C-could you be one of t-those psychics!?」


Silvia’s face was suddenly dyed by fear as she accused me of being a fortune teller.


「I-I mean, I have no idea what you’re talking about!」

(……this couldn’t be any more obvious.)


I commented as I saw through Silvia’s shoddy rejection, noticing that her ominous aura had completely evaporated.

However, seeing how Silvia’s childishness persisted, I knew that if I wanted to get my point across, I’d have to give her a little scare.


「≪Air Aura≫.」


From my flat hand, a thin blade of air extended towards the sky. Though dyed in a beautiful blue, the invisible weapon was placed in a rather strange position.

Right up against my neck.


Oh? Then you wouldn’t have any problem if I kill myself here, right?

「H-Hey-!? W-What the hell do you think you’re doing-!?」


Dismay vividly flashed across her face as Silvia dropped her ruse and approached me. Though my dark expression was a simple ≪bluff≫ meant to mess with Silvia, it would seem that I evoked true concern.


(Well, I guess I’d better stop fooling around then.)


Understanding that I had gone a little overboard, I prepared myself to cancel the spell.

However, just before I did so–





–a sharp cry resounded throughout the room as a black ball of fur leapt towards my arm. Pouncing onto my forearm, the furball knocked the blade away from my neck and towards a certain, silver-haired girl.




I swore as I was unable to halt the momentum caused by the sudden force. Luckily, just before my hand-blade made contact with Silvia’s head, I disabled the spell.




Prelude 8: Silvia - Ouchie



My hand struck Silvia with tremendous velocity, causing her to stumble backwards as she held her head in a rather cute manner.




Hearing a familiar purr, I shifted my gaze towards the ball of fur that had leapt at me earlier. As two sets of obsidian jewels stared back at me, shimmering with anxiety, it didn’t take me long to understand what exactly the thing curled up in my lap was.


「You’re…the kitten?」


Staring back at the concerned creature, I unconsciously felt the need to comfort the cute kitty.


「Thank you, but I’m alright now.」


Gingerly stroking the kitten’s fur, I spoke with a calm voice. While I wasn’t really a person that was enthusiastic about animals, this kitten’s presence soothed my soul somewhat.

Was it because this creature reminded me of Kiriko?


Perhaps not.

Regardless, I felt my cold facade slowly melt as I gazed upon the kitten who affectionately buried its head into my outstretched hand.


「Really…why’d you risk your life for this little thing?」


I heard Silvia scoff as she glared at the little kitten.




To be honest, I had no answer.

I wasn’t sure why I got so agitated upon seeing this cat wreathed in blood.

I wasn’t sure why I had used my DP to try and save the cat.


「……you’re really hopeless, J. Does the furball even have a name?」






Silvia squealed as she covered her face, a set of scratch marks beautifully engraved into her pristine cheeks.

It would seem that, upon being annoyed by Silvia’s attitude, the cat decided that it would use her face as a scratching post.


(*sigh* Let’s just hope that I don’t end up on the receiving end of that scratch.)


Habitually massaging the corner of my eyes, I noticed something unusual.





The black cat was perched on my lap, staring at me with anticipation.


(This kitten……does it want me to do something?)


Unsure of what the kitten’s body language was trying to indicate, I decided to place my hand on the kitten’s head once more, gently rubbing the kitten’s ears.





Petting the kitten, I noticed its tense body slacken slightly. Yet, no matter how long I continued to pet the kitten, it would continue to gaze at me with upturned, expectant eyes.


(What does this kitten want from me?)


I wondered to myself, mulling over the possible things that this kitten could want from me.

Yet, after drawing a blank, I decided to take a stab.


「…do you want me to give you a name?」


「…I see.」


Seeing the cat respond with such a strong affirmative, I decided to rack my brain for a name.

Looking at Silvia, holding her face in defeat, I was suddenly reminded of a saying that had left a rather profound impact on me.


History is written by the Victor.



It was thanks to my victory against the blue-haired duo that this kitten was even alive.

Calling this little kitty “Victor” might just be me wishing for it to strive towards survival.



(……but do I really want to call this little kitty “Victor”?)


I thought to myself as I mulled the name over in my head. While it wasn’t necessarily a bad name, I felt somewhat conflicted about using it.


Obviously because of the fact that I had used the name before.




My mind turned once more. Mixing and matching several ideas, I was suddenly struck with an epiphany.


「……how about Takubi?」



As soon as I spoke, the kitten…no. Takubi replied with a joyous purr. However, shortly after this, a cold, apathetic voice resounded the room.


『Master, Takubi has joined your 【Dominion】.』








「? W-where……?」


My eyelids fluttered, causing light to seep into my retinas.

An unfamiliar sight of a white bed with white sheets.

A foreign scene of a white room with white walls and a white ceiling.

Though the blanket shrouding my body enveloped me with warmth, my mind was flooded with the past.


「-!? That kitty-!?」



Before I could even lift my torso up from the bed, a familiar purr entered my ears. Shifting my gaze downwards, I saw a black cat curled up in my lap.

The kitten that I had tried to save with all of my strength.


Prelude 8: Shingen - Yawn

「You finally awake?」



Startled by the abrupt voice, my body tensed. I could see a boy in a hoodie leaning against one of the white walls.


「W-Who are-?!」

「Shingen Bonnet. I’m a doctor.」


The boy yawned as he answered tersely.


「B-Bonnet? T-That’s Shana-chan’s-」

「Oh? You know my sister, huh?」


Shingen-san casually glanced my way as he stared at me with narrowed eyes.


「Ah, y-yes, that’s right. My name is Pearl Noel. Nice to meet you.」


Hurriedly offering my greetings, I bowed towards the boy.


「Pearl…so you’re Pearl, huh?」

「-? Y-You know about me?」

「Yeah. A naive girl who doesn’t have either book nor street smarts.」


In the face of Shingen’s comment, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with surprise.

After all, I couldn’t really deny what he said, but……


「I’m joking. Nee-chan says that you’re a very kind and considerate person.」


「Judging from that reaction, you’re definitely Nee-chan’s friend.」


His words grew softer as the boy emitted a warm aura.

Though I wasn’t exactly sure why his demeanour shifted so suddenly, I could understand one thing.

This boy was definitely the younger brother of my best friend, Shana Bonnet.


「That said, what were you doing with that noble?」



Upon hearing the youth utter these words, I was suddenly reminded of the blue-haired boy.

The villain that had taken control of my house and soiled my body.


「W-Where is he!?」


I couldn’t help but ask Shingen with a heated voice.


「J-just outside. In the patient waiting room.」



Perhaps frightened by my outburst, the kitty jumped out of my lap before prancing out the door.

Upon seeing such energy, I was honestly stunned. The kitten that was near death’s door was so lively.


「Shingen-san…you’re really a great doctor, aren’t you?」


I stared at the door as my cheeks softened in relief. In the face of my soothed expression, however, the doctor boy uttered something unexpected.


「That kitty wasn’t my doing. It was all thanks to that noble in the other room.」



Doubting my ears, I rapidly turned towards Shingen. However, upon seeing his dirty stare, I couldn’t say anything.

It was common for us commoners to hate the nobles. They looked down upon us, they treat us all unfairly, and they label us as tainted, often insulting us with the slur of daubs.

It seemed natural for those of common hair colour to be outraged by this sort of treatment.

And yet, I was determined not to hold the nobles in contempt.

I shouldn’t judge people by their background, but by their actions.

–this is what my late mother had taught me.

And it was precisely because of her teachings that I couldn’t forgive the man that murdered such a kind-hearted mother.

The man who had saved the life of this kitten.


「W-What do you mean by–?」


I gripped my chest as my voice trembled in the cold air.

Suddenly reminded of J’s strange power, I no longer needed to ask my question.

However, that did not mean I could simply drop this matter.


「H-Hey! Where are you-?!」


Shingen yelled as I threw off the sheets, stumbling towards the door in hope of finding some answers.

Yet, just as I got to the crack of the door–


……do you really think you have the right to disobey me?


A suffocating aura permeated the chilly morning air as a girl with silver hair spoke.

Both water and warmth drained from my body, causing my throat shrivel up as the air gnawed at my skin.

My heart was squeezed violently, ravaged by the oppression emanating from the girl.

Though I had no idea who she was, I did understand one thing.

What I was feeling was absolute fear.


(W-Who is she!?)


Panic infected my mind like a parasite, teething away at my mind as I couldn’t help but question who this person was.

Yet, unaffected by this sheer terror-


That’s my line. Do you really think you should be pissing me off?


A familiar voice belonging to a certain blue-haired boy pierced the silence consumed with angst.


You understand that I could kill you right where you stand, yes?

You should also be aware that, if I die, then your plans for world conquest would be screwed, right?


(W-What are they talking about?)


Though I couldn’t follow their conversation, I noticed that every word spoken by J lifted the pressure induced by the silver-haired girl.

It was strange. Almost like he had dominated the dread away.


(-? Shingen-san?!)


As clarity returned to my life, I could see the doctor having also collapsed near me. Although thankfully he wasn’t unconscious, it was clear that he couldn’t move a single muscle.

Then again, I couldn’t either.

After all, I was still recovering from the relief that came from J’s words.

–however, just as I felt somewhat at ease, I overheard something extraordinary.


Oh? Then you wouldn’t have any problem if I kill myself here, right?




I couldn’t help but suddenly widen my eyes at these words.


(J……is going to kill himself!?)


It was strange. Although I didn’t want him to die, I did want J to pay for his crimes of murdering my mother.

That said, even if I turned him in, it wouldn’t be strange if such a man got off scot-free for killing a mere commoner.


(……then maybe it would be better if he atoned for his crimes for killing my mother.)


I couldn’t help but have this thought flash through my mind.

And yet…somewhere deep down, I didn’t want him to die.

It was strange.

I couldn’t understand why, but concern for the youth suddenly began to pool inside my heart.

Did I want him alive so I could ask why he killed my mother?

Did I want him alive so I could ask why he had saved the kitten?

I don’t know.

And yet, the thought of wanting to prevent J’s death surged through my mind.

No. It surged through my head and into my hair.




I felt myself changing.

Even though my mother told me never to do it in front of people, I couldn’t help myself.

And then, just before I used this emotion to try and save J-









I heard a large ruckus coming from the room. Peeking into the room from the gap in the door, I noticed that the black kitty was perched on J’s lap. Two black beads gleamed as they faced towards the blue haired youth.


「You’re…the kitten?」


As the youth spoke, my eyes widened at the sight that completely shattered my impression of the murderous individual.


「Thank you, but I’m alright now.」


J’s expression softened, emitting a soothing atmosphere as he comforted the kitten with a soft voice.


「Really…why’d you risk your life for this little thing?」


「……you’re really hopeless, J. Does the furball even have a name?」






(……what in the world is happening?)


As I continued to watch through the crack in the door, I witnessed a comedic yet outrageous sight unfold between the girl and cat.

Yet, before long, I had been shown another scene that boggled my currently befuddled mind.




I saw J rubbing the kitten’s ears affectionately. I also saw the kitten’s body slacken, as if all of its tension had been removed by J’s petting.


「…do you want me to name you, kitty?」


「…I see.」


After a long period of thinking, the blue haired youth’s lips quivered as he uttered the following statement.


「……how about Takubi?」



It was then that my mind fell utterly into ruin.

J, the villain who killed my mother, just tamed the kitten that I had spent so long bonding with over the last month.

My mother often said that animals were good judges of character. Only people with truly good hearts could earn the respect and loyalty of the world’s creatures.

Therefore, I couldn’t help but feel shocked.

J, the murderer, had somehow earned the loyalty of the black cat I had tried to save.

After knowing the kitten for several years, I could tell that it did not have a bad character. To put it bluntly, I trusted the kitty because of its pure heart.

However, no matter how I looked at J, he was a villain. The absolute worst scum imaginable.

He killed my mother.

He blackmailed me into allowing him to live in my home.

And yet, the kitten allowed such a person to give it a name.

Obviously, I was confused.

How could a pure kitten be tamed by such a despicable person?

………no. Was he really despicable?

Upon witnessing the multitudes of faces J used throughout our time together, I realised that I knew nothing about him.

For instance, I had no idea he could show such compassion.

I had no idea that he could perform such feats such as healing the kitty.

Furthermore, I had no idea who he was or what he was doing here.

As curiosity mingled with fear, my lips quivered, mouthing the question that bubbled up to the surface of my mind.


Prelude 8: Pearl - Doubt

「J………who are you?」


The 7th Prelude – Nobility XCrossJ’s List of Movements The 2nd Segue – Modulation
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