Kiriko Epawsode 13 – The Depraved Depths

Sorry for disappearing so suddenly……I had some exams, and then ended up travelling for a few days, so I wasn’t able to finish last week’s EP in time. *bows* Gomenasai-nya…

But…on a lighter note, I’m finally FREE!!!!! My vacation time is here!! Mwahahahaha!! Hopefully I’ll be able to write lots during this time, along with doing some other stuff……like translating.

Maa, anyhow~ I hope you enjoy the chapter!

***WARNING: The following chapter may contain content and/or language that readers may find disturbing and/or offensive. Viewer discretion is advised.***

Kiriko Epawsode 13: The Depraved Depths


Darkness claimed me as the ghouls of my doubts clung to my still-struggling soul, dragging it deeper and deeper into the depths.


Though I contorted my body and attempted to throw off their bone-chilling hands, the overbearing grip of those feelings continued to unceasingly, uncaringly hold on.


Here, there was nothing.


No light of hope.


No breath of salvation.




And so, I continued to sink. Deeper and deeper. Further and further.


Into that never-ending pool of darkness.


Yet, though I continued to sink, with not a single breath to spare, my consciousness endured still. Despite the fact that I had long wished to fall into that cool, calm state of sleep.


No longer did I want to suffer through the awareness my wakefulness brought.


But even so, the surrounding gloom simply mocked me, refusing to release my mind.


There was nothing I could do, except give up.


So I did.


At that moment, however, the moon appeared.


Brilliant and pure as white silk, its accepting embrace wrapped me in a comforting light. In turn, the icy claws that clung to my limbs seemed to melt away, replaced by a cool lunar touch.


The figure of the despaired girl as she lays nestled in the moon’s embrace.

Feeling slowly returned to my soul as the pain was seemingly stolen away by the gentle moon.

Are you okay…?

A soft breeze whispered through the shadowy realm.


Ahh, what am I going to do now……


Ignoring the calm currents that stroked my skin as they flowed by, I fell deep into thought regarding my present situation.


I had been betrayed. By the one person I recognized as a friend in this world.


Thanks to that, I was currently heading to an unknown destination, being passed about by hands that I knew nothing of.


I wasn’t too sure how things worked in 【Paletia】, but it seemed more than likely that I’d be sold off somewhere.


There were, after all, many ‘uses’ for a young girl like myself. At the very least, I probably wouldn’t die. Though whether or not I’d want to live in such circumstances was debatable.


I might be tortured.

I might be raped.

I might be turned into someone’s slave.

I might be forced to become a prostitute.

I might be made into someone’s toy.

I might be dissected for my organs.


For someone who might have any of those happen to them in the near future, I’m being awfully calm about all this.


Snorting internally, I gave a cynical smile as I momentarily thought back to the golden-eyed man that had placed me in such a predicament.


He didn’t seem like the sort that would throw me to the wolves like that. So it’d probably be okay. But at the same time……I wouldn’t have thought he’d do something like this in the first place.


The future certainly did look bleak.


But……I guess I’ll manage somehow. Alone.


A slight stabbing sensation pierced my heart.

You’re not……alone……

Shaking my head, I smiled as a soothing wind brushed past my face. I’d be alright. After all, even if I was alone right now, it wouldn’t be like that for long. Once I found everyone, I wouldn’t have to be alone anymore.


As long as I have everyone from the Chaos……I don’t need any other friends.


Because if I were to put my trust into some stranger, I might be betrayed……


And that was something I never wanted to experience again.




The sound of clanking echoed as the shackles clamped shut on the girl’s wrists, suspending her from the corners of the room. The metal links gleamed, reflecting rays of the dying sun that managed to sneak their way through the tiny gaps in the stone wall.


Her hair was as red as the flames that flickered upon the candles which served as one of the few light sources within the small chamber.

Her skin was a creamy white, hidden away like an unpolished pearl within the shell of her armour.

Though her eyelids were currently shut, I knew of the sparkling rubies that laid behind them.

Just the sight of her unconscious body was enough to make a burning lust ignite within my loins.

This bitch was mine. Mine to defile, mine to torture, mine to kill.


And, unlike that other slut, this one wouldn’t get away.


I shook my head, clearing the memories that threatened to surface as I gazed at the flame-haired girl in front of me. Licking my lips in anticipation, I opened my mouth.

“Do it.”


At my command, Butch dumped the bucket filled with ice-cold water on the girl’s head, drenching her entire body.


Instantly, her small frame jolted as her eyes snapped open.


“*splutter* *cough* Eh? Wha—?!”


A thread of fear flashed through her ruby gems, but was quickly concealed by a composed mask.


Heh, we’ll see how long you can keep that up.


Sneering, I inspected her body, savouring the moment as her wet clothes clung tightly to her skin, exemplifying her shapely figure. It truly was a delicious view. However, it still lacked a few spices.


“Ahahahaha!! Did you have a nice dream, hm? Kiriko.


I could feel pleasure bubbling up within my gut as anticipation brought me a few steps closer to the sinful woman. But as I drew closer, an oppressive pressure weighed down on my shoulders, as the intense fire within her eyes refused to burn out.


“So it was you. I guess I should’ve expected that you’d be too stupid to heed my warning.”


Her infuriating voice rang out, blasting away my pleasure as I recalled the words she had last spoken to me.


No! This bitch is mine now! There’s no way she’ll ever be able to do something like that!


Clearing my mind, I was pissed off to realize that I had actually taken a step back because of her words. ME. Of all people.




Fury pulsed through my veins as I stepped forward, determined to stomp out her detestable flame.




Like a blooming rose, the woman’s ivory cheek started to turn into a swelling, bright red. A shiver of satisfaction coursed from my stinging hand upon seeing the crimson mark, sending an overwhelming desire to continue leaving my stains upon her white canvass.


This. This is what I lived for.


To be a painter of bodies, drawing upon them with my whip, and staining them with my colours.

To be a musician of melodies, with trills of pain and a symphony of despair.

To be a cook of the sweetest of delicacies, carefully seasoned and tenderized to perfection, with the delicious aroma of fear and resignation.


And yet, even so…


“Congrats, you’re capable of hitting someone who’s completely incapable of fighting back! Happy now?”


This bitch’s conceited tone continued to destroy every single one of my pleasures.


It was like someone had spilled black ink over my painting. Screeched during my composition. And vomited into my dish.


It was disappointing.


It was enraging.


It was absolutely revolting.




“FILTHY WHORE!!!!!!!!”


My patience broke as I continued to slap the stuck-up bitch’s cheeks again and again. But it wasn’t enough. I needed more. She wasn’t in enough pain.


An array of tools laid on a wooden bench lined up against the stone wall. These were my toys, specially created to play with the wild pigs I had captured.


Reaching over, I picked up my favourite whip. Its leathery skin glided across my palms in a comforting manner, telling me that soon, she’d be on her knees, begging me to stop.


And naturally, I wouldn’t.


I’d keep whipping and whipping and whipping and whipping, until her eyes went empty and her face turned pale with agony and hopelessness.


What a sight it’ll be, when she crawls on the ground and licks my shoes, like the dirty bitch she is.




Cracking my beloved whip, I watched as her shoulders jerked with surprise.


That’s right, fear me…




My beloved snake hissed out, biting into her tender flesh with a gleeful snap. Her skin, peeking out from its leathery guards, quickly grew as red as a rose, blossoming upon a snowy field.




A suppressed groan leaked out from her cherry lips, signalling the start of my delightful composition.










My weapon whipped out again and again, striking against her exposed skin, causing her to sing out a joyful tune. For me, that is.




Unable to contain my mirth, laughter bubbled out of my mouth as I continued to beat her.


She was just like the rest of them. Cool and calm on the outside, but nothing but a coward and a weakling on the inside. All I had to do was beat her, and she’d keel over like some many others before her.


As expected of a Rossonian tramp. It’s so easy to make her sing for me. And just as easy to make her brea—!?


At that moment, I noticed something strange.


Her eyes, which should have been burning with pain and anger, were completely cold. It was as though they were lakes frozen over with indifference, their depths concealed and unreadable as they gazed at me.


A chill crawled up my spine as I shivered.


It’s not supposed to be like this! How is she still so calm!?


My mind cried foul. It was simply impossible.


I had tortured countless girls in the past, releasing my passion upon them as I wished. And during that time, each and every one of them had shown very similar expressions.


Surprise. Horror. Anger. Resignation. Despair.


A wide variety of emotions would fly across their faces as they cried out for help, for mercy, for anything that would save them. And in the end, they would always give up, grovelling at my feet in attempt to avoid being beat more. At which point I often lost interest in them.


Yet, I had never seen anyone respond to a beating with indifference, as though it didn’t concern them at all.


It was like she was watching her body be beaten from another perspective, unable to feel the pain that I bestowed her with.


There’s no way she doesn’t feel it! She’s just faking it, the damn whore!


Gritting my teeth angrily, I swung the whip down even harder than before. Blood splattered across the floor as it ripped through her meager defenses.






It was impossible.


Though my mind continued to scream thus, my heart shriveled up in fear. The pleasure that had been building up vanished, washed away by a flood of terror.


Her crimson eyes simmered, as red as the blood I had drawn from her veins, burning with a bone-chilling gaze.


A crushing murder intent floated around her small frame, threatening to stop my heart from beating with its intense pressure.


My legs began to tremble, and my arms faltered.




Why was she still capable of making an expression like that?! Why wasn’t she more afraid?! Why?! Why?!! WHY?!?!


I couldn’t comprehend it. I couldn’t understand that rather than her, the one who was most afraid was me.


Even though she was completely tied up, with not a single hand of salvation in sight.

Even though I had already been beating her as I wished for over an hour.

Even though she clearly couldn’t do a single thing to me.






A sudden noise resonated through the prison as a small device fell from my pocket. Startled out of my daze, I let out a high-pitched scream and my hands stopped abruptly.




A muffled laughter came from the red-headed body hanging before me. The disdain held within the woman’s eyes was clear.


This fucking—


Anger coursed through my veins. Yet, though I wanted nothing more than to whip that face into submission, a thread of fear tied my arm back, preventing me from moving.


Unable to vent my frustrations, I kicked the offending object into the wall and whirled around, barking out an order.


“Don’t feed her for the next week! We’ll see if she’s got the guts to give me that look after that!”


“Yes, young master.”


Hearing Butch’s affirmation, I promptly left the cell, returning to the safety of my quarters.




“Haa……he’s finally gone……”


Breathing a sigh of relief, I felt my body go limp with pain. I really couldn’t take it anymore – everything hurt.


Well, it was no wonder that a 21st century kid like myself wasn’t used to taking beatings. But even so, I didn’t think that being tortured would be this terrible. I’m pretty sure I lost consciousness a few times while he was hitting me.


Even now, I felt pretty light-headed from all the pain. If he had continued any longer, I wouldn’t have been able to suppress my cries any more. Though a few of them did leak out already……


Still, I wonder why he left so suddenly. Not only that, but in such a flurry……


Shaking my head, I began to examine the cell, hoping to find clues to my escape.


Shackles were fastened around my wrists, suspending them from the corners of the ceiling. The black metal gleamed in the candlelight, exposing faint engravings carved upon its smooth surface.


Connected to the dark fastenings were equally dark chains that remained solidly attached to a metal hoop that was deeply embedded into the ceiling. In contrast to the part wound around my wrists, however, the black links were smooth and untouched.


Around my ankles were another pair of engraved bindings that were firmly attached to the ground, preventing any movement. The positioning left my legs slightly apart, causing me to resemble a rather uneven human star.


*Clank clank*


The chains rattled noisily as I attempted to move, tugging upon the stout restraints with all my might.


I couldn’t stay here any longer. My body wouldn’t be able to endure another round of beating like that, even if I was still wearing all my armour. And more importantly…


I’m not sure if my mind would be able to handle something like this over an extended period of time……


After all, everybody has their breaking point. And I was not interested in finding out what mine was.


It was possible that Keith would get more ‘creative’ with his torture, going past simply beating me. For now it had simply started with starving me – and that was most definitely going to push me to the edge already. As someone who loved to eat, it really was an unpleasant situation to be in.


Leaving all that aside……just how am I going to escape?


Indeed, that was the true question.


I didn’t have nearly enough strength to yank down the chains like some kind of overpowered protagonist. No amount of friendship or emotional distress would change that.


I wasn’t capable of picking the locks to my shackles like Houdini. Leaving aside the matter of possessing the tools to do so, I unfortunately hadn’t learned such a dubious skill.


So what could I do?


My arms and legs were chained.


I could hardly move my body.


Even if I wasn’t restrained, the pain from my injuries prevented me from moving properly.


Though several sharp instruments of torture were lined up against the nearby wall, the steel bindings prevented me from utilizing any of them in my escape.


Laying on the stone ground indignantly was my battered phone, apparently unaffected by the kick it had received from Keith.


My phone……ah!!!!


A bolt of realization jolted my mind. There was one last card that I had yet to consider.


That is, my skills.


During my short time here in 【Paletia】, I had managed to obtain many skills.


That being said, however, the number of them that could help me in this situation was painfully few. Rather, I could only think of one of them.


But well, ‘one’ is enough……


As long as I could escape……it was more than enough.


For the first time since I found myself in this dank prison, I smiled.


And then, as though hell itself had risen to the mortal realm, the chamber of torture burst into flames.

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