Prelude of Pearls: The 15th Prelude – Molto Attaco

Prelude of Pearls: The 15th Prelude – Molto Attaco


On the morning of the fateful day, moments before the sun had even risen above the horizon, I walked through the desolated streets alone as I admired my surroundings possessed by superficial darkness.

Having donned the uniform of a gangster extracted from our captive, I took a Com-Crystal (a magic stone that acted like a cell phone) with me before sneaking out of the cafe and towards a certain place.

Specifically, the warehouse that was the 『Blue Tree Gangsters’』 hideout.


『I’m in.』


I spoke in my mind, having infiltrated the stronghold via blending in with another group of gangsters.


『Roger. How’s it look?』

『Well, there are lots of punks here. It’s kind of hard to breathe.』

『Oh dear. Are you going to be alright?』

『I’ll live. Just get into position.』

『Understood. ETA is 12 minutes.』


After hearing Hiroko’s warning ring through my ears, I placed my hood over my head, attempting to hide within the crowd of blue as a man began to walk onto a levered stage.

To be honest, from what I could see, the current scenario reminded me of some underground concert back home.

Well, not that I’ve actually been to one myself, but that’s beside the point.

After all, the sight of this organisation’s leader getting up on stage and addressing the crowd of blue-haired gangsters was something that required more of my attention.


「All hail Aogami!」

「「「Aogami Banzai!」」」



(H-Holy shit!?)


Overwhelmed by the humongous roar that surrounded me, I instantly put on my earphones, attempting to block out the sound caused by the over-enthusiastic crowd.


「Death to all Peasants!」

「「「May they rot in hell!」」」

「Death to all the tarnish!」

「「「May the Daubs burn to ashes!」」」

「Glory to Aogami!」

「「「Aogami Banzai!」」」


(……fucking hell. It’s like one of those old religious rallies that take things way too far.)


I cursed as I looked upon the lawless punks with disgust. Oblivious to the insanity of their words, the gangsters continued to chant ominous verses in unison as their voices were infused with dangerously strong beliefs.

And the one who had instilled this twisted faith was none other than Aoyama Hiroko’s older brother, Aoyama Aoki.


「My dear comrades! I have gathered you all here today because there is something that I must inform you of!」


As the gangster head’s voice boomed through the massive speakers installed within the warehouse, the crowd cheered, almost as if they treated this head like their idol.

And, seeing how my sensitive ears did not appreciate this excessive enthusiasm, I swiftly plug them with my noise-cancelling earphones in an attempt to tune out the sound completely.

Yet, despite having isolated myself from the world of sound, that did not change the disgust I felt towards this crowd of corrupted sheep.


『Hey, Hiroko. How much longer?』

『Dear me, J-san. I dislike impatient men, you know?』

『Can I at least get an answer?』

『Another 3 minutes.』


After making contact with Hiroko once more, I couldn’t help but feel like the individual on the other end of the crystal was beginning to resemble a certain violet-haired colleague of mine.

For better or for worse.


(Well, at least I won’t be getting any Loli-Now moments over on this side.)


Exasperated, I quietly began to prepare for the fated time as I took several stickers from my pockets and, using some of my pseudo magic (AKA my wind spell), placed them in several locations within the warehouse.

Of course, these were not simple stickers which I had scattered throughout this prison of bigotry.

No. These were Spell Stickers.

To cut an extremely long winded explanation short, these stickers contained spells within them.

And one could activate these spells so long as they pour in a specific amount of mana.

Naturally, one might think that these stickers were quite useless to me, considering that I can only control DP.

However, my power of control would not be simply stopped by such a measly constraint.

≪DP-MP Conversion≫

A skill that allows me to use MP via controlling the mana diffused in the air.

In essence, I was using the concept of Atmospheric Mana Control to convert my DP into usable MP.

And, while this seemed to suggest that I could use normal magic instead of my shoddy mimicry, the limitations that came with this skill made using Mana to cast spells quite impractical.

The conversion rate, for example, was so terrible that I could use 10 ≪Volt≫ spells fueled by DP for every 1 cast with MP.

That said, seeing how mana manipulation might become useful in the future, I continued to grind this skill in order to prepare for the moment that I would need it.

And it would appear that such a time had come.


『J-san, we’re in position.』

『Alright. I’ll get things rolling.』


Understanding that everything was in its place, I manipulated the mana in the air, imbuing the influenced magical energy into the scattered seals.

And, almost immediately after I did so, the stickers flashed before they released a combined cloud of smoke.


(I see…I know I tried it earlier, but these things are really convenient.)


As I thought thus, I made my way through the panicked crowd, heading towards a certain door that, according to Shana’s report, held a staircase that led towards an underground lair of sorts.

Of course, while I wasn’t exactly sure whether or not this information was accurate, the fact that there were two heavily built guards standing in front of it definitely increased its credibility.


(Well, I’ve gotta get through there quickly if I want to survive what’s gonna happen next.)


I muttered under my breath as I remembered the details of our plan.

After the smoke screen had been created, Hiroko would give me 1 minute to infiltrate deeper into the warehouse so that I could prevent myself from being filled with bullet holes.

And so, I turned towards the thick wall comprised of the sweaty, burly bodies of a few heavyweight gangsters.


(Well, I guess it would probably be best to pass through, rather than knock them out.)


Thinking thus, I cast an ≪illusion≫ to camouflage myself with the surroundings whilst simultaneously hindering the gangster guards’ vision.

Naturally, their reaction to their lost sight was quite a distinct one.

Yet, in the face of the uproar instigated by the smoke, the guards’ confusion could barely be heard, let alone seen.

Which made it quite convenient for me to pass through without much issue.


「Alright, Takubi. I think we’re in the clear.」



Popping out of my knapsack, a black cat purred, shaking their head before leaping out of the stuffy cot packed with the linen.

Of course, seeing how my knapsack was a cheap one I managed to obtain at a second-hand store (in my world), the cosy fabric that cradled the kitten was actually my jacket delicately placed to embrace Takubi with a familiar warmth.

That said, now wasn’t the time to be contemplating the makeshift comfort of ingenuity.


「Anyway, let’s find out where Melanie is.」



As Takubi replied with an affirmative tone, the two of us descended down the staircase, preparing to engage whatever enemies came our way while in search of Celest’s little sister.








『J-san. We’re in position』

『Alright. I’ll get things rolling.』


After finally managing to move all of my adorable to-, er, troops in place, I passed the message to the impatient man who had infiltrated the inside. Said man, the inexplicable enigma that was the not-at-all dignified noble, immediately responded with a declaration that he would move the plan along to its next phase.

And so, in order to acknowledge his conviction to go through with this despite the fact that he might lose his life (as unlikely as it may be), I began to make the final preparations on my end.


『Calling all units. The big bang is starting in t minus 60 seconds.』


I warned the remainder of my troops, anticipating the moment when J would create the diversion.

And, sure enough, that moment arrived.





「W-What the hell’s happening?」

「I-Is it an enemy attack!?」

「Those damn daubs! How low will they sink!」

「It’s a fire! Somebody get some water!」


A curtain of chaos and confusion clouded the clusters of blue, their panicked figures scurrying about the warehouse obscured by a thick smog of grey.




Deciding that it would be best to broadcast the time we had until show time, I continued to audibly count down the seconds so that everyone would move at the same time.




I declared with a tone filled with urgency, causing my playthings army to immediately follow through as instructed.


*takka takka takka takka takka takka*


An ungodly intense rattling sound echoed throughout the warehouse as a barrage of bullets mercilessly rained down upon our panicked enemies.

The origin of this aggravating noise, you ask?

Simply put, it was the rapid fire of pellets unleashed by my sweet to- *ahem* friends upon the poor souls below.

Of course, I didn’t really have any pity towards the pieces of trash that were on the receiving end of the bullet storm.

After all, some of them dared to try and harm my dear Celest.

And as far as I was concerned, that was enough for all of them to be sent to hell.

But, unfortunately, despite a large amount of ammunition being sprayed by my cute comrades, the bullets themselves weren’t enough to cause any lethal injuries.

After all, Shana refused to cooperate if I was planning on killing anyone.

Therefore, I ordered a large quantity of rubber bullets (using J-san’s money) and, with a select few magic users on my team, proceeded to embed the pellets with ice magic.

To simplify an otherwise long-winded and tedious explanation, whatever these enchanted projectiles come into contact with are encased within a crystal of frost.

The spell of which this enchantment is based on, ≪Frost Prison≫, was quite an adequate, if not poignant description of its effects. After all, it wasn’t just convenient for immobilising targets, but confining them to an eternity of sub-zero solitude.


(Nevertheless, I do believe that this trick will merely be able to subdue the vast majority of their meagre forces.)


After ruminating over some inconsequential facts, I objectively analysed the situation in my mind, understanding that, while we might be able to eliminate the riff-raff from play, we would still be left to deal with the major players of my brother’s group.


Tenjou Suzume, known by her peers as the 《Commander of the Skies》 for her prowess with wind magic.

Amachi Hiroki, a youth referred to as the 《Enchanting Gunman》, was a vain individual who was considered a prodigy at imbuing magic into his long range armaments.

Marine Azuru, a relatively young child who earned the nickname 《Mermaid Valkyrie》 due to specialising in implementing high-level water magic with spear combat techniques.

Aomine Kaito, the 《Ruthless Mountain》 that possessed an unseemingly large frame and notoriously sadistic tendencies.


All of them were young, up-and-coming members of Azurian society, each praised for their potential in combat.

And yet, all of them served as the pillars that supported my brother’s nefarious organisation.

–and this alone made their very existence intolerable.


『Cease fire!』


Deciding that a decent amount of time had passed since the initial gunshots were released, I ordered the rest of my troops to stay their hand before surveying the damage we caused from atop the elevated metal railings.

Steam could be seen rising into the sky as a deep, heavy mist laced itself into the frigid atmosphere. Below the frosty fog, a bounty of crystals were scattered across the frozen surrounds, several young men and women encased in cages of impenetrable ice.

But of course, this sight was to be expected.

As was the two figures who had managed to remain unscathed by the torrent of projectiles.


「You cowards! Show yourself immediately!」

「Don’t underestimate my awe-inspiring skills, whoever you are. I already know exactly where you are, you know?.」

「Dearie me. I see that the two of you are as high-strung as ever.」


Upon hearing a set of familiar voices, I jumped down from the high rails, using wind magic to smooth my descent.


「Well, well. If it isn’t Aoyama Hiroko-sama. To what do we owe the pleasure?」

「So you did come, Ice Queen.」


Azuru, a girl with cerulean twin tails and dark skin, glared at me intensely as she placed heavy emphasis on my nickname.

That said, seeing how her difficult-to-deal-with personality continued to persist, despite the current situation, I turned my gaze towards a more appropriate target.


「It’s a pleasure to see you again as well, Amachi Hiroki-san.」

「Hey! Don’t ignore me!」


In the face of my intentional taunt, Marine Azuru immediately grew worked up, pouting as her cheeks were dyed with a red pigment.


「My apologies, Azuru-san. You were so small that I barely even noticed you.」

「M-mukiii!!!!! I’m going to kill you, shotacon!」


In response to Azuru-san’s overreaction to my provocations, I couldn’t help but crack a dark smile. After all, pushing this girl’s buttons was not only effortless, but quite entertaining as well.

It’s too bad that she’s a loli.

After all, if there’s one thing I hate the most in this world, it’s lolis.


「As much as I enjoy seeing Azuru-chan’s reactions, I believe that’s quite enough of this tomfoolery, Hiroko-sama.」

「H-Hey?! Just what about my reactions are so funny!?」

「-tch. If I must, Hiroki-san.」


I clicked my tongue in feigned frustration, glancing sidewards as.I adhered to the young man’s suggestion.

And, while I normally wouldn’t be so compliant with a person of the opposite gender, considering Hiroki-san was just as cute and cuddly as Celest-chan, he was someone whose opinion had worth in my eyes.

Well, at the very least, Hiroki-san’s opinion was worth more than the piece of trash with dirt on her face.

Oh, my mistake. That wasn’t dirt, but her actual face.

But then again, what difference does it make?

After all, it doesn’t change the fact she was an ugly tramp.


「Hey! You were thinking something rude about me, weren’t you!?」

「Oh my, whatever do you mean?」


I feigned ignorance as a fake smile formed across my pretty face. After all, even though I absolutely despised this girl, I still needed to maintain my prestige as a noble.

However, it would seem that Azuru-san didn’t seem to share the same sentiment.


「Grrrr! I’ll bite you!」


The girl barked, gnashing in angst as her frustrations flashed vividly across her face.

And, while some may think of this behaviour as somewhat cute, in my eyes, she was merely a slovenly mutt whose skin was reminiscent of pungent defecation.


A fact that I wasn’t afraid to enunciate.


「I’d like to see you try, you pile of canine faeces.」

「Fue? Canine? Faeces?」

「Oh, my apologies. I forgot that your underdeveloped brain is incapable of comprehending complex words.」

「Mukii!!! I don’t know what you said but even I can tell that it wasn’t a compliment!」

「Alright, alright. Let’s end the petty argument there, shall we?」


Seemingly growing weary of our squabble, Hiroki cut in, holding Azuru’s arm in place so as to prevent her from approaching me.


「Hiroko-sama. I do not understand why you’ve come here, but would you mind withdrawing? The great Amachi Hiroki does not wish to fight with you, after all.」



As Hiroki’s words entered my ears, I couldn’t help but feel my body spasm in disdain.


「……you don’t understand, you say?」


An eerie chill surrounded my body as an unbridled rage seeped out of my skin.

The sub-zero fumes emitted from my pores were merciless as they ruthlessly swallowed the heat in the atmosphere.

However, I didn’t care.

After all, the mere gall of these two before me was absolutely astonishing.


「You follow my brother’s orders and you dare tell me that you don’t understand why I’m here?」




With a click of my fingers, my body was suddenly wrapped around by a crystalline serpent. As the mass of reptilian ice coiled itself around my body, it poked its forked tongue out at my enemies, hissing at my two enemies of blue with a vile anger.

And I, in a similar manner, also began to lash out against these seemingly ignorant lackeys.

Prelude 15: Hiroko - Furious

I don’t care if you don’t actually know why I’m here. The very fact that you’ve been helping my brother with his outrageous actions is reason enough for me to kill you where you stand.









「What the hell?! It’s just a guy and a cat! How come no one can beat them!?!」

「……let’s keep up this pace, Takubi. There’s a reason why we went through all of that training.」



After entering the depths of the 【Blue Tree Gangster’s】 HQ, Takubi and I ran into several groups of gangsters hindering our progress. Of course, while they didn’t cause us too much trouble, it took quite some effort to mow through some of the mobs seeing how I constantly adjusted my strength to ensure that none were killed.

Yet, perhaps the most prominent reason as to why taking care of the flock of blue was taking so long may be because I was trying to interrogate each and every one of them.

Interrogate them for what?

Obviously on the whereabouts of Melanie’s cell.

I mean, all I really knew about the cell was that it was underground.

Anything more than that was a mystery, really.

Therefore, after getting through quite a number of thick-skinned, devout, and loyal believers of Aoyama Aoki’s cause, I finally managed to threaten coax the information out of one of the more…willing members.

Sure enough, after managing to get a detailed map of the underground lair, in addition to the location of the jail, I once again proceeded to head towards my destination.

Needless to say, there was a limit as to how true this information obtained from the girl I interrogated could be. And, while I obtained the map from one of the unconscious teens, the girl I questioned could very well have been fibbing about Melanie’s whereabouts.

Or perhaps she wasn’t but had neglected to mention any sort of trap.

Seeing how I was able to ≪read≫ quite a lot of distress evident on the girl’s face during questioning, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to assume she was lying. Then again, seeing how she at the mercy of an enemy, the distress might be more attributed to unease rather than simply speaking an untruth.


(Well, whatever the case is, this is about the only lead we’ve got. All we can do is just advance carefully.)


As I pondered this in my mind, I knocked out another delinquent with the back of my blade before shooting a blast of wind to attack another gangster who was approaching Takubi.


「Damn it! You’ll pay for this!」

「To be honest, I’d rather not. I’m kind of short on funds right now.」

「H-Hah?! You makin’ fun of us!?」

(……I just had to take that literally, didn’t I?)


Prelude 15: XCrossJ - Azure Blade

Feeling somewhat dejected by the fact that my love of wordplay had backfired, I could do nought but clear out the last of the delinquents in this area by creating an invisible katana via the ≪Air Aura≫ skill.

Yet, unlike last time where I used my credit card, this time, I used my phone as the sword’s hilt.

Naturally, even if the base of the katana was different, that did not change the pristine appearance of the beautiful azure blade that stretched from my hand.

A line of royal blue that was only visible to me.

–a factor that explained why the fools who charged at me were completely clueless as to what I had done.

As I begun to brandish my invisible weapon, literally no one could see what had hit them when I used the (intentionally) blunt blade to knock them out.


(Well, they really dropped like flies.)


I scoffed as the bodies of my enemies fell down one by one.


「Is that all of them?」



Upon hearing my question, Takubi pranced up to me, resting their bottom on the floor before answering my question with a firm cheer. From the direction where they came from, I could see about 4-5 bodies stacked upon each other, said bodies possessing faces that had prominent scratch marks embedded into their faces.


「………you’re quite merciless, huh?」



In the face of my comment, Takubi innocently tilted their head to the side, seemingly unaware of what I was referring to. In all honesty, this reaction subtly reminded me of one of my red-haired colleagues, a cat-like individual who constantly played innocent whenever it suited her.

But alas, I digress.

What mattered right now was pressing forward.


「C’mon. Let’s get a move on.」



With relatively high morale, the two of us marched onwards towards the supposed location of Melanie’s cell.

And, after a short while of walking (because I didn’t want to waste any of my pitiful stamina), we had finally made it to the supposed location.

However, wouldn’t you know it, the moment we got there-




Barely able to curse, I instinctively activated my ≪Reinforcement≫ skill whilst consciously erecting a ≪Barrier≫ over my skin.

While I initially thought that my body would be launched backwards (due to the velocity of the approaching shadow), I somehow stood my ground as the soles of my shoes scraped across the concrete flow.

That said, I paid less attention to the spine-shivering sound and directed my focus towards my eyes in an attempt identify the obscured assailant.

And, wouldn’t you know it, the one who attacked me was none other than the man whom I had met in the alleyway a few days ago.

The very same muscular individual whom, along with another peculiar noble, attempted to cleanse Pearl.


「…what the hell?」


I spat out in a stunned stupor, dumbfounded by this individual’s abrupt appearance.

I mean, it’s not like I wasn’t aware that this person was a part of Aoyama Aoki’s faction.

Yet, what perturbed me the most about Kaito (I think?) was his current condition.

After all, from what I could ≪observe≫, this individual looked more dead than alive.

His skin was a sickly green.

His eyes were blank and hollow.

To be honest, he looked more like a reanimated corpse, rather than a living human being.

And, from his seemingly instinctual actions, this assessment wasn’t that far off.




With an overwhelming groan of agony, the corpse’s body swayed, his other limb heading straight for my unguarded head.





In the face of my internal curse, Takubi suddenly cried out, running up my back and onto my head before launching itself towards the zombie’s face.

Of course, seeing as the enemy appeared to be somewhat brain dead, Takubi’s head-on assault barely fazed the man before me.

At least, that’s what it seemed at first.

After the impact between the kitty and the dead man’s face dramatically echoed through the atmosphere, the corpse’s body suddenly tilted backwards, losing balance as it crashed into the floor.




Expressing my bewilderment towards the black kitty’s strength, I immediately used this opportunity to extend my blade and slash at the falling corpse whilst simultaneously moving past him–er, it and towards the centre of the room.

Incidentally, I had also managed to catch the falling kitten with my head along the way, the shock of the fluffy fur ball’s landing rattling my brain momentarily.


「……well, this looks like the right place.」


Using this brief moment of peace, I quickly surveyed my surroundings.

Although the air was humid and the ground was rough, the lights fitted into the ceiling clearly illuminated the environment, revealing a corridor which held several cell-like rooms. Near the mouth of said passage was the plaza that I was currently standing in the centre of, a large room that seemed to serve as the jail keeper’s base.

Of course, while I could comment on the contrast of the environment between this room and the inner dungeons, it would seem that my limited time had come to pass.





As the two animals growled, I couldn’t help but flash my sword-phone once more, the cobalt katana gleaming with a slightly sharper edge than before.

After all, it would seem that, in order to save Melanie, I needed to go all out on this strange creature.

And so, with blade in hand and kitten by my side, I began the dance of destruction.








Prelude 15: Pearl - Despondent



A single girl stands silently outside a warehouse.

Her clothes were partly stained in dust and ashes.

Yet, her brown flowing hair maintained its rich purity as it fluttered in the wind.




Having nothing to say, nor anyone to speak to, the girl’s head drooped as her slender hands quivered.

Of course, the reason for her trembling fingers was unclear.

What was clear, however, was the identity of the item that they grasped.

A pistol.




Her eyes unsettlingly drawn towards the weapon in her hands, the girl was suddenly reminded of the events that occurred the previous night.

During the midst of despair, a strange, silver-haired shadow entered the girl’s bedroom. Like an embodiment of a fallen angel, the shadow of silver exchanged a few words before bestowing the pitch black pistol unto the depressed girl.

He fooled you, she said.

He will continue to fool you, she said.

If you don’t like it, kill him, she said.

With these devilish whispers, the silver girl vanished as quickly as she came, leaving her despondent disciple to ponder the purpose of the weapon now in her hands.

Of course, from there, the story of this girl’s journey was quite short.

After noticing that the blue-haired freeter left her cafe early in the morning, she quickly tailed him, eventually reaching the huge warehouse.

Although she used a back door to get in, the girl was eventually immobilised by the overwhelming pressure and hatred of the crowd.

And so, abandoning her target for the time being, she exited the stage that, for some reason, suddenly began to fill up with smoke.

Which is how the girl–how Pearl Noel ended up here.


「………what should I……」


Bewildered and confused, Pearl continued to mutter unfinished questions into the dusty wind.

However, in doing so, she attracted the attention of a surprisingly strange individual.


「Well, well. Look who we have here.」



Upon hearing a salacious soprano coming from above her head, the brown-haired girl jumped before adjusting her gaze towards the voice’s origin.

In doing so, however, she couldn’t shake the feeling that this peculiar timbre was somewhat familiar to her delicate ears.

And it would seem that her instincts didn’t prove her wrong.

After all, the noble before her very eyes was none other than Tenjou Suzume, the seductive girl who attacked her but a few days ago.


If it isn’t that rotten little Daub.



Reminded of the earlier chants, Pearl flinched as her entire frame shuddered. Needless to say, being the powerless hybrid that she was, the girl of coffee brown was right to feel uncomfortable in the face of this strange adolescent.

However, because of this discomfort, something terrible happened.

Pearl’s brown hair was suddenly dyed with a shade of bright pink, revealing the true nature of her very existence to one who despised her.


「…hou~ So instead of a daub, you were a lowly cross breed, huh?」



Glimpsing an expression of indiscriminate rage plastered onto the girl’s face, Pearl whimpered almost immediately as she swerved her body in an attempt to run away.

However, Pearl would soon realise that escape was futile.

Especially when faced with the mage revered as the 《Commander of the Skies》.






Pearl howled in agony as a sharp object pierced her right shin, causing her to stumble across the dirt like a tumbleweed in a western flick.

Yet, this unseemly sight caused disgust to flare up within the heart of the woman who held a smoking pistol in her hand.


「You damned Cross Breed! Don’t you dare think you can run away from your sins!」


The seductive girl’s voice echoed through the atmosphere, her mind consumed by indignation, irritation, and revulsion.

However, taking advantage of Suzume’s instance of insanity, the pink-haired girl dragged her body towards a bunch of tires. Needless to say, seeing as the two were outside the warehouse, several items had been strewn about which obstructed Suzume from getting a clear shot.

And yet, this setback did not faze the woman fueled by fury at all.


You can run, but you can’t hide, you fucking Cross Breed!








Outside the warehouse, an innocent girl had been targeted by an enraged sparrow.

Inside the warehouse, a shotacon was about to unleash her wrath against two idiots.

Below the warehouse, a boy and a cat were about to start the dance of death with an undead.

And atop a distant rooftop nearby-


「…it seems all the pieces are in place.」


A lone girl of silver gazed silently in anticipation of the chaos that was about to unfold.

Or at least, one would initially think.


「……it would seem so.」


With the advent of a second voice piercing the atmosphere, it was clear that the silver-haired girl was not alone.

Yet, seeing how the figure was shrouded in a dark veil, one could not discern the true appearance of the second voice’s owner.


「………I take it that thing is your doing?」

「But of course.」


In the face of Silvia’s question, the cloaked figure with blonde hair made a rather casual remark.

However, it was what she said after this that caused the girl of silver to raise a brow.


「Oh dear. I predict a close encounter with the grave in his near future.」

「……I don’t really care about your experiment or whatever. Just make sure that man doesn’t die.」

「Yes, yes. I understand. That was our deal, after all.」


The cloaked figure spoke casually as she shrugged her shoulders.


「Still, I’m very interested in what that man will do.」

「……what, you can’t predict that, you phoney fortune teller?」

「My apologies. Unlike a certain fallen goddess, I do not possess such supernatural abilities.」

Prelude 15: Silvia - Leer



Sinking into silence, Silvia leered at the cloaked figure. Yet, ignoring this weighted gaze, the individual’s focus was glued to the irrationality that was about to take place.


「Well, whatever happens, I’ll be sure to watch it from start to finish.」



And so, as the two onlookers affirmed thus to themselves, the festivities brought about by the assault would now begin.


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