Ghost – 5th Grave. Lis, Part 2: Lucky girl.

Testing. Testing.




Hello hello! This is Ghost here, live from Paletia!


It’s been a while, so, to give you a quick summary, the last time you saw me, MY GODDAMN FOOT BROKE!!!










Suu. Haa. Suu. Haa.


Deep breaths Ghost. Deep breaths.


Sorry, I get a little emotional when this topic comes up.




Following the events of the past grave, here’s the next one.




Ghost out.


Ghost – 5th Grave. Lis, Part 2: Lucky girl.


So, my foot broke.


Well, it broke even further than before.


The bones inside it went *snap snap snap* like fireworks in a festival.


The pain was……….hmm, bad quality. This kind of stinging pain is only comparable to cheap wine or microwave pizza. It has no consistency or elegance. It lacks the impact of that kind of severe blunt force trauma that leaves you holding your head instead of your injured body part out of fear of losing your mind to the pain. It was unimpressive. Common even. I give it a 3 out of 10.


Is what I’d like to say, but, of course, it hurt like a bitch.


What a crazy bastard, describing pain like a food taster.


Oh, shut up. Not like you have a better way to say anything.






The old man hadn’t stopped his laughing fit and Lis was still a little flustered over the incident.


Well, it’s not like a lot of time had passed.


It had been around 10 seconds after all.


Of course, Lis started treatment right away.


A white glow started to radiate from the palms of both her hands. It was a warm and gentle glow, like that of a candle in a monastery at the top of a mountain. With yetis. Wait, not yetis. Monks. Or is it snowmen? Nevermind.


[S-Sorry. Because of me, you were injured yet again. I’m really really sorry.]


She had a regretful look on her face while she apologized. The candle-in-a-monastery-with-yeti-monks-like glow that came out of her palms started to cover the rest of her hands.


Talk about fantasy.


[Good! Good! Heal him up quickly little Lis! This guy lost today’s dinner, so I’m gonna have him hunt a week’s worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner! Today!]




What a sadistic old man!


Like I’m gonna be able to-


Wait. Since monsters surround me all the time, it might be possible.


It wouldn’t be pretty though.


I used up all of my concentration to direct a sharp glare at the old man.


He took it head on, then shrugged it off like it was nothing.


This shitty old man!


Then, while I was cursing the old man to death with my eyes, Lis stopped. The glow on her hands disappeared.


[Shitshitshitshit. Hurthurthurthurthurt. Dieyoufreaknigoldbastard.. L-Lis?]


I called out her name, in an implicit inquiry about the reason behind her actions.


[You’re planning to go back to work immediately after this, right?]


[Etto, that was the plan?]


I was pretty sure she heard it several times.


[Then I won’t be treating you.]


[Eeeeeehhh? If you don’t treat me, I’ll be troubled you know?]


[I know. Still, this is the only way that you’ll properly get the rest you need.]


She finished that sentence then crossed her arms, making a pose that seemed to be trying to yell “I’m the voice of reason here and you should listen to me”.


She was totally right though.


I decided I’d give in very reluctantly and resigned myself to a long and tortuous period of recovery where I wouldn’t have to go out into the forest and risk my life battling the monsters that lived there.


Truly, it was very unfortunate.


[Wipe that grin off your face. Even if your foot is broken, you have to work to earn your meals.]




[And here I was, looking forward to some time off.]


Oh well.


[So, there you have it. If it’s not too much of a bother, could you patch up my foot after all? I don’t think I can outrun another avalanche like this.]


So I said to Lis, who was glaring at the old man for some reason.


Atta girl. Keep up the glare. He’s bound to die if we curse him enough.


[……I got it. But! You have to stay here and rest at least for today! Got it?]


Ahhh. This girl is so sweet. I might get diabetes if I stay near her for an extended period of time. I wouldn’t mind though.


So I thought when I heard Lis’ melodious voice, giving out that order with a serious facial expression.


[Okay, got it. You heard the doc, boss. I’m gonna need to stay here and rest.]


[Tch. And who’s gonna get dinner now, huh?!]


[Get your own meals already you decrepit turtle!]


[Who’s a turtle you monkey faced bastard?!]


[Oh, you asked for it. Bring it, sucker!]


[You took the words outta my mouth!]


[I thought I told you to stop fighting!]


I felt the refreshing sensation of the wind caressing my skin…..followed by the just as refreshing feeling of hitting the wall with my head.


Well, I guess I don’t need to explain what happened here, now do I?


[*sigh* Give me a break already. Please. If I hit my head against the wall one more time, the hamster upstairs is gonna get injured and try to sue me for workplace abuse…..or something.]


[Y-Yeah. We won’t fight anymore, little Lis. So, please, no more magic. Okay?]


So said the old man, slowly and carefully, while lying on his butt near the door and having a bump on his head the size of a dwarf planet.


Well, that’s a hyperbole.


It was a moon at most.


[You have to promise! No more fighting with the patients! Got it, uncle Sindri?]


[You got it, little Lis. I’ll go hunt my dinner now.]


The old man got up and crossed the room’s entrance. Then, he turned back and added-


[Ah, if I catch a rabbit, I’ll bring it here so you can have that rabbit stew your mother makes. It’s still your favorite, right?]


[Rabbit stew?! Yes! It’s still my favorite! Uwah, thank you uncle Sindri!]


So said Lis, with her eyes glittering and a full smile from ear to ear. She brought both her hands close to her chin and tilted her head slightly. The gesture screamed “JOY!” at the top of its lungs.


This girl must really like rabbit stew, I thought. That, or she was just really simple minded.


Maybe a bit of both.


[Don’t thank me just yet. Wait until I actually bring the rabbit, then take your time praising me as much as you like!]


[Got it! I will!]




And this, kids, is how a sorry excuse for an adult feeds his own ego.


The old man shot a deadly glare at me and then proceeded to find his way out of here. I heard the sound of a door closing after a short while, then complete silence settled in.


[Ah, that’s right! I should start treatment right away!]


[Uh….sure. I’ll be in your care.]


Lis had gone back to that curiously upbeat mood, so, logically, I began to fear for my life.


Just slightly though.


I didn’t know how capable this girl actually was, but it was a fact that she had already healed my injuries twice. I just couldn’t disregard the evidence, even though I was feeling uneasy.


[So, could you sit at the edge of the bed for me, please?]


[Ah, got it.]


The previous shenanigans had left me lying on the bed (well, it’s more like I fell onto the bed after hitting the wall), so I only had to slide on the bed a little and I was soon sitting at the edge.


[Then, please raise your foot.]


[Like this?]


I extended my left leg so that my injured foot would be at about the same level of the height of the bed.


[Yes, that’s good. Then, I’ll start the treatment.]


Right after she said that, Lis’ hands were enveloped by white light once again. This time, the light didn’t disappear, but instead constantly irradiated warmth that felt incredibly relaxing. With her hands like that, she approached my right foot and put her hands on top of it.


My foot suddenly started to feel hot. The white light spread along its surface, up to my ankle. The feeling of heat was comparable to having your hand really close to an open flame. The rise in temperature felt like it would make my foot start sweating, but there was not even a drop of sweat visible on my skin.


I somehow felt movement inside my foot. I couldn’t tell what kind of movement it was, but it involved my whole foot. More precisely, the area enveloped by the light. I stood still, but I couldn’t help feeling restless while Lis was doing her job.


It wasn’t long until a change occurred. The pain subsided and was replaced by the feeling of having a foot made entirely out of red hot metal. It felt like my foot would burn down to my very bones, but I didn’t feel alarmed about it. It was like it was happening to someone else. At the same time, there was no doubt in my mind that it was happening to me. These conflicting thoughts revolved around my head all the while Lis continued with a serious face.


It was a strange sensation. Somewhat discomforting, yet not painful.


The strange sensation slowly subsided as well, until I could feel that my foot was back to normal. The glowing white light that surrounded it and Lis’ hands faded out of existence.


[There, it’s done. Do you feel some sort of discomfort or anything weird at all?]


I moved my foot around a bit to test it out. I didn’t feel anything out of place.


[No, it’s okay I think. Thanks for the help. You really saved me.]


[O-Oh, it’s no trouble. No trouble at all. Yes.]


She started speaking in that quick and upbeat manner again.


Rather, wasn’t she just flustered?


I wonder why.


Well, whatever.






[C-can I ask you a question?]


[You mean besides the one you just asked?]




[Nah, nevermind. It’s nothing. So, what was your question?]


[Who are you, really?]


“Who am I”, is it?


Hmm, that’s a really deep and philosophical question you’re asking, Lis-san.


Wait, she was probably referring to my identity in the regular sense and not the metaphysical one.


[Who am I? Well, I could tell you a bunch of different things, but what you really need to know about me is simple. I’m just a random guy who was picked up by that old man when I was on the verge of death. Since the old man needed an assistant, I took the job. That is all there is to me. Well, at least the parts that matter to you anyways.]


[Uhm, that doesn’t really tell me anything though?]




I really didn’t wanna answer that question. I mean, she’d just think I was crazy, right?


Okay! Let’s evade it with all our might!


[What about you?]




[Yeah. Who are you, really? I know your name, but other than that, I know next to nothing about you. You don’t really expect me to tell you the story of my life without giving me yours first, right?]


[I suppose that’s fair.]


Success! I got her to change the topic!


Still, she looked disappointed for some reason.


[Well, where should I start? You already know that my name is Lis and that I’m a magician. Ah! I know fire, water, earth and wind magic of intermediate level, as well as healing magic of advanced level. My favorite food is rabbit stew!]


The thing about magic levels and the such was probably supposed to be something amazing. I wouldn’t have been able to tell, however, since I had no clue about how magic worked in general. The closest thing I had seen were the skills I got during the training with the old man.


But those drained SP and not mana.




“Well, whatever.” I thought, and decided I would find out about magic later.


I figured I’d ask Lis to kindly lend me some of the books the old man dropped on my foot.


More importantly, she was starting to speed up her words.


[Uhmm, I can somewhat cook some simple dishes. Oh, but I can bake some really good bread!]


Was there wheat around the village? No, perhaps it was some other kind of bread?


I wasn’t too familiar with cooking or baking bread myself, so I didn’t know.


[I learned some self defense from uncle Sindri. He wouldn’t teach me his secret hunting skills though.]


He taught them to me though? Maybe he didn’t want to burden Lis with his dirty work, which was pushed onto me as soon as training was done.


Rather, she was going pretty fast by this point. I could barely catch that last sentence.


[Ah, I forgot to mention! Iamalsothevillage’sofficialhealer,thoughIdon’tgetalotofworkexceptforwhenuncleSindrifallsfromsomecliffduringhishunts. Iamalsotheonlyonethatcanenterthemagicsectionofthelibrarybesidesthemembersofthevillagecouncil-]


Fast! I couldn’t even understand half of that. It sounded like gibberish combined with bragging.


Wait, it seemed less like bragging, and more like she wanted to appeal to me.


That came out wrong.


It looked like she wanted to impress me for some reason.


Why she wanted to do that, though, was completely beyond me.


For the time being, I decided to do something about her light-speed chatter.


[Lis-san, Lis-san. If you talk so fast, I won’t be able to understand you, you know?]




She went completely red in 0.334 seconds.


Exactly 0.334 seconds.


How do I know, you ask?


My internal “for comedy purposes only” stopwatch told me so, of course.


[I’m sorry. I got a little excited all of a sudden.]


[Excited? What do you mean?]


[Ah, well. More like…….uhm……’s the first time I’m talking to somebody my age….so, I’m a little nervous…but I’m also happy to get the opportunity….]


Her voice turned into a whisper at the end. She hid her red cheeks by putting her hands over her face.


What’s this? Is a girl allowed to be this cute? What’s this, oi?


More like, naive! Way too innocent! I could be some bad guy who would take advantage of such a girl! Wait, she knows self defense, so she’d probably be fine to some extent.




I need to get my mind straight! React! Say something!


[Ah, well….uhm…..]


Way too awkward! You have failed me, brain!


[A-Anyways, I don’t mind, so don’t apologize. Rather, there’s really nobody your age around?]


I made a question to cover up my short time spent infatuated with Lis. Ugh, being near this girl is gonna become tiring really soon. In lots of ways.


[N-no, there’s not. There are some children and some young adults, but there’s a 7 year gap in age with the one closest to mine.]


[I see.]


I figured I should start actually introducing myself, in order to make her more comfortable and start a proper relationship with her.


I meant a friendly relationship. Don’t get any ideas.


Yup. Friends.


Still, giving her my real name was kinda……..yeah…..Ghost is a weird name.


Yosh, let’s decide on a fake name and roll with that for the time being.


What was that name I gave the old man? Etto……….




Oh, right!


[Well, it is nice to meet you. You can call me Arthur. I hope we can become friends from now on.]


It was a bit awkward, but it should work.


[Y-yes, I’m Lis. N-Nice to meet you.]


I extended my hand and Lis shook it quickly and repeatedly.


[Well, I already knew your name.]




Lis blushed after I told her that.


This girl blushed quite easily.


The old man came back a couple of hours later. I had borrowed a book from Lis and was reading it when I heard the door.


No, it wasn’t “Friend Making For Dummies”. It was one of the less complicated magic related books I could find.


It was still gibberish to me though.


Lis had also taken a book from the used-to-be-a-bookshelf and started reading quietly on a chair next to the bed. It seemed that she was still a little awkward around me. She shot glances at me from time to time, but never dared to actually start a conversation.


I wondered where that courage she displayed at the start went.




The old man came in after knocking the door and announced loudly so that Lis, who was next to me, could hear him clearly from his place at the entrance.


[Little Lis, you’re in luck! I found a group of five rabbits while I was hunting!]


The old man walked into the house and, after a few seconds, poked his head into Lis’ room.


He had a really smug look on his face as he lifted up his catch of today to show it off.


You self important old bastard, acting all smug just because you caught five of those white rabbits.


Wait, five?


I had hunted rabbits before. The little bastards were so well camouflaged in this snowy region that I never saw more than one. I spotted him in what I thought was a stroke of good luck, until chasing it led me to a Snow Wolf den. I figured it was bad luck after all.


Point is, finding one was a stroke of good luck. Finding five was virtually impossible. Even for that old man, with all his experience as a hunter.


Lis, however, was probably not aware of this, so she received the good news without a shocked or skeptical expression.


Her reaction actually was-


[Uwah! Thanks uncle Sindri! I knew I could count on you!]


Like that, she praised the old man like he actually deserved that much praise.


Well, it was something that’d be impossible for me, so I didn’t make any sarcastic remarks about it.


If I did, I would just look like I was being petty.


[Mooom! Uncle Sindri caught some rabbits. Could you please make your rabbit stew? Pleaaase?]




I somehow got the feeling that Lis was a spoiled little girl. It was probably just my imagination. Yeah. I totally shouldn’t have cringed when I heard those words. Yup.


I heard some footsteps coming over from somewhere inside the house, which reminded me that I still hadn’t met Lis’ mother.


[Sindri did? Well, I guess we could have rabbit stew for dinner.]


Lis’ mother appeared from behind the old man and said this to her daughter with a gentle tone and a small smile on her face.


She was, as you would expect of someone who is related by blood to Lis, a stunningly beautiful woman. She had white hair that was done up in a bun and wore an apron over what looked like a simple dress.


She was very similar to Lis, to the point of me being unable to think their relationship was anything short of immediate relatives.


She looked rather young too. I wouldn’t mistake her for her sister, but she certainly didn’t look like the mother of an 18 or so years old girl. Still, she had a mature atmosphere. She gave me the impression of being a calm and understanding person.


There was a chance my impression of her was wrong though, and she was actually a huge sadist who liked to toy with the people she met.


Wait, being suspicious of others to this extent was rather rude of me, wasn’t it?




Lis’ mother took notice of me, lying on the bed, then addressed her daughter like so.


[Oh, is this the patient you talked to me about, Lis? I am Lis’ mother, Lynn. Will you be joining us for dinner?]


She introduced herself and asked me if I was staying for dinner.


I was wondering the same thing myself. I didn’t know how long I had to rest until Lis gave me the okay to leave. I also felt kind of awkward staying for dinner at a stranger’s place. I wasn’t even paying them.


Being at a loss for words, I decided I’d introduce myself with the fake name I gave Lis and ask her if it was okay to stay for dinner.


[Pleased to meet you, you can call me Arthur. As for dinner, I’m not sure if I shoul-]


[There’s no need to share any food with this piece of garbage, Lynn. You can just give him any scraps left from today’s bread. Rather, if you were to give him some unused dough, that would be great.]


The old man interjected before I could say anything further.


Seriously, this old man.


Was he treating me like a stray dog on purpose? It was on purpose, wasn’t it?


If he wanted to treat me like a stray dog, I would bite him like one.




[What is it, Lynn?]


[This is my house, and I will treat my guests however I desire. Is that clear?]


The room’s temperature dropped to 0 Kelvin.


Lis’ mother, Lynn, had a gentle smile on her face still.


But her eyes were cold. Absolutely cold. Below freezing.


I felt my spine tingling. Then I saw Lis’ skin crawling and the old man’s face go pale.


This woman was scary.


I decided I would never make her my enemy.




[Now then, Arthur, was it?]


[Y-Yes ma’am! Arthur reporting for duty! Please don’t kill me!]


[Y-Yes mom. If Arthur died right now, it would be troubling.]


[You heard your daughter. It would be troubling. Very troubling.]


[Young man.]




I made a pathetic noise. It’s okay, because Lis looked like she was about to make one too.


[Calm down. I am not going to hurt you. Now, will you be having dinner with us?]


[Whatever you say ma’am.]


[Ah, but Arthur needs to get some rest.]


Lis intervened. It must have taken great courage to stand up like that. I was so proud of her. Rather, if she had that kind of courage, why did she keep quiet all this time we were together?


[Is that so? Well, you can just bring him dinner to the bed after we’re done.]


The graceful, but terrifying, Lynn made this suggestion to her daughter.


“That makes sense” was the only thing I could think of at that moment.


[Ah, that makes sense.]


Sounds like Lis thought that too.


[Well, Arthur, rest up. I’ll bring you back some rabbit stew for you to taste. You will love it, I’m sure of it!]


So said Lis, moving her hands to her cheeks and squirming around slightly.


[I still have to make the stew, you know?]


Lis’ face went red for the millionth time today. That must have been a world record right there.


[T-That’s right isn’t it? T-Then, I’ll help you with the preparations! Okay? Yeah. Okay.]


She said this in a fluster and trotted out of the room while being red as a tomato.


“What a clumsy girl”, I thought, as a smile made its way onto my lips.


After the stew was ready, I didn’t have to wait much for Lis to bring back a plate full of the stuff for me. She also brought a plate for herself.


[It’s better if we eat it together.] – she said, right before she grabbed a spoon and started digging into the thing. I also grabbed my spoon and had a taste of the rabbit stew.


[Hmmmm! So good!]


Lis was enjoying every bite of the rabbit stew with great glee. She had a smile on her face the whole time she was eating her mom’s dish.


I, however, had a different expression.


Lis’ exclamation just now confirmed my suspicions.


I no longer had any taste buds.


The stew had no taste for me. I could feel its texture, up until it went down my throat. I could smell it, too. But I just couldn’t taste it.


When I was training with the old man, I also couldn’t taste the food. However, during that time, I had chalked it up to the old man being a rather lousy cook. While that was still probably true, I could no longer deny the fact that my palate had dulled.


I got a little sad, thinking I would have to go my whole life without a sense of taste.


Then I remembered I was actually a dead man inhabiting an artificial body in a different world. I figured I was lucky to even have any senses at all and decided that living with no sense of taste was within the acceptable range for bullshit I had to deal with.


“Unlucky”, though, was a whole different story.


[What is it, Arthur? Is the stew not to your liking?]


Lis asked me with a worried face, maybe because I had a serious expression.


[Ah, no. It is delicious. I was just reminded of something from the past.]


For the time being, I made up that convenient lie.


[Oh? What did it remind you of?]


The convenient lie turned inconvenient in 2 seconds.


I tried to decide if I should evade the question or make up a story.


If I made up a backstory on the spot, it was bound to have holes. I didn’t think Lis would see through them, but she would tell the old man, and that old man was sharp.


I figured that avoiding the question was probably the best course of action after following that line of thought.


[Something inconsequential, really. It’s all in the past, and dwelling on it will do me no good right now. What I need to think about in this moment is how to get stronger.]


I gave her some cool words so she would drop the topic and casually baited her into a new one at the same time.


[Get stronger? Why do you need to get stronger?]


Yosh! Baiting successful!


[Well, the first and foremost reason is to survive, of course.]


[You don’t really need to be that strong just to survive though.]


[In my case, I do.]


[What do you mean?]


I figured that telling this girl about “Unlucky” would be alright. There was still a possibility that she wouldn’t believe me, but I doubted that would be the case.


That was because, earlier, I got a look at her stats using “Perceive Soul” and found something interesting.


Name: Lis

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 18

Class: Magician

Level: 15


HP: 48

MP: 82

SA: 68

SD: 48

ATK: 25

DEF: 25

AGI: 25

INT: 59


《Lucky》 | 《Healer》 | 《Magic Prodigy》


What drew my attention was the “Lucky” title she had. When I tried to analyze it further, this is what I got.




Given to one who is loved by fortune.


  • The holder is 10% less likely to get attacked by monsters.
  • The holder is 80% more likely to find herself in favorable circumstances.


It was my exact opposite. Well, to be precise, I was 17% unluckier than her…….whatever that meant.




I didn’t know if she was aware of her own title, so I tried choosing my words carefully so that I could be understood even if she didn’t know about her own condition.


[You see, I am kinda……cursed.]




Lis raised her voice as a mortified expression was quickly drawn on her face.


[Shhhh. Not so loud. I don’t want anyone else to find out.]


[I…I’m sorry.]


Lis lowered her gaze towards her bowl of rabbit stew. Her voice became as soft as a whisper as she apologized.


[It’s okay, really. Anyways. I say I’m cursed, but it’s nothing that dramatic. I have just been cursed with terrible luck.]




Oho. It looks like the lady does not believe my proclamations. It is most regrettable, but I will do my utmost to make her change her mind. Ohohohohoho-


Tte, what the hell am I doing?


Anyways, I figured using examples was the quickest way to make her believe me.


[I’m serious. Look, that time with the bear, the ambush with the wolves that gave me the wounds that brought me here, the avalanche, that thing with the bookcase. All of it happened in a short amount of time. Also, if you ask the old man, you will know that this wasn’t the first time I was ambushed by a group of monsters. He has also seen me barely escape decapitation once, and death by crushing some more times. It’s like the world or fate or whatever wants me dead. And I am not going to let it kill me quietly.]


Whoops, I got a little excited at the end.


I turned my gaze at Lis, but she had her head down and her hair wouldn’t let me see her face. I began thinking that maybe I had scared her. I was about to think up a way to make her forget about all I said when she suddenly raised her head and exclaimed:


[That’s amazing!]




[Even when you were put in such unfavorable circumstances, you decided to take matters into your own hands and are working towards getting stronger. That really shows how strong your will to live is.]


Eh? Eh? Are her eyes sparkling? What the hell is going on? She didn’t think I was crazy?


[I’ll help you- No, please let me help you get stronger! I want to support a person with such strong determination!]


Somehow, this girl is weird in more ways than I imagined.


As this thought made its way through my mind I remembered that I had already left common sense at the last train station and there was no going back to retrieve it.


Well, I guess that’s how it goes.


I internally gave up and extended a hand towards Lis.


[Well, I’ll be counting on you then.]


I said these words while making a wry smile. I just couldn’t win against that enthusiasm.




Lis grasped my hand with her own and shook it firmly.


[You’re certainly getting friendly here.]


I could hear the voice of Lis’ mom, Lynn, coming from just outside the room.


Lis looked at her, then looked at me, then looked at our hands.


She quickly let go of my hand and started eating her stew with astonishing speed, all the while she had her face red as a tomato.


That was kind of unnecessary, I thought.


Lynn smiled, rather, she grinned slightly when she saw her daughter’s reaction.


I couldn’t help but think this person was a sadist after all.


[That reminds me, will you be staying here in Lis’ room, Arthur? You know, together with my beautiful daughter?]


Lis almost choked on the stew when she heard that.


[I-I-I-I-I will sleep on the couch so that he can have my bed! Seriously, mom. You tease way too much!]


This girl spends a lot of her time bright red, I thought. It must be because of her mother.


[No, I would feel bad if you sleep on the couch because of me. Let me sleep on the couch.]


[Rejected! You need to rest properly in order to recover!]


She was very adamant when it came to her patients, eh?


[Okay, okay. I give. Just let me know as soon as I can leave. I don’t want to be a burden to you.]


[Oh, you are welcome to stay as much as you like, you know? After all, you’re the first friend my daughter has made. Furthermore, you’re such a handsome young man.]




In the midst of this comedy skit, I decided to give up and continue eating my bowl of rabbit stew.


It would seem that I would be staying in Lis’ bedroom for the time being. Well, at least until I recovered. I wondered if I would also be a subject to Lynn’s teasing while eating a spoonful of food.


The way the cook brought out the rabbit’s flavor to a point where one could say it was at its pinnacle was superb! The accompanying vegetables were also cooked perfectly and they were in perfect harmony with the rabbit meat! The flavor spread all over my mouth as soon as the stew touched my tongue and I was fully enveloped by the sheer deliciousness of this dish! Truly, I was enchanted with this flavor! I would get helplessly addicted at this rate!


Nah, I’m lying.


It still tastes like nothing.

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