Prelude of Pearls: Afterword

Prelude of Pearls: Afterword

Hello all.

XCrossJ here.


So finally, after quite a long time, this story has finally reached its (first) conclusion.

For those who managed to make it through to the end of this lengthy chronicle, thanks for reading.

To those who have been following this since the Rainbow Translations blog, thanks for sticking around all this time.

And regardless of whether you’re an old fan or a new one, I hope you enjoyed reading the Prelude of Pearls.

If you have any feedback that you’d like to give me, or would just like to rant about the story, feel free to do so in the comments below.



And so, now that the obligatory expression of gratitude is out of the way, I’ll clarify what’s going to happen for the future.


As of now, I’ll be taking a small break from the project. A hiatus, as it were, to give me a bit of space.

To be honest, I can’t say how long this hiatus will be. At the very least, it will be a month long. Maybe more.

Don’t get me wrong. I might pop my head in from time to time, adding another entry to my character list, or perhaps writing a side story or two.

And, naturally, I do still have content to deliver for this series (if it isn’t dead by the time I come back) so there isn’t a need to worry about that.

Just, due to my increasingly busy schedule, I’ve started to become a little stressed and just need some time to myself.


If, for whatever reason, you’re still hungry for more content while I’m away, you could always visit my other project Cross Gun and give that a read.

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Also, if you are so inclined, please take the time to answer the following polls as well, just so I can keep track of more reliable(?) statistics.



And with that said, thanks for reading and hope to see you in the future.


From an entity that does whatever he wishes in his spare time:


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6 thoughts on “Prelude of Pearls: Afterword

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your writing. Call me a sap, but maybe the biggest reason I enjoyed it was because your character, a person cut off from any contact with his friends, could find companions and comrades in a world as messed up as it is. I latched onto how your character was extremely flawed, and how, even in the narration, it seemed like there were details you/he were/was hesitant to disclose. I think it’d be interesting (as side stories) if you stuck in some smaller, slightly mundane events. Things like, a video entry of Takubi playing around, exploring the café. Or a video taken of Pearl cooking in the kitchen, or struggling to make coffee. Some videos would have you narrating in the back, and others would be merely observant, told in third person. A peak into your thoughts, before and after your Dominator outburst, maybe to show a change in mentality.
    At this point, I figure I’ve crossed a line somewhere into the realm of backseat driving. I guess what I want to say is, your story drew me in, and I would really like to learn more about the people in it. Thank you.


    • Not really sure what to say in the face of such detailed feedback.
      I guess I better start with a thank you for taking the time to write your opinion.

      I won’t say whether or not your analysis is what I intended, but I enjoyed reading it nonetheless (big fan of overthinking).

      As for your suggestion regarding the side stories, I’ve already laid out plans of what I’m going to do, but I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. AlbinoBlackSheep

    I enjoyed this quite a bit however I find my left eye twitching a little whenever you try to talk about a gun. I just don’t know how to say that without sounding rude. Sorry. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that could help. Try searching gun components or gun safety.


    • I guess my inexperience with firearms really shines through, huh?
      Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy with other things to take the time to do proper research. That said, I’ll take your advice and start looking things up when I get the chance.
      I hope the inaccuracies didn’t ruin the experience too much.


  3. RandomGuy2308

    It was a nice read and I hope to read the continuation as soon as possible (but take as much time off as you want, it’s not as if we had any right to expect anything).

    Noël truly is a good girl, please please don’t make her suffer more.


    • Thanks for your patronage.

      Also, Pearl is truly a nice girl. And, while I can’t promise that she won’t suffer anymore, I will say that things will go better for her.


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