Kiriko SS: The Flower that Saved the Sky

Maa, various things happened and I ended up wanting to rewrite ep 18 a few days before I was gonna post it, so……naturally I ended up writing something else instead! *tehepero*

Well, the timing works out, so I guess it’s fine~ ahahahaha

In any case, I’d first like to publicly congratulate Cross-nii for finishing his Preludes! Yay! Banzai! Omedetou! *throws confetti around*

I didn’t specify the name of the character whose backstory this is, but it’s probably pretty obvious. I’m a little curious how long it takes to figure it out – without looking at the tags.

Anyhow~ please enjoy the story!

Kiriko SS: The Flower that Saved the Sky


“Wahh!! So pretty!! They’re like the sky!”


Her eyes, unsullied by mortal taint, were like a field of golden flowers, brilliantly blooming.

Her smile was filled with innocence, and her adorable dimples only further exemplified her childish charm.


Perhaps it was at that moment that I, at the mere age of 8, fell for that pure girl, dazzled by the sight of her.



My mother was a commoner, born in the country of blue to the mistress of a noble. Though she inherited my grandmother’s brown hair, she also happened to receive a pair of stunning blue eyes, marking her for life as a so-called ‘cross-breed’. Because of that, she suffered an unimaginable amount of hardship, living under the banner of that hateful man’s house.


Naturally, being the daughter of a mistress, she never received any backing from her own father, and so, she ran off to become an adventurer. If there was one thing to thank my grandfather for, it would be that his noble blood contributed to my mother’s strong mana circuits.


Travelling across Paletia, mother eventually came to Auksas, meeting my father and giving birth to me.


However, fate is cruel. The gods are cruel. Life is cruel.


Not long after I was born, my father died on a quest.


Stricken with grief, mother fell into depression, barely managing to take care of the both of us. When I reached the age of 6, she died too.


It was then that I learned the true curse of the gems I had inherited from my grandfather.


Mother always used to say that they were a blessing from Aogami. But me? I’ve always thought of them as a curse from the country she abandoned. They were the remains of the shackles that my grandfather placed on my mother, passed down to me.


Living in the land of the Golden God, Maridi, my bright blue eyes stood out like a sore thumb.


While it wasn’t uncommon for hybrids – people possessing noble traits from different countries – to exist, it certainly was rare for one possessing traits from an enemy country to exist. As such, the azure eyes that my mother had always cherished became a disgusting stain in the eyes of the Aukish.


Upon the death of my mother, there was no proof to show that I was simply the child of another hybrid, distantly related to an Azurian noble. Though my father was an Aukish commoner, with his death, the only remains of his existence were the honey-blonde strands that grew on my head.


Alas, few people have the time to listen to the story of some orphan, and choose to foolishly judge me for how I appear.


Perhaps the abuse that I suffered for my appearance was no less than that which my mother suffered under her father’s reign. The only difference was that she grew to love the eyes that were the sign of her nobility, while I grew to detest them from the depths of my heart.


However, though I wished to gouge out my eyes in the past, I no longer think that.


Because she was there.


At my darkest moment, when my hate for the world had nearly grown to overtake my soul, a single ray of light pierced it.


Like a tiny sun, she lit up my world, bringing life back to my desolate heart.


That was probably the first time in my life that someone other than my mother told me my eyes were beautiful. And that is what made it all the more precious.


Despite my raggedy clothes, despite the fact that I looked and smelt like a drowned sewer rat, she looked at me and took my hand.


It was then that I began to see the beauty of the world again.


Meeting her family, I learned that there were people – nobles at that – who could look past my appearance and see me for who I was.


Her brother, like her, was a kind soul. When his golden eyes looked at me, I could feel them penetrating my smiling facade, seeing through to the darkness within. But even when he saw the filth that covered my spirit, he did not look away.


Her mother was like a compassionate goddess, apologizing for the hurts I had endured since the death of my own mother, even though it wasn’t her fault. Accepting me, she embraced me, giving me a warmth I had not felt for two long years.


Her father was a valiant and honourable man. As the Town’s Lord, he governed justly and benevolently, and was beloved by all his people. Even towards a lowly cross-breed like myself, he treated me as nothing other than a fellow human being.


They truly were the noble family from fairy tales.


And perhaps that was why the illusion of their prosperity was shattered so easily.


Being less than an adolescent at the time, I did not understand much of what truly conspired during those few days. What I did understand though, were the consequences of those few events.


That warm, warm place was torn to shreds.


The tall frame of the man that protected them vanished, expelled by the treacherous noble who sought to steal his position.


The generous lady that treated me like one of her own shrivelled up with despair, not unlike the way my own mother did. Before long, she too, passed on.


The boy who was as close to me as a brother soon was forced into similar conditions that I had once experienced at the tender age of 6. However, unlike me, he had a someone that needed him desperately.


At times, I wondered if I was a plague, bound to forever smear misery upon the happiness of others.


Though joyful times had only just arrived, it quickly slipped away like a cloud in the sky. And that mirage which brought me hope in the vast desert of my soul, faded, bringing a familiar emptiness.


Yet, perhaps it was because I had already experienced such loss as a child.


Or maybe it was because this time, I had a tangible enemy to destroy.


I will not leave my brother to suffer, shackled to a town where nearly everything important to him had been lost.


I will not leave my beloved saviour in the hands of her father’s enemy, forced to marry that vile man’s child due to the insensible reasoning of adults.


This time, I will protect them.


With the magic circuits my mother left me, I will become strong.


With my mind tempered by the agony of the past, I will become wiser.


No matter what it takes.

I will save them.

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5 thoughts on “Kiriko SS: The Flower that Saved the Sky

  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    By the way, sorry for the question but are there any news on the other three members of your group?


    • Maa, since Cross-nii’s prelude has finished it’s only natural to want to know what the others are up to. I don’t mind.
      With regards to the status of the others, it’s pretty much like this:
      Loli-nee has had some RL issues, so she’ll be indefinitely active for now.
      I haven’t heard anything from Anri, so I can’t give any definitive answer yet.
      As for Sha-chan (Schatten), we haven’t heard from him, but I believe he’ll be releasing something soon.
      Sorry for that late answer! I’ll be keeping to my bi-weekly schedule, so the next ep will be coming out next week.


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