Ghost’s Graveyard


Ghost has met a terrible fate.

He had his life taken from him and got himself thrust into an unknown world with next to no idea of what was going on.

Will this unlucky ghost be able to make it through the problems fate throws at him?

Will he be able to reunite with his friends (that he doesn’t actually know are there)?

Will he lose his mind trying to survive in this treacherous world?!

Eh? What was that? “Too late for that” you say?

Well, scratch that last one.


This is Ghost’s side of things.


Burial Ground No. 1 – Death and some sort of incomplete reincarnation

First Grave – Everything is out to kill me…….again

Second Grave – Someone switched the difficulty to insane mode, I’m sure of it.

Third Grave – Monster Hunting

Fourth Grave – Lis, Part 1. The Awkward Magician

Fifth Grave – Lis, Part 2: Lucky girl.

Sixth Grave – Watching others struggle is always fun

Seventh Grave – ???


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