Kiriko’s Epawsode List


The young cat of the Chaos, separated from her friends and dropped into a foreign world on her lonesome.

As she meets different individuals within this new world, she unknowingly creeps closer to the dark side of the world.

Will she, who was once known as the innocent Neko-Imouto of the Chaos, be able to keep her innocence despite such trials?

This is a tale describing Kiriko’s ball-busting adventures within the world of 【Paletia】.

List of Epawsodes

Arc 1: An Introduction to the New World

Ep 1 – A Whole New World….maybe

Ep 2 – A Deceptive Demeanor

Interlude 1 – The Red Riddle

Ep 3 – A ‘Beta’ Character Appeared

Ep 4 –A Slimy Situation

Ep 5 – A Specious Smile

Ep 6 –An Infuriating Interjection

Ep 7 – An Ikemen Arrived!

Interlude 2 – The Converging Cogs

Ep 8 – The Swindler’s Surprise

Ep 9 – The Cockroach’s Comeback

Ep 10 – Encroaching Shadows

Ep 11 – Fleeting Faces

Ep 12 – Devouring Demons

Interlude 3 – The Siblings of Sin

Ep 13 – The Depraved Depths

Side Story 1 – The Story of a Certain Noble

Ep 14 – The Forgotten Promise

Ep 15 – The Hidden Truths

Ep 16 – The Breakout

Ep 17 – The Crumbling Cuyler

Side Story 2 – The Flower that Saved the Sky

Ep 18 – A Dar-ing Confession

Ep 19 – Divine Retribution

Ep 20 – Judging and Scorn

Ep 21 – ???

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