Kiriko Character List

Character List

This is a list of descriptions regarding the characters that appear in Kiriko’s adventures within Paletia. It will be updated as the story goes on.


Main Characters
Side Characters


Main Characters


The Cat of the Chaos


A criminally cute cat.


Kiriko, a young cat, is a being who boasts the greatest adaptability amongst the Chaos. However, rather than saying that she is ‘adaptable’, it would be more accurate to say that she is the most ‘easily influenced’ by her surroundings. Once exalted as the most innocent and pure of members amongst the Chaos, she is now frequently accused of being ‘tainted’ and ‘fallen’, having absorbed too much of the chaotic atmosphere. With a love of food and tsukkomis, her tendency to purposely overreact to things has led to her retorts becoming more and more violent over time. As such, she is also described as being a ‘violent girl’.Within the Chaos, her bright and cheerful personality sets her as being one of the main moodmakers of the group, as well as one of the biggest sources of the group’s chaotic inclinations. Aside from rolling around aimlessly (or off of cliffs), she enjoys giving random nicknames to people. She also tends to call others with ‘-nii’ or ‘-nee’, making herself known as the ‘younger sister’ character of the Chaos. A bit of a worrywart, the youthful kitten gets lonely surprisingly easily when left alone.

Despite being a cat, she is actually more of a dog person. A being with a lot of contradictions.



Name: Kiriko
Class: Neko Imouto
(Apparent) Age: 16
Favourite Animal(s): Fluffy and cute animals
Least Favourite Animal(s): Bugs
  • Delicious food
  • Convenient things
  • Nice people
  • Inconvenient things
  • Unfairness
  • Rude people

Conrad Aurelia

The Golden Ikemen


The handsome hero, whose smile can knock out a truckload of fangirls.


Conrad Aurelia is a handsome and caring young man who is frequently described as being an overly doting elder brother. As his title of ‘ikemen’ (given by Kiriko) would indicate, his kind and noble demeanor, together with his stunning appearance, easily garners the attention of countless men and women alike. Having had to support his family from a young age, Conrad is highly capable in the realm of housework, with cooking skills that many would laud as being ‘good enough to sell’.Somewhat of a siscon, Conrad has the tendency to spend copious amounts of time thinking about the well-being of his younger sister, Hawera. In particular, he has recently been worried about whether or not his tomboy sister will be able to find a partner to marry, considering the financial situation of their family rendering them unable to provide much of a dowry. As such, the hard-working youth has spent more and more time working as an adventurer, hoping to save up enough money for his beloved sister’s future happiness.

Within the Town of Au, his secret fanclub has dubbed him, “The Golden Prince”.



Name: Conrad Aurelia
Class: Ikemen
Age: 20
Favourite Animal(s): Toracorn
Least Favourite Animal(s): Snakes
  • Hawera
  • Making people happy
  • Woodworking
  • Fighting
  • Being manipulated
  • Seeing his loved ones suffer


Side Characters

Darius Cielon

The Smiling Receptionist


A bit of a player, the man of the sky has a smile that can capture the eye of any girl.


Darius Cielon is the Adventurer Guild’s forever-smiling receptionist. Being situated in the midst of the so-called ‘Man’s Den’ that is the Adventurer Guild, he is frequently seen as the sole ‘flower’ standing within a barren wasteland by the town girls. Kind and helpful, the receptionist is also responsible for the Guild’s healing services, employing a powerful light magic capable of healing the typical flesh wounds adventurers may sustain over the course of their service. As such, despite his seemingly frail demeanor, it is highly rare for any adventurers within Au’s Adventurer Guild to give him a hard time. On the other hand, it is customary for them to ‘induct’ budding adventurers who tend to look down on the fact that Darius works a job stereotypically given to beautiful women.

A native of the town of Au, Darius played together with Conrad and Hawera since they were young, creating a bond that continues to be sustained until today. Having spent a portion of his youth studying in the capital of Auksas, the blue-eyed man has obtained a rather cultured atmosphere, not unlike that of a noble’s. Together with his devastating smile, Darius has the ability to render females (and some males) speechless with infatuation. In fact, it is his guilty pleasure that he enjoys watching his admirers become flustered before him.

In the Town of Au, he is commonly known as the “Blue Butterfly” due to his slightly mysterious and captivating demeanor.



Name: Darius Cielon
Class: Guild Receptionist
Age: 20
Favourite Animal(s): Wolves
Least Favourite Animal(s): Anything with more than 4 legs
  • Hawera and Conrad
  • Watching people
  • Playing around with his admirers
  • People who order him around
  • Selfish nobles
  • Fish

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