Paletian Encyclopedia of Miraculous Practices



This is an encyclopedia authored by researchers of various races and professions, united under the common goal of documenting all phenomenon and practices that are not governed by natural law.

Due to the inexplicably vast amounts of disciplines and practicies in Paletia, this encyclopedia will be updated when enough research has been amassed to warrant another entry.




An Introduction to Mana, Magic, and the Soul


On the Subject of Magic

Magic, the ability to bring about miracles through the use of magical elements. Whether it be forming matter out of Mana, or manipulating physical phenomenon, all magic often involves using Mana to bring about certain occurrences.


On the Subject of Mana

Mana, a type of natural energy that is used as fuel for magic. Most Mana can be found within the atmosphere and is drawn in by and stored within an individual’s Mana Circuits, often unconsciously and involuntarily. Depending on which discipline one follows, there can be a multitude of types and classifications which this energy known as Mana falls under, as well as how this Mana is utilized to create the miracles known as magic.


On the Subject of Mana Circuits

Mana Circuits, otherwise known as Mana Veins, are essentially veins that run throughout a person’s body, containing and housing Mana. It is important that Mana is held within these circuits as only Mana within these circuits can be used by the individual (not always the case).


On the Subject of Mana Regeneration

Mana Circuits take the responsibility of obtaining Mana from the surroundings.


On the Subject of the Soul

The essence of a person. Otherwise referred to as a person’s consciousness, the soul acts as an ethereal organ that generates chi. According to various studies, the brain uses the soul as a storage device, recording memories and experiences within. Although it has yet to be confirmed officially, there are some studies that indicate that the soul has capabilities of mimicking the brain’s processing. While extensive research and other investigative projects have been conducted in pursuit of the origin and true nature of the soul, it still remains unknown to this very day.


The Practice of Mana Imbuement and Reality Augmentation


On the Subject of Influencing Phenomenon

Magic, under this discipline, is defined as the “manipulation of physical phenomenon via influencing elements”. Mana is imbued into physical matter which is then influenced and transformed into a miraculous phenomenon under this regimen.


Basic Premise

Practitioners of this field of magic imbue Mana into matter and use this to influence phenomenon. All of the people within this field have an innate (or trained) sense of mana perception, as well as an insanely large mana reservoir. They also require the knowledge necessary to create certain effects by manipulating phenomenon.


Quick Step Guide: Mana Imbuement Magic

  1. Concentrate and gather Mana into target matter
  2. Use Mana to influence target matter
  3. Mana is expended. Regenerates over time (Mana absorbed from the outside).


Magic Classifications

  • Micro
    • Magic that requires small scale matter manipulation.
  • Macro
    • Magic that requires large scale matter manipulation.


Characteristics of Practitioners Under this Discipline

  • High Mana Perception
  • Large Mana Reservoir
  • High Mana Consumption
  • Knowledge and/or understanding of phenomenon
  • Strengthened Mana Circuits
  • Ability to Imbue Mana into Objects


Additional Notes:

Report made by XCrossJ

Known Entities who follow this practice:

  • XCrossJ
  • Hiroko
  • Lis







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