XCrossJ Character List

Character List

Here you will find a list of the characters that appear in XCrossJ’s Paletian Adventures. From the Main Players, to the side characters, most of their details can be found here.


Main Characters


Side Characters



Main Characters

XCrossJ – J

[XJ]The Controller of the Chaos


A J of all trades, a master of none.


XCrossJ, a boy that occasionally has free time, with which does whatever he wants. Possessing both a mature demeanour and an active mind, he finds himself pursuing several different hobbies, dabbling in various fields and professions. Befuddled by his diverse but shallow skill set, the boy refers to himself as a “half-asser” who dislikes surprises and somewhat relishes being in control of both his time and his life.

Throughout his travels, this peculiar individual ended up drawn towards the Realm of Chaos. While somewhat mistaken for being a sadist and/or an old man that loves wordplay, XCrossJ is known for being a strangely reliable figure in the chaos, his colourful experiences causing him to teach his colleagues various things.

A music nerd and aspiring tech geek. He also has a strange addiction towards Coke Zero.



Name: XCrossJ
Class: Dominator
(Apparent) Age: 22
Favourite Music Genre: Jazz & Funk
Least Favourite Music Genre: Heavy Metal & Contemporary Classic
  • French Fries
  • Coke Zero
  • Technology
  • Fruit
  • Bonyuu’s (generalisation)
  • Being an asshole

Pearl Noel – Pearl

[PN]A Cup of Concentrated Purity

Pearl Noel

A girl of bitter-sweet innocence.


Pearl Noel, a youthful, teenage cook who lives in and works at 【Noel Cafe】. Clumsy and obedient in nature, the untainted girl’s unwitting charms caused Shell Noel, her mother and owner of the cafe, to use Pearl as a strategic asset in hopes of drawing in more customers (mostly unsuccessful due to her bashful disposition).

Boasting a fairly impressive track record in school, the girl with brown hair averaged an 80% during graduation. With that said, however, it should be noted that the maiden has little outside experience, causing her best friend Shanna Bonnet to describe her as a “sincere soul that is innocent to a fault”. Even though she possesses a few character flaws, Pearl Noel is undoubtedly a wonderful girl that many would be pleased to meet.

One day, Pearl’s mother ended up falling into the merciless hands of death, orphaning the young chef at the tender age of 18. Although she has yet to come to terms with her passing, this eventually led the child to come face-to-face with XCrossJ. At the current time, she is unsure of whether or not this meeting is a blessing or a curse.

When she’s not cooking, Pearl seeks solace in music and creating her own accessories. Also has a slight history with archery.



Name: Pearl Noel
Class: Innocent Chef
Age: 18
Favourite Music Genre: Love Songs
Least Favourite Music Genre: Bebop
  • Sweets
  • Cute Things
  • Cooking
  • Upsetting People
  • Creepy Things
  • Violence




Side Characters

Shana Bonnet – Shana

[SB-OS]The Detective “in the Hood”

Shana Bonnet

The Female Detective, Hard-Boiled and Hooded in all her glory.


Shana Bonnet, a common girl who possesses a sharp mind and somewhat of an aloof attitude. Though her outer appearance and symbolic hoodie were inspired by her image of a hard-boiled detective, the teenage girl’s true nature is anything but.

She, like her little brother, has a strong distaste for those who call themselves nobles. That said, the detective is somewhat more reasonable with her temper, able to deal with the kinder variety of nobility without too much bias.

An unexpected alcoholic. Also enjoys taking baths to unwind.



Name: Shana Bonnet
Class: Hard-Boiled Detective
Age: 19
Favourite Music Genre: Smooth Jazz & Bebop
Least Favourite Music Genre: Rock & Country
  • Hoodies
  • Canned Beer
  • Baths
  • Nobles
  • People in Distress
  • An unsolved puzzle

Aoyama Hiroko – Hiroko

[AH]The Maiden of Ice

Aoyama Hiroko

An Ojou-sama of ice, kindness, and cute little boys.


A sheltered Azurian noble who spends her time exploring the arts. Though often well-mannered and very kind, she has a somewhat inelegant alter ego that surfaces in the face of little boys. Despite this, she is very good at managing her emotions, to the point where her amiable facade and elegant demeanour earned the girl popularity amongst Azurian Nobles.

Amongst her peers, Hiroko bears the title of Ice Queen, attributed to both her skill with frost magic and her harsh, chill-inducing insults. For those who understand her preferences, however, she is known as a Shotacon who can’t resist the chance to play with her cute servants.

Though she possesses fame, talent, and many personality quirks, she is still a naive child who has just turned a tender 16.



Name: Aoyama Hiroko
Class: Ice Mage
Age: 16
Favourite Music Genre: Romantic Classic
Least Favourite Music Genre: Techno & Dubstep
  • Little boys
  • Music
  • Painting
  • People who hate little boys
  • Little girls
  • Discriminators

Shingen Bonnet – Shingen

[SB-YB]The Tsundere Doctor

Shingen Bonnet

The dark-haired doctor of common decent.


A young man who has excelled himself in the field of medicine. With advanced knowledge at the tender age of 14, the boy has made a name for himself amongst the medical community of 【Lucid】 . However, because of his common heritage, many colleagues of noble birth look upon him with disdain and, more often than not, giving him a hard time by pushing all of their common patients unto him.

Like his sister, Shingen has a strange liking for hoodies and a festering hostility towards nobles. That said, unlike his sister, Shingen does not hold much tolerance towards arrogant snobs. However, despite his feelings, he will always look after his patients to the utmost of his ability.

Surprisingly a tsundere. For whatever reason, he likes strawberry ice cream.



Name: Shingen Bonnet
Class: Teenage Doctor
Age: 15
Favourite Music Genre: Rock & Hip Hop
Least Favourite Music Genre: Country
  • Strawberry Ice cream
  • Hoodies
  • Nee-chan
  • Nobles
  • Discrimination
  • Being called a Tsundere

Celest Ambrosia – Celest

[CA]The Timid Trap

Celest Ambrosia

The effeminate child of golden curls.


A cute, young boy who is under the employ of 【Lucid’s】 《Ice Queen》. Despite his feminine appearance and tendency to dress up in clothes designed for girls, the child with yellow hair is, indisputably, a male. That said, he often makes an effort to avoid revealing his gender so as to prevent being looked upon with scrutiny.

Specialising in buffs and healing magic, Celest often plays a supporting role in fights, somewhat rare for a child of Aukish descent. Strangely enough, despite being timid most of the time, the crossdressing young boy never stutters when casting his magic, flawlessly able to protect and strengthen his allies.

While still mentally immature and lacking a lot of self confidence, the child of yellow boasts a surprising amount of patience, perhaps tempered by dealing with his troublesome sister.


Name: Celest Ambrosia
Class: Trap Maid
Age: 13
Favourite Music Genre: Baroque Classical
Least Favourite Music Genre: Rock and Punk
  • Frilly, Cute Clothes
  • Bananas
  • Melanie
  • Confrontation
  • People knowing he’s a boy
  • Dealing with Melanie


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