Myriad of Shades

Myriad of Shades

 The Summary

The world of 【Paletia】, reborn once more.

The members of the Realm of Chaos, reselected to conquer said world.

What will happen when such abnormal existences are unleashed upon this world?

This is the telling of such a story – rebooted.


The Summoned

The Neko-Imouto

The Indulgent Expert

The Dominator

The Loli

The Shadowmancer

The Ghost


With the brand new challengers summoned to 【Paletia】, let the games begin!


Schatten: …won’t we get in trouble for using that slogan?

Anri: Geez, you really are a kuso-neko.

Kiriko: Nya-!? Take that back!

Ghost: You’ll get us sued for copyright, then they’ll shut us down.

LoliQ: Maa, it’s fine isn’t it? After all, Cuteness is Justice!

XCrossJ: …and here comes another potential threat. -_-

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